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Cost-Effective Creative Shoots

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Shoot: Kino Flo or Fluorescent Tube

Lindsay Adler

Cost-Effective Creative Shoots

Lindsay Adler

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7. Shoot: Kino Flo or Fluorescent Tube

Lesson Info

Shoot: Kino Flo or Fluorescent Tube

All right ready for next one ok, ok, we're going we're going funky on this one you funky you're feeling funky. Okay? Okay she's like it is different. Okay, so this really expensive headpiece is actually from amazon and it was thirteen dollars because like a ski cap sings or like me scuba diving thing I don't know, but I bought it because it was yeah, because it was thirteen dollars in red, so I bought it like that's how things go um okay, so we have that and we got kind of sparkly and funky makeup but that's that's not the creativity part creativity part's going to be the lighting so one of the things that I taught once on one of my one of my creative life actually might second one ever did but the first shooting when I ever did I used kino flows constant fluorescent lights, so what they are is there kind of some of the lice in here even have that look there long fluorescent tubes and their daylight balance and they don't flicker there movie lights and they use them in all different so...

rts of movies and they're also nice because they're not hot, so what I would do is I bought some because there was a store going out of business, they had some of these kino film movie lights I bought them used and you can take the bulbs out and put him into any configuration you want problems kino flows knew for one of these is like I think it's like twelve hundred dollars that's not very cost effective okay, so I saw something else that was like oh, this is cool they've got these new things that came out which are, um isolate so the ice line so the ice lights the same concept it the fluorescent to blight you can turn the power up and down the reason that a lot of photographers like this because you can really shape the light on the face its battery powers you can take it out on location people use it for video but I think it's five hundred dollars so we're gonna go back and they're not cost effective category but it exists and so you could rent this if you wanted to try it or if you owned one and a friend owns one you can put them together that way so these are called ice lights made by westcott do you have yours around? Okay, well, I'll see what we have here and you can get your okay john made one is well, so he's going to grab that. So what we're doing for this is we bought together these two fluorescent lights including their plug were twenty three dollars in twenty two dollars and ninety seven cents together total ok. And so it's I mean it's the same idea but the major difference is how dim it is and it's not going to be daylight balanced. So maybe for portrait you shoot black and white like, you know what I mean? Or you take a custom white balance and views and exploded. Or you can take a custom like, balance off a great card if you want the color to look right. But these were just, you know, like home depot, kind of inexpensive fluorescent lights. Now, john is like, super, ridiculously crafty. And so this is for those of you that are a little more hands on. Would you like to explain your contraption? Basically, just goto these tubes, air leads, they're made to replace fluorescent tubes, and so it runs with a sea currents so comfortable with suffering with hotwire's just running switch onto this attach the two ends and put tape over the ends and it's cold doesn't heat up, so tell ladies instead of flores and in this one it's a little closer to daylight, but again, a lot of times it's easy to shoot a black and white yeah uh, so I had that was pretty awesome, yeah, find some of the instructions also on how you made that on your website, right corner cello dot coms and click on john's blogged john's glaad great that's really cool things, john yeah and I've seen read isn't they look great? They look awesome the kino flows there nice because there big, but like I said it's different for cost effective that's awesome! I'm not necessarily come from with slaughtering hotwire's, including the wires and switches I think they're awesome for me when they are most popular for me was the two groups of people high school seniors I took four of them not those stickers with akino flows and put the minutes tick tack toe and so it gave you the light of a ring light, but with really cool, funky catch light, so it was just something a little bit different than where they would, what they would get elsewhere. And then also I had a lot of performing artists, singers and rappers that really liked it either because their eyes would look really cool or they wear sunglasses, so it made funky catch lights so think bring light but funkier so I'm going to have you take a seat, we're gonna test this out. I really like john, so I might have to hire john's make me some way think done point the ports again, you better get right, so I'm going to keep it nice and close and I'm going to change the angle slightly if I have them too far apart what will happen is we'll have like a dead spot down the middle of the face where it's not going to be late so can I get a little more okay yeah, sure. Okay try to bring these in just a little more I might have to angle okay. All right, maybe there this is ideal. Yeah. Okay. Okay, yeah, you have fun. Okay? We'll bring in nice and close. You have also done it with so here's the shapes have done triangle at the time I've done a box that they look through tick tack toe have done an x n a v no call no nothing in particular that's right? I'm gonna grab my eighty five for this one and they're not flickering, so I'm going to use my aperture priority instead of my white balance probably going to go with auto and there they look pink with some yellow with cem the other thing I'm going to defend myself since I'm shooting normally I wouldn't be shooting with those so it's also going to messed up because I've got some daylight and so we're gonna we're goingto see color and then maybe embrace some black and white okay let's see? So I'm going to shoot super wide open because I want her eyes to be the focus because that's the interesting part good right hand I think test oh he had that color so I'm gonna switch looking away gets that bad you know if you can tell right like what color is that it's beautiful huh cannot live okay so I got distracted talking you guys in a way past the button for this okay aereo literally well around here we go okay so I'm changing to monochrome which is black and white my camera guess what it's machine ross it's still there but I'm looking at two killers like I really needed to not be so okay I'm going to shoot as wide open as I think that I can which for me I can get away with two point two and still know I got have my eye sharp I know that and so I just want her eyes sharp so what I wanna do is can you lean your okay scoot your bottom back a little bit and then she's going to leave her chest for me with chin out and down and what that means is her eyes will be that much closer to me than the rest of her body that just the eyes will be sharp and everything else will melt away so it gives me a little more intensity guys okay so you anger them to the front just a little bit she moved a little bit right there okay can it will you look at me get excellent and I probably crop in a bit but you guys will get the cool idea the catch lights looked pretty cool and I can if I have many of these they can put them in other configuration so this was a high school senior leg all of them loved it for guys I underexposed and increased the clarity so would get really gritty you see a lot of texture and they you know have a make some kind of manly looking face and then for women I tend to overexpose and it was more like ring light and it gave you really smooth even flat lighting so it works either way and I would crop in on this one because I don't find any interest in the top of her head or below the clavicles plywood crop just below the tattoo and then just above the eyes somewhere cut in that room all right great questions on that's we had kino flows do it yourself with led tubes meant to replace fluorescence you can buy kino flows used you could rent or buy ice lights or these air the twelve dollars fluorescents and then just tape him whatever configuration you want I did just have a comment as we belong from joyce who says lindsay thank you so much for all of these amazing creative ideas I can't wait to try them and I also think john is such a cool dude so thank you for the the light flighting ideas as well he's. Pretty much the coolest.

