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Instagram Contests

Lesson 10 from: Contest Rules: Run Great Social Promotions

Mei Pak

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10. Instagram Contests

Lesson Info

Instagram Contests

Here are some of the different types of instagram contests that you can do you can have them tag friends and a comment. This is one that I've seen one of my role model, susan petersen, from freshly picked do when she was doing a lot of contests for baby leather moccasins. They're absolutely cute, she has a great story, so definitely check her off all her, find her interviews, and just learn from her tag friends and a comment. What I love about this is, you're really you're really counting on the exponential reach if one person, one of your followers comes in and tags to people than those two of people like would let probably be also interested in your products, because they probably wouldn't tag people who they know may not be interested, and then those two people attacked two more people. Now you're reaching up for you're reaching for more people, and then the four people exponentially keep growing and and that's a great way for you to grow your falling really quickly. You can do the ...

standard, like and comment, or double tepp and comment, heart and comment, or you can ask people to also repost the image, and so I know a lot of people who are, I know, a lot of people who feel that re posting can be kind of annoying, because then the news you're your feet is going to just be flooded with other people posting the same picture of the giveaway, and that can be kind of a turnoff so that's really up to you if you feel like that might be annoying to you, and if you feel like you don't want tio annoy your fans than it's it's, your decision to make. But the other disadvantage with re posting is that sometimes people don't know how to do it. It's really simple you can just need even if you have an iphone, you can take your screen a screenshot of your image, or you can use an app like I don't use any act. But there are aps out there that let you re post images and so it's just a little bit too much of a hassle, so some people may not know how to do it so that's the only those are the few drawbacks with re posting the image, but it is a great way to to still reach more people than what you normally would reach out to. Then what you would normally reach instagram is also a great place to do photo contests, so if you want tio, if you want some of your existing customers to play along, you can say take a picture of yourself wearing some of tiny hands, jewelry and tag tiny hands contest and by the end of so and so date, I'll go into this hashtag feed and pick my favorite entry in those instances for those of you guys who if you're just starting out and you don't have anyone buying your products yet a great way to is just have them take a picture of the closest book next to them something really simple like that? I mean, of course, if you can tie it in with your brand in general, take a photo of a fan sign, so make them like draw little cartoon or a little piece of artwork er sign or whatever that says, I love tiny ann's jewelry and make them take a picture with that. So even if they don't own a piece of your product, you can still do a photo contest just have to think a little bit outside the box on what that might look like how to make that work for your own business. Luke giveaways are something that a lot of people have been doing recently and there has been a lot of excitement about it, so I want to talk take a little bit more time to talk about luke giveaways may I want to give you an update so they're forty comments and five shares five shares and you don't even ask for shares everyone out there watching online feel free, tio get on tio mays facebook page tiny hands, jewelry and like and comment on that and you'll be entered to win that awesome piece of jewelry so do it right away you only have a twenty more minutes left maybe so remember what I said about how with terms of service with facebook you can't ask them to share you can't ask them to outwardly share your post there are ways to creatively work around that and as I mentioned some people are so used to sharing anyway they're just going to do it even remember I told you people don't read write like hello so it's kind of just it's nice I think even if they did read it there maybe just sharing it with their friends maybe they did read it so he mean just being really cynical about it back to luke giveaways if you're not familiar with what luke giveaways are, let me break it down for you. This is where you really spend time collaborating with other business owners who share a similar audiences you and how it works is it's called a loop because it goes in a little pure making the fans or the participant working a loop so you have a picture you post the picture off the giveaway product or the giveaway graphic on your instagram and on the picture you tag the next person or the next brand that is in the loop and the next person tags the next person and that next person tax that person, the last person will tag the first person again, so that eventually all go in a loop. And one of the requirements to join this kind of look give away is the participant needs to go in this loop and kind of hop around and follow each small business owner or follow each profile. This is a really great way for you to get in front of other people's audience there have been would give aways with up to thirty different profiles, and the person who's hosting who is hosting that thing is probably going crazy because managing thirty different small business owners, I think is going to be really hard, but you can have it a smallest three or five people. So imagine if you did participate in one of those giveaways where you were working with thirty other businesses, and if each person had a thousand fans, you're going to be your your products are going to be shown to potentially thirty thousand different fault new people. So that's one it's a great idea, but there are some pros and cons to that, so continuing on how that works, the participant, the giveaway player or the contest participant needs to follow all of thes shop owners in this loop. And apparently shop owners check I'm not sure if they actually do but you know you can always say we're going to check so make sure you actually follow all of these profiles. The caveat here is that if you want