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The Giveaway Funnel

Lesson 6 from: Contest Rules: Run Great Social Promotions

Mei Pak

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Lesson Info

6. The Giveaway Funnel

Lesson Info

The Giveaway Funnel

So let's talk about the giveaway funnel and what this is is it funnels air giveaway participants through a guided experience when I talked to people who have participated in giveaways and contest, the big thing is that people don't remember that they've joined it they join it there and then they just leave it may never visit the page over again they don't even come back to check who's the winner so you do it and then you forget about it they gave away funnel avoids that problem and it nudges them to a particular goal and in this case it's sales so what does this look like? There are four steps to the giveaway funnel and the first step is you want to direct people to an email sign up form and you can tie this in with any social media platform if you want to off course when you ask for someone's email address it's going to be a little bit harder it's a little bit of a barrier for people to enter but if it means sales for you it's worth doing right so you're definitely going to get fewer ...

entries because for a lot of people nowadays giving away their email address it's kind of that something valuable because of all the e mails we've been getting all the span we've been getting you only want to be giving out your email address when you absolutely have I have to sew in your giveaway you want tio direct people to a sign up form so that they can type in their email address and make that a requirement to join your contest so they don't do this and so going back to smurf east question if you have chosen the winner and if you check that this person is not in your email list they don't get to win so make sure that the winter that you choose is in your email list the second step is I want you to send an automatic email and what happens with this is the moment that someone enters their email address and hit submit they get a confirmation email that says thank you for joining my give away the winner will be announced on this date please hang tight and then you can link to your web site to show them like but if you can't wait here's a link to my shop for you to check out maybe you might put some things on your wishlist step three is when the contest ends then you can pick a winner either random were based on a pre defined criteria and in step for you send them a second email in this email you're sending this to everyone who joined your contest and you want to announce the winner and the key here that I want you to do is type in there and say for everyone else who didn't win here's a fifteen to twenty percent coupon code that expires in forty eight hours remember how I talked about with most giveaways people join and then they forget that they've ever joined it they never come back to check if they've won. Once you get people in your giveaway funnel, it gives you a reason to email them. It reminds them you joined this giveaway let me tell you who the winner is because you probably want to know if it's you and it gives them that reason to open the email they want to know if they've won and it gets their attention when you have their attention, you give them that coupon code for all those people who really wanted to win your giveaway but didn't win and they can go over to your shop with that attractive coupon code. So the coupon code it ought to be something that's pretty substantial. I think fifteen, ten percent maybe a little bit low fifteen to twenty five percent is great anymore is even better, but I would say fifteen to twenty is a pretty good deal. Free shipping is also pretty good, but what I love about this is it meets people where they are they're already desire in your product because they took the time to join the giveaway to join the contest and now you're giving them this opportunity for everyone else who didn't win hey, I'm doing a quick flash sale for you guys who didn't win on lee for forty eight hours, here's a coupon code for you to use, and at that point they already want your stuff, so you're going to convert a few people from this process into sales. The forty eight hour expiry adds a sense of urgency, so any more than that is going to be too much time if you want to make that a little bit shorter as long that's that's great and fine, as long as your product is more affordable. So forty hours, if your product is a little bit more premium priced where it might take someone a little bit more time to decide, can I afford to buy this? Can I part with my pennies to buy this? So I think forty eight hours is kind of thie kind of nice number for you to use. So how do we set up the funnel? First, you need a mailing list provider, so I think for a lot of us we use mill chin or a weber or med meanie and go into your analyst provider and create a new list and a whole sign up form just for the's giveaway people give away our contest participants depending. And I believe you can do this in both notion, but a weber I used to use milk ship than I moved over to a weber, but with milton and a weber, you are able to create a sign up form for people to type in their email address, and you can brand that you can put your logo on it and you don't have to touch a single line of code either. So create a sign up form like that and on your social media. If you're doing your contest or give away on social media link to this form with mel chin, I think most of you guys air using mel chin it. Once you create a sign up form, there will be a link that it will give you where you can direct people directly to this sign up form for both of thes e mailing list providers. You can change the confirmation email normally, what that confirmation email gives you is they'll say this is just to confirm that you've joined this mailing list. Here's the information you provided us just for you to check for your records, change that email to include a message that thanks them for joining the giveaway, and that tells them when this contest will end and when the winner will be selected. So you can prepare the winner announcement email ahead of time and schedule that in advance what I mean by ahead of time is you just you know, just type out hi guys I'm so excited that you've joined us giveaway thank you for playing with me and you don't have you don't know who the winner is yet so that's something that you have to go in on that date to type that in but for the most part you can plan this all ahead and write that email out before before they gave away even ends you can do that and schedule that to publish or to send our broadcast your giveaways at a certain date once this whole contest is over once you've gone through all the four steps and you've given people the coupon code and gotten some sales from that you can then move or merged this giveaway list into your main list so then you're adding all of these giveaway participants into your your main list where you typically would send out newsletter information about your business in general do we have any questions about the funnel? I have a question now if you're doing an email to to grow or email us are you going to put that on instagram or you gonna put it on facebook so they can click over and join your email or is that just like a blogged kind of using raffle copter I would if you wanted to tie it in with if you wanted to post it on instagram, you can totally do that or facebook, so I would remember the length that you get with when you create your sign up form where you have people type in their email address and press statement on milch in for a weber a weber, it will give you a link that will just direct them to just blank page with just the sign up form, so if you're doing it on instagram, you can have them do the typical things you know, tag one or two friends, heart this photo and go to this link and make sure you're signed up because I'm only going to announce the winners via email and then you can change your instagram bio link into that linkous well, you can use a bit lee to make it look a lot prettier on then the same thing for facebook. You don't go through the regular other steps like this like this page or like this post and then go to this link to make sure you're signed up and you can also use it for your blogger website to if you wanted to you and this funnel I've also used for pinterest and I used that on my block, but it was a pinterest giveaway and I'll talk more about that when we get to pinterest

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