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Contest Rules: Run Great Social Promotions

Lesson 8 of 12

Design Your Giveaway Image & Copy

Mei Pak

Contest Rules: Run Great Social Promotions

Mei Pak

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Lesson Info

8. Design Your Giveaway Image & Copy

Lesson Info

Design Your Giveaway Image & Copy

In this section, I want to actually show you some of the various ways and the fun activities that you can actually have your fans participate in with social media, so before we get started, let's design your giveaway image. We talked a little bit about this, but you want to use a great photo of the product that you're giving away. Make sure it's eye catching make sure it's clear, make sure it's another problem I see are a mistake I see is where if you're using a white background or whatever the background is and the photo, the product is like a teeny tiny little part of the big picture. So really, you wanted to be up close where you see like maybe seventy eight percent of the photo is filled with the product itself. You want to get up close and good and big and and make sure you see everything with with the photo that you've chosen, make sure it's clearly let's, make sure it's not blurry. Just take a really great photo because that's what's going to attract people initially to join you...

r giveaway. And then we talked about adding text over lace, so there are a few things that you probably want to ada's text overlays onto your graphic and you want if anything else if you want to not do all the other stuff I'm goingto tell you to write on your give away the one thing you must have it's too, right? That it's a giveaway this will really attract people when they're scrolling through their news feeds and they're just buzzing by the word giveaway on that product photo is going to make them stop and it's going to make them want to join you need to make it really clear and really obvious that you're given giving away something for free as I mentioned earlier, so many people are doing giveaways you really need to make your stand out and you need to give people a reason to stop and look and check out what's going on with this with this special post that you have going on if you want you can describe to people how to participate. So if it's something really simple, you can say to join this giveaway like and comment on this post having things on the picture I feel like with text overlays really communicates to the people who don't read and there a lot of people who don't read the actual text description so that helps I also sometimes like to include your website or your shot you are well on the graphic itself for those moments when you're giveaway goes viral and you're you're reaching you having exponential reach where your fans are sharing your stuff and all these new audiences and all of these new friends friends of fans or seeing your post and your products it's a great idea that you're branding your photo and you're at least showing people you can go shop here you might who knows? You might get a couple of sales just from doing that because it's free advertising you want people you we want to at least tell people where to find you and at least tell them what your brand is so that you're having that impression in their mind and they're remembering all this is by tiny hands jewelry so they know who it is sometimes I also like to include the contest and date and time so that's one of the common questions you get from commenters from people joining your contest people are asking you, when does this end? So if you just had a little teeny tiny texan, the bottom or the top err on your graphic that says ends at what date and at what time and also with the time tell him what time zone that is. So a lot of these gave away images you can use iphone aps to do than inwards swag font candy are great aps that I like to you studios another one that I like to use and what I love about these iphone or smartphone graphic editing aps is that because it's so easy to use you don't feel overwhelmed the very simplistic unlike if you were to go into a computer and you're using photo shop or kenmore pick monkey there all of these different features you can use and then you're just like a deer caught in headlights and like what do I click on and so it's really easy you don't have to go too crazy with designing your at your giveaway graphic so here are some examples of what I like to do as you can see with both of these images this one was for instagram that one was the pop tart was for facebook and the product that I'm giving away is really front and center you see a very clear picture of what you're getting so there's no confusion, the word giveaway you can't miss it give away and then when the scented necklace and then some instructions on what to do and then you are l a the bottom and then the deadline so just a note on this because I know it's kind of a fuzzy create areas some people are familiar with this already, but with facebook you can't make it a requirement to do comments and you can't have them tag friends because it's against the terms of service but you can say if you like to it will be great for you to share this with your friends so as long as it's not a requirement I haven't said is requirement here but we're not going to do that anymore and definitely for sure when it comes to the legalities of doing giveaways and contests and sweepstakes you for sure want to do some research and check out on what you can do and what you can't do let's talk about writing the copy for your contest there are going