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Have you ever felt dull, uncreative, or just out of ideas? Invigorate your creative spark with Lindsay Adler in Cost-Effective Creative Shoots!

In this Masterclass, Lindsay will show you a range of creative techniques that’ll bring new energy to your work. You’ll learn about:

  • Discovering your creative process
  • Finding inspiration in personal projects
  • Adding interest with creative light modifiers

Lindsay will share creative concepts you can replicate for less than $20. She’ll also share techniques you can use to push yourself to try something new.

Don’t resign yourself to dull shoots, join Lindsay Adler for Cost-Effective Creative Shoots with Lindsay Adler and get inspired!  

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Crystal Nance

You know what I love about Lindsay? When she is teachingu, you feel like you're having a conversation with a friend. She is inspiring and tells it like it is. I love the fact that she shows you ways to think outside of the box to create amazing images and that you don't necessarily need to have the top of the line equipment to do it. I've learned a lot from Lindsay's courses but I walked away from this course with some great ideas and she opened my eyes to find inspiration in the most unexpected places.

EJ Wallet

I love this class! It is inspirational and fun. Lindsay is to the point, in a friendly, high energy, joyful way, which makes the class even more enjoyable.


Brilliant as always!!! Feeling so inspired and ready to move my work to next level. Thank you for this amazing opportunity to step up!!!!