if you decide for yourself that you want to take on doing a loop giveaway, be very sure that really take the time to be sure that these other business owners that you're going to collaborate with are also people who shared a similar audience as yourself that cannot be more important right? So if your audience are new moms with one month old babies, you want to make sure that all of these other business owners also targets that same type of woman in her in that phase in her life the moment that you kind of get off alignment with with your audience is there going to be fans who are just going to like you just because they want someone else's product and then we're going to have that problem of having inflated instagram followers and very low engagement going back here so to clarify there is one winner for every shop owner that is participating in this sort of their five shops there are going to be five winners and again I want to stress you want to be sure that the people who are falling you are a good fit for your brand and one day turn into a customer so if you were to consider two new loop giveaways I would recommend if this is your first one to go out there and find other people who would be hosting it who are who are looking for other shop owners to join in on their giveaway if you want to take on hosting yourself it's going to be really stressful to try to manage everyone because there's going to be that process of making sure that person a tax person be person be tax person see et cetera and to make sure that they all have that post schedule in advance because of one person breaks the link it just stops right so it's really important to make sure that you have everyone ready to go so going back again due to the variety of prize is offered I found that loop giveaways most of the time is done not so well most of the time the audiences or the other business owners that you're connecting with is somehow not really related to your own brand and because of that as I mentioned before you're going to have a lot of instagram followers which might if I mean if that's what you want having a large number of followers in a ways it's a great way to build credibility and to get people to see like wow you must be a big deal you know you're probably actually in really in business versus someone who has one follower or another shop who has one follower doesn't really listen very much trust to a customer, so I'm not. I'm not saying that having lots of followers isn't good, isn't a I'm not saying that having lots of followers is a bad thing, it can be a good thing, but but probably you guys out there, you want to also have followers who would love your brand, who would be loyal to you and would buy your stuff? You also want to be sure that you are vetting the other shop owners that you were going to be working with in some in, in kind of a subconscious way. What you're doing is you're sending your followers to this other shop for them to be a fan off to become a follower off. But what if this shop has really bad customer service, or what if, like, a week from the give away their closing shop, and they don't deliver on their giveaway price? That's going toe to your fans? Not look very good, so be sure that you know that these other shop owners are professional, that they're going to be on time, that they're going to carry on with their word and follow through with actually delivering on their prize, so we talked about this for you guys, if you want to have a kind of a good idea for what would be a healthy engagement rate on instagram. A three to five percent engagement rates pretty healthy. So if you have two thousand followers having sixty to one hundred likes on average for anyone, instagram post is a good pretty good number. Of course, you want it to be higher but that's a pretty good number for you to aim for atleast initially yes, I want to have another update. So one hundred forty two people have liked and there've been eighteen, shares and one hundred nine comments. My producer tells me so. Yes. Yeah. One one forty two and I wanted tio ask the island idea it's not only to joint air to join the giveaway. To enter the giveaway, just look for tiny hands, jewelry and facebook. And you can find the post and you have to eleven. Thirty pacific time to join the giveaway to win that great piece of jewelry. And also this is our last segment for this course. If you have any questions for may about giveaways, get them in now so we can ask her before the class is over. Do we have any questions about your question, how do you feel about collaborating with like another blogged, I'm in the wedding business if I went to like an event planner and offered if they had a good enough big enough, can you share with people like the work that you do? My name is natalie, I own paper, flora and I make very large backdrops and flowers for weddings and events, and I was thinking if I went to aa wedding blogger or event clog and offered, I don't know if it's giving up too much control of the giveaway. If you give it to somebody else to teo host, what do you think? So this is actually something we will cover in a future slide were kind of scaling up how do we reach other new audiences? And I actually love doing it and have and working with other bloggers and actually hosting your giveaway on other blog's it's actually, one of those things in terms of blogger outreach, that's a good angle for you to come in at instead of asking them to review your product, you can offer them. Can I give you free products? You can give it away to your audience, and then just be clear, you know, be assertive and tell them that you would like for them to make sure that their audience likes your facebook page well, I guess. Terms of services. You can't have that as an entry requirement anymore. You can't have people like your facebook page, but you can have them say, come over to the facebook page and check out our posts. And then if they like it, they like it. And you can ask the blogger to say, leave a comment on this block post, or you can ask the blogger to say, join your mailing list so you can definitely be assertive with that. Just spell it out to the blogger. And if, for some reason she doesn't want to do it, I'm sure it can be negotiated. But I've done that a lot, and it's worked really well, sometimes also in bringing in sales. But we'll talk a little bit more about that later. I think it's a great idea, though.

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