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Contest Rules: Run Great Social Promotions

Lesson 12 of 12

Collaborating With Other Businesses

Mei Pak

Contest Rules: Run Great Social Promotions

Mei Pak

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12. Collaborating With Other Businesses

Lesson Info

Collaborating With Other Businesses

So let's talk about how to collaborate with others, and natalie, this was going back to your question about using your giveaway and putting that on someone else's blogged. So this is an amazing way that I've used to get my blawg to get my website and my jewelry featured on other people's blog's, and to reach a new audience almost all the time when I pitched my products to a blogger or into an influencer I always used the angle of I would love to give this away to your audience. A question you might be wondering is, if you did this all the time, aren't you doing giveaways too often too frequently? The thing is, is if you're using other people's audiences to reach your your potential new customers, those audiences probably won't overlap the's air different people that are seeing your giveaways, they're not going in their minds, they're not going to know you just did to give away with someone else on their blawg, you know that, but to their custody to the person who is a reader for for th...

e blogger pitching too, they don't know that, and perception is reality to them, so don't worry about that don't worry about doing it too frequently, because chances are people don't know. So pitched influencers and bloggers not expanding on bloggers who can also reach out to youtube celebrities there are so many people on youtube these days would like hundreds and thousands and millions of fans a lot of the times you can reach out to them going to their about tab on youtube and they'll give you their business inquiry email reach out to them via that email address reach out to bloggers instagram celebrities there are people who like for some reason they just had this huge personality on instagram but they don't have a block they don't have youtube they don't have facebook they're just instagram people reach out to those people and offer to do a giveaway on their pages well of course like with anything with blogger outreach you want to be sure that your product fits in with their brand and their brand benefits and fits in with your product as well. So make sure your complimentary make sure their audience is also your audience and vice versa but this is so cool I just wanted to tell you there's only five minutes left of the contest and we already have a whopping let me see now three hundred thirty nine people like suppose three hundred thirty nine people a lot of competition for that story when lucky person is going to get it so like in comment you have five more minutes well, maybe for now so like and comment that post just go to facebook dot com such tiny hands jewelry again you had to like and comment some people are doing both so follow the instructions on and you get this awesome piece of jewelry from may three thirty nine I'm wondering if it's going up a cz we speak I'm like totally like her for this thing three forty six I kind of wrap it up wrap it out like you are almost there okay so a great idea to when you're offering and give away to other blog's is to include a coupon code as well just a teeny tiny small one free shipping five percent ten percent off just to include to their readers you know they're always going to be those people out there who are like this is a really great product but I'm never going to win they're going to come over to your site and used a coupon code just make sure the coupon code expires in a short amount of time so forty eight hours is really great but depending again on the price of your product you might want to make that longer or you might even consider making that shorter also named the coupon code something cute or something kind of branded so instead of like a x seven nine question mark bps making something interesting so for tiny hands she's a yummy used this coupon code for five percent off collaborating with other business owners look for other products that complement your line and include that into one big bundle prize and this is going to make for an epic give away. So this was something I did when I had a photo contest on my website and I was giving away because so for those of you guys just joining us I make scented food jewelry so food, jewelry, jewelry that looks like food and smells like food and so it's very food themed so I like tio I reached out to a soap maker who had soap that looked like food and smelt like food. I actually reached out to someone etc who was selling actual cupcakes in jars that she could ship to people and that you could just eat out of the jar. And then I also reached out to another etc shop owner who was selling food sent a lip balm so like everything was very cute and paying can all food themed I took a great photo of everything on there together including my jewelry that they were going to win and the photo contest it takes time and effort for people to join right toe look pretty to take a photo, take a selfie and to post it up there and then I let my fans once I collected all those and trees I let my fans vote on the best photo so before we wrap up, if you need additional help or have any other questions about small business in general, I've been doing this since two thousand six I love talking about marketing and I've done it all myself before at some point I've been in your shoes before, so if you want that extra support, if you have additional questions that we didn't get to cover in this workshop, you can join me and bit dot ly slash maker mastermind it's a great community of other like minded people. So are we good with timing, too? Jump on and weigh just yeah, ok eleven thirty so I wanted tio let everyone know how many you have, how many likes and comments and it's three hundred seventy eight people have liked it there's thirty five, shares and two hundred seventy three comments, three hundred seventy eight people like it and I just wanted to read some of the comments, okay? Really quick because they're great comments bernadette young quist says, may I've been watching live and have learned so much thank you for a great presentation and let's see kim edwards says any little gem