Contest Rules: Run Great Social Promotions



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Collaborating With Other Businesses

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Get your products seen by thousands of new, potential customers by running giveaways and contests on social media!

Promotional events are a great way to grow an audience, but if you want them to build your business it is essential you do them right. In Contest Rules: Run Great Social Promotions, Mei Pak will show you how to:

  • Match your content to your goals
  • Pick the ideal giveaway prize
  • Collaborate with other businesses to increase entries
  • Select the apps and tools that work best
  • Efficiently manage giveaways

Mei will help you avoid producing events that fall flat and she’ll offer advice on dealing with “freebie” mentality people who will never become a paying customer.

Contest Rules: Run Great Social Promotions with Mei Pak will help you fast track your business growth by turning contents participants into long-term customers.