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Contest Rules: Run Great Social Promotions

Lesson 11 of 12

Pinterest and Twitter Contests

Mei Pak

Contest Rules: Run Great Social Promotions

Mei Pak

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11. Pinterest and Twitter Contests

Lesson Info

Pinterest and Twitter Contests

So some of the types of pinterest contests you could do is paint it to win it and here's an example of what I had set up, and this was the pin that got over two thousand pins, and that just keeps it just keeps getting re pins, even though the contest has been over for over two years and it's great at bringing traffic to my website terms of service with pinterest say that you can no longer ask your your audience to pin specific collect to pin specific photos from a collection or from your website, but they're they're they're probably if you worded it differently instead of saying pin it to win it, you could say pin to win it, and in that way you could. Your customers are probably in their minds, thinking it's pin it to win it, and they could still pin the products from your shop it's kind of a work around, I think, as long as you don't word it as it being a requirement that they paint the product from your shop, I think you'll be covered re pending an image I think is probably the best ...

way to go with doing pinterest contest these days since of since because terms of service with pinterest are so strict. So just having instead instead of this being pin it to win it the same graphic could totally be just reap in this graphic and then you can choose one of these six necklaces when you win, you could also do a best board contest so you can ask people to go into their pinterest account and create a board and give them a theme for what they should collect photos for you can ask them to say pick your favorite products and I can almost guarantee you kind of like the share phenomena where you didn't ask them to share they're going to still share, so even if you didn't ask them to share or even if you didn't ask them to pin content or block our product photos from your own website, they're probably going to be including a few of your products in their board and of course they're going to be asked tell them like a minimum of ten pins for example in this board and then we're going to do is go in through all the entries and pick the best board, and that could be the winner. So really think about a fun theme that you could get someone to start pinning photos with yeah, I'm sorry, I have a million questions now, okay, so on pinterest to do this best board, so say that I want tio say design your divorce party okay and you have to go to the anodyne dot com and choose four of my products to include in your party can I do that like I link I used to be able to do that and according to the terms of service you can't specifically say go back to my website and pinned those four photos okay um so how would you get around that like I wouldn't even say it I would say just create a board of your favorite products and then maybe on the graphic you could just put in your your your website and maybe a tag line of what products you sell on there and the theme that you're suggesting connects very closely right divorce parties you sell divorce party supplies and gifts it makes sense for people to want to check out would it be okay? I'm sorry a million questions would it be ok for me to devote design a divorce party and put it on my a nodded pinterest board and say for a sample look at yeah ok I think that's a great idea yeah yeah yeah yeah was that a million questions? Okay way get to them we can get to them so that's the only problem with all these terms of service these days that we if you want well I recommend that you follow the rules unless you want your account to be shut down it just makes it a little bit harder for us but I think it's not impossible for us to be creative and work around it and we can just say it's not a requirement for you to do this but if you want you can if what you could say you if you want you guys khun choose photos from from your website you don't have to make it a requirement and I think that's where there might be a loophole in the terms of service don't make it a requirement but say you can get some inspiration from thehe nada dot com and then they're going to go to right side they're gonna pin they're definitely going to be a pin products from your website to their divorce party board what you could also do is the winner could be chosen by whoever got the most reap ends so that's another way for you to really reach a lot of people and then reward the person who has actually taken the time to generate those re pins or probably if they have a large following you know that would be a great way to also connect with that person by rewarding them with your prize wait ten more minutes okay so I wanted to give you another update way of ten more minutes the contest there two hundred fifty people have liked it and there's twenty four shares in one hundred eighty comments and I can almost guarantee you that when the contest ends, there's still going to be people who are commenting and liking let's talk about twitter contests so, twitter when I did my twitter contest, it was a fluke. It was terrible the worst contest that I am ever done, so I will never do a contest on twitter again. But for those of you guys out there who, if your audience is on twitter if you have a great twitter audience, here are some examples of twitter contests that you can do for yourself. You can ask them toe like and follow and retweet so like your like or like the post or favorite the post, follow your account and retweet the post, you can ask a question, and then the most creative answer to that question can win, so of course you have to decide for yourself what that judging criteria would be for the winner. You could also do a photo contest on twitter ask people to take a picture of themselves wearing, wearing, wearing or using your product, or if they don't have your product, asked them to make a fan's sign of your product and posted on twitter. Of course it would be great if you can use hashtag pse and create a branded hash tag around that twitter contest, so in that way you can just search tiny hands live time hands contest and we'll bring up all the different entries from people who have posted their photo and I think the pop quiz trivia type of contest would also be would also translate really well to twitter just because of the one hundred forty character limit were limited to the different types of contests we can do and because twitter is such a it is getting better in terms of being a visual social media but it is mostly still those you know one liners just really quick easy, fast comments so how do we take advantage of that and turn that into a contest? I don't love twitter and I know a lot of people out there who also don't love twitter and I think because a lot of our if you're selling a general lifestyle gift product your deal there are probably some of your fans and audience members in twitter but when there's facebook and instagram and pinterest twin twitter's just kind of the lonely child and no one likes and I love twitter for several reasons and it's mostly to connect with blog's and other artists that you want to collaborate with it is a great place to get to know people to kind of strike up a conversation with someone that you want to build a relationship with and in that way facebook isn't so good for doing that pinterest is awful with comments so twitter does have its use I don't just don't generally use it for contests.

Class Description

Get your products seen by thousands of new, potential customers by running giveaways and contests on social media!

Promotional events are a great way to grow an audience, but if you want them to build your business it is essential you do them right. 

Mei Pak will show you how to:

  • Match your content to your goals
  • Pick the ideal giveaway prize
  • Collaborate with other businesses to increase entries
  • Select the apps and tools that work best
  • Efficiently manage giveaways

Mei will help you avoid producing events that fall flat and she’ll offer advice on dealing with “freebie” mentality people who will never become a paying customer and help you fast track your business growth by turning contest participants into long-term customers.

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