from this company would make my day and lovely thompson says, I love this my b f f got me your waffle necklace, my birthday and if this smells even half is good and mira hope says, holy crap I think I think this is the first give away I've caught with who we're not going with her luck and finally donald miller says so cool you're doing this live on creative live I've been loving your courses bought the bundle yes she's in the contest and she brought the bundle of crafty marking technique classes and you can too all right you want to pick a winner right drum roll okay so so the trouble that we have now that you're probably wondering right is how do we count so you're probably familiar with random dot org let me just show you really quickly I think it's random not orgy I hope I'm not wrong I hope it's not some strange sight okay this's lie all right so a lot of you guys might be familiar with random that orgy for those of you who are not how this would work then is I would go into the giveaway that you're doing oh and then that's too many comments let me refresh the page I wonder if it's going to give me a common count I believe it is because lily knows how many count again yeah there it is right so two hundred and eighty seven comments here and what you would do then is go to random dot orgy and select one type in one to two was it to eighty seven to eighty seven to two eighty seven and then kit generate and so then the number one forty two is going to be the winner this is not the winner I'm going to choose because I'm not going to sit here and count I want to show you a better way to do this instead ofthe I don't even know where to start like do you start from the bottom one, two, three four so it's just going to take too much time but here's a great web site that you can go to to make this easier for you and it's called thin page karma's good luck seri so the linkous fan page carma dot com slash facebook hyphen promotion and what you're going to do here is go back to your facebook page and to the post itself and click on the time stamp here and this is going to give you this huge long link that you're going to then copy and paste into fan page karma's good luck ferry ok, here are the winners so I like to choose here's what's gonna happen I like it's going to show me people who have the person who whose comment got the most number of likes it's going to also show me I believe a random person who has liked and a random person who has commented so it's up to you if you want to choose between one of the's car juryo because there's so many people I think I'm gonna choose two winners just just for fun I mean anything that be kind of cool so here we go who are these people are you one of them donna miller is on there she was from are you just mentioned her earlier right? So bundle awesome. Well, I feel kind of compelled donna all right, so here's what let's just walk through this so at this point we've gotten four hundred nineteen likes an m arose was the random person out of likes two hundred eighty six comments jenna far thing was the random winner and then out of the two hundred eighty who liked and commented on the post this great so cathy is our winner here so kathy's winner number one and then the comet with the most likes I'm going to choose donna miller s the second winner and I wasn't planning on giving away two of them but well, whatever congratulations cappie and don after winning to get away I should probably also mention on putting here maybe just edit and type in here the contest has ended I hope this logs let me actually refresh and see that will work better but I'm going to copy and paste no okay it's just a big link okay? I'm going to add this winners and wasn't donald miller yes donna miller, please email me at info at tiny hands online dot com to claim your prize congratulations already do you have to tag the mayor? You just write their names in it's unclear to me sometimes if you're able to take them I can try oh, but you may not be able to go to the page there plenty trying is she gonna pop up good ridge she's not popping up let me try donna yeah they're not they're not going to pop up so we'll just have to go back there once this workshop is over, what I normally do is then create a new graphic with the winners names and the night post that as a separate post just to kind of get a little bit more of their attention but unfortunately there's no really great way to tag them it's like sometimes you can take them and sometimes you can't so congratulations kathy and donna for winning the bracelet thank you for playing. We're done okay great. So does anyone had here of any questions about the give away or how made it that no there's a questions online looking through those let's see okay, you you showed how to randomly choose someone we covered that, um there's a few questions about the legal disclaimers mahara jules was not clear about the legal disclaimers do you need to have that if you if they want to know if they need it if they use raffle copter or hearem I don't know what I don't know what that one is either, and I both know merkel cop, I do no traffic copter, and I think with those aps they pretty much have you covered because they do have listed on the app. They want to make it as easy as possible for you, so they're going to cover you and they're going toe generate those terms for you, it's going to be part of the settings once you sign on for you, too include a run includes specific legal disclaimers on there, so if you use an app it's going to be easy for you, otherwise what I normally do, it's just I just tell them at one age you need to be and where you need to be located for that and another policy related question from tiny paws, they would like to know how do you check and confirm that the people entering our eighteen or over I would just hop on to their facebook page and just try to figure out that way? Or there's? I don't think a great way either. If you do that on facebook and you still can't figure it figure out if you really need to ask them over email, but otherwise I normally just trust. That they are eighteen and older and obviously when they at the point where they give you their their mailing address you can tell if they're based in the u s or not and at that point it's up to you if you want to follow through with that and say I'm sorry this was only for u s stress u