to be some very pertinent information that you want to have as text description just to kind of cover yourself ah and to make it really clear to people that this is how they can win this is how they can enter this is what they can expect this is when it ends so spell it out what is this prize that they're going to win and what is the value of it? And I believe that might actually be a federal trade commission sweepstake rule with how you're supposed to you need to actually tell them what the value is but again I would really encourage you to actually go out there and do your research on these rules that you need to follow when you're doing giveaways and contests tell people how to enter to give away or contest make it really simple to join this giveaway or contest you need to the spell it out to them this is also I believe a part of the ftc that you need to spell out who can enter from what countries and how old they must be. I typically just do us on lee and only if you are eighteen and older eighteen or older also tell them when the contest ends it's kind of funny with pinterest as I mentioned before with how pinterest content lives for such a long time I had a contest on there was a pennant to win a contest, which we'll talk about how you can't do that anymore. But I had that contest at least two or three years ago, and it's still gathering pins and reap ends and the contest is over, but people are still trying to sign on. People are still re pending the thing so it's kind of funny how that works, but spell out when your contest ends. You also want to tio to be very clear to your audience how the winner will be chosen for the most part, if you're doing kind of a random giveaway, giveaways are generally you're just going to randomly pick a person, but you're going to you know, of course make sure that they've met already your requirements with they are the eighteen or older are they based in the u s that they asked? Did they do all the things you asked them to do if it's a contest where you're requiring them to do a little bit more off a little bit more beyond liking and commenting and sharing and we're posting then you want to be extra clear how you're going to be choosing to give away so don't let people find loopholes for like well, but my video was cooler than theirs and you know be very clear on how on how you're judging I give away the contest also going back to the legal disclaimers for sure you want to be checking the terms of service for the social media that you're going to be doing this contest or give away on they're all different if you're doing giveaways on your site we've went we've talked through of some of the aps and third party tools you can be using there's raffle copter glean viral sweep and king soon will give aways in makes it really easy when you're using aps too just copy and paste the code that they've given you and embed that on your website. So on your website of your war press you can create a block polls you can create a new page on shopify you can create a new page or block polls it's pretty standard and then you can take that cold and embedded on either a page or a post and if you're doing giveaways or contest on your site, then it's a great chance for you to go on to your social media and tell everyone about it go into facebook instagram pinterest and even to your email list, send them an email to let them know that this giveaways happening and link them all back to the specific page on your website what's a great idea for you to do if you want to really go all out is to create promotional graphics for each of these different social media's, but still point them back for telling them that this is where you need to enter, so don't enter and facebook come over to my block to enter, but just so you're getting the most out of your promotional efforts. As I mentioned, every social media works best with specific features and graphics and sizes, so make sure that you're designing your posts and your pro mose and you're content fit within those within those lay out guidelines. So square photos for instagram and facebook, vertical images for pinterest and horizontal for twitter yes, do you have? Ah, pixel link side like literally the size of the picture that you find works well for those things, I do not, but that's a great question. So actually, what I can do after this workshop is over is I'll go into the private facebook group and I'll share with the resource because there's a lot of information out there, and I can find you the best link for what specific sized requirements work best for each social media. And I can make a note of that in my head. So I hope I remember to do that. If I don't, please remind me in the private facebook group, I think that we really helpful. So thanks for asking.

Class Description

Get your products seen by thousands of new, potential customers by running giveaways and contests on social media!

Promotional events are a great way to grow an audience, but if you want them to build your business it is essential you do them right. 

Mei Pak will show you how to:

  • Match your content to your goals
  • Pick the ideal giveaway prize
  • Collaborate with other businesses to increase entries
  • Select the apps and tools that work best
  • Efficiently manage giveaways

Mei will help you avoid producing events that fall flat and she’ll offer advice on dealing with “freebie” mentality people who will never become a paying customer and help you fast track your business growth by turning contest participants into long-term customers.

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