s residents or or actually just give it to them so it's up to you I don't I don't normally get that mitt picky with when I choose might give away winners through the honor code yeah yeah and bunny miller two thousand would like to know what do you do about whether people have entered more than once we're give away? Do you care about that? I don't normally care about that and the only reason is just one of those other little things that can kind of just hinder your progress with doing things like this it's in the grand scheme of things it's not going to be a big deal, so if you do happen to spot it, then I would maybe just go in and in there and delete the comment but otherwise I don't normally pay attention to that kind of stuff if if the number of entries that you've gotten is small enough that you could go through and sift through it and if you really want to make sure that people are playing by the rules then you can definitely enforce those rules I just tend not to kathy evans would like to know do you use hash tags on instagram for contests? Yeah, that would be a great idea so I would be careful with choosing very general hash tags because again you don't want to be attracting people who are just there to get free stuff even though it is your product that you created and obviously someone only wants to win that product if they like it but there are going to be those trolls that we talked about earlier who are just there to win stuff so b if you want to use hashtags, get specific and don't just use hashtag contest because that's you're going to find contest selling car with cars and you know, give away for giveaways for money and all sorts of different things that you may not want to be associated with so I would use hashtags but choose specific ones or maybe even used her own branded hashtags if you like annie cola there a lot of questions which is great people are really into it would like to know how do you know that someone is participating in your contest on pinterest what you can do so normally on pinterest I have the pin that I want them to reap in linked back to my site so the pin the original pin is on my website and I have people I pinned it to I pin it to my own pinterest board and then people will start repenting it to their to their own boards and what you can do is go to pinterest dot com one way you can do it is just a check who's re pendant I believe you can see a list right if you clicked on the number next to reap in or pin the other ways you could go to your website dotcom no pinterest dot com slash source slash your web site you are l so for example for a tiny hands online pinterest dot com slash source slash tiny hands online dot com and it will bring you up all of these pins that people have been from your website and you can identify your giveaway graphic from there and then pick the winner from there okay? And the final question is does may cheat her audience before the contest, saying that a contest is coming and how long ahead of the contest is she do this? I would recommend that you do I don't normally because it's it's we do this every month at this point what we do not we do and I say we because it's really my virtual assistant that's doing this for me and she sends out an email broadcast to all my email list subscribers and she normally only sends it out the moment the giveaway is live for email list subscribers, I tend to not want to inundate them with too many e mails, so I would not necessarily if you want to. If you have that relationship with your fans on the email list side of things, it would be a great idea for you to just kind of tease them and say I'm having a giveaway next week make sure you stay tuned and then when you're giveaways live, tell them again that giveaways live here is the link aa lot of the times when I talk about a giveaway, sometimes I get all these e mails saying, where is the give away words to give away? And I'm like I said it's not out yet it's going to be live next week and I don't say it in that tone, but again, there are people who don't read and they think the giveaway is going out live when you're thinking about social media. It is a great idea to just post teasers to just tell them we're having given me tomorrow where I would start depending on the size of your audience depending on your reach. I don't I think if you start at least seven days or a maximum seven days before and then for every day just send a quick little friendly subtle it doesn't have to be about the product itself, but as we talked about in our previous workshops good show pictures of your studio. You could show a little small a portion of the product itself. You could show a zoom in naco shot off the product. And in that way you can start teasing them. And I would do it once every day for a week. That's. Too much you could do three days before and do once every day. And on the day off, I would say maybe six hours before two hours before it's really up to you? I haven't found that any specific one way is the best way, so it depends on your reach. Depends on your audience. And what kind of engagement in what kind of relationship you have with them. All right. Well, that's it I will come up there and joining one stage your home. So thank you. We're finished with this course. It was a great course, so exciting. I love to give away so much fun. Watching everyone like and comment in such great information for us is small business owners. So thank you to all of you in the audience or being here thanks to may for contest rules run great social promotions.

Class Description

Get your products seen by thousands of new, potential customers by running giveaways and contests on social media!

Promotional events are a great way to grow an audience, but if you want them to build your business it is essential you do them right. 

Mei Pak will show you how to:

  • Match your content to your goals
  • Pick the ideal giveaway prize
  • Collaborate with other businesses to increase entries
  • Select the apps and tools that work best
  • Efficiently manage giveaways

Mei will help you avoid producing events that fall flat and she’ll offer advice on dealing with “freebie” mentality people who will never become a paying customer and help you fast track your business growth by turning contest participants into long-term customers.

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