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Create a Hiring Plan & Grow your Standout Business

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Who will be Your NEXT Hire?

Tara McMullin

Create a Hiring Plan & Grow your Standout Business

Tara McMullin

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Lesson Info

33. Who will be Your NEXT Hire?

Lesson Info

Who will be Your NEXT Hire?

After you bring on that new team member, we named them all, right, a couple of sessions ago. Who's the next team member after that? Because to me, a really important part of growing your business, thinking toward the future, planning toward the future, not just knowing who you're hiring for now, what you're hiring for now, but what your next hire, and your next hire, and your next hire are going to be. It's not that those things can't change, because they will, you know, things will happen. Maybe you need to replace a different employee before you can hire for a new role, but if you don't know what your next hires are gonna be, you're not developing your business in the direction that you need to to get more help, you're not managing your budget the way you want to be so that you can continue to bring on that help, and so we want to keep our eye on the ball moving forward so that it's not just about getting that role filled now, but so that we can start thinking ahead of the line as we...

ll. Anybody know who their second hire is gonna be? Maya? So I need a sexier name for it, but right now, I would want to hire a collaboration hunter. A collaboration hunter. And by that I mean feeling a little isolated in my thought leadership and yet not completely knowing who's out there who is like minded, so having some support to help me do that would be really great. So kind of similar to an instigator role. Yeah. To initiate that outreach for me so that through their networks, their businesses, their teams, that can start to amplify my work, potentially in interesting ways and so the collaboration can start to happen, I don't know, I'm open to that possibility. I want to see what's out there for me. I love it. Sharon? Bookkeeper. Bookkeeper. (laughter) Great. Great. Carol? So here's a question that's coming up for me as well. So I know that my next, next hire will be administrative. Jen is going to take on the role of community manager, that's what she's been doing but she's been handling some of the administrative work as well. So if i know now what some of those tasks are but I don't have the budget to get that person, is that something where you split those responsibilities into a job description for the person right now? Is that making sense as far as like-? I think so. Am I taking on the admin, is ... because Jen's with me right now, is she taking on the admin? Who is doing that role of a future position? I would say if she's been doing it, keep doing it. Leave that in the job description for now, and know that in the future, as soon as you can, you're gonna break that job description, you're gonna break those responsibilities off into a new job description. It's pretty similar to how we developed Shannon, as well. So she came in knowing we had this really long training process ahead of us. She was gonna do a lot of hands on work at first, but I knew from having worked with her previously that she has a lot of strengths both in strategy and in operations, and that while the part-time position I had at the time was for hands-on community management, really what our member experience specialists do, and we're gonna get to that in a second, what I was going to need in the near future was someone to take on a bigger, really to look at product development for Co Commercial and what the operations of that looks like and all of that good stuff. And I knew she could grow into that position and then at that point we could hire a new part-time person who could take on the things that she had been doing as a part-time person. (Carol) Okay. Does that make sense? Yeah so it's sort of developing all of those things now, but being clear about what things make it Exactly. Stripped away in the future. Exactly, which is why you need to think about your next hire and your next hire and your next hire, because then, if that's the way you're doing it, your next hire is gonna be pretty easy. You just need to interview, and then you're gonna have the systems built, you're gonna have the documentation built, you're gonna be ready to go, which is pretty exciting. (Carol) It is. Yeah. Who else knows what their next, next hire is gonna be? Anybody? Lashanta? Okay, this is interesting. I talked about this over the past two days. I know that I'm a full-time visionary in my business, and like a part-time integrator into other sections, Okay. So giving myself a demotion in the sense that I know that I still need to be a full-time visionary but I need to be a visionary for hire elsewhere so I can hire the two part-time integrators for my business. Yeah. So going back to that question of where does the money come from, self-funding, whether that's going and getting a part-time job, or whether that's taking on some work that you wouldn't otherwise do, I'm doing business coaching now for the first time in years because I want to self-fund the growth of our team so that we can create an exceptional experience for members so that we can grow more quickly down the line. And so, yeah, I'm in the same position as you. (laughter) I love it. Company. Yeah, exactly. Elliot? I was thinking someone who, much like you were describing about I think it was Gusto or some such service that not only is sort of bookkeeping but giving me an understanding of what's working and what's not in those areas. I love that. That's what I want. And if I could somehow integrate a person who could do something like that and also be sort of an operations person as well, because then they could be sort of the money side and the operational side, I think that would be a neat, a neat job. Yeah, absolutely. Melissa. So I have a friend who has mad skills in ops, and in value delivery and so, and I've been thinking like, how do I build capacity how do I build capacity? And one of the things that I wanna do is collaborate and somehow bring in other people to deliver value, right? So I'm thinking about this friend who I've talked to about "What do you like to do, what would your ideal job be?" And I don't know if it will be her, or somebody like her, but that would be possibly my next, next hire, to bring in somebody who would be possibly like another branch of my company in a slightly different area of the bay area. Nice, nice. Ops and value delivery. (laughs) Fantastic. Alright. So you guys have a really good idea about who this first or next hire is going to be. Some of you have a pretty damn good idea of who your next, next hire is going to be. What have you discovered over the course of these eight sessions that you need to do right now to get your business ready for those folks? Whether it's next week, next month, next year, a couple years from now, what's on your plate in terms of things that need to change in your business to make it ready for those future hires? Separate out my personal expenses. Excellent. But specifically so that I can really figure out exactly where my money is going and how I can pay for help even if it's just ten hours a month. Perfect, I love it. What else? What are you guys doing? Work on projections for the next year so I can budget for the hires that I wanna make. That's what I like to hear. Megan? So I wrote down writing job descriptions for everyone, and kind of that org chart, I loved your circles, so I definitely want to do that. And then my biggest takeaway from this entire process is I am not my business, and it's not my money. Like I think that mindset shift is gonna make everything start to fall into place. Excellent, I love it, I love it. What else do you need to do to get ready? So I got started on the mission envision piece through the goal setting class, so I'm gonna flesh that out even more, kind of stress test it against the core offer that I've come up with, and through that, bring in enough revenue over the next six to twelve months to then make my first hire, so, I'm excited. I love it.

Class Description

Are you too damn busy? Your business can’t run—let alone grow—without all the hard work you put into it on a daily basis.

What’s worse, you don’t have the time to hire anyone, you’re not making the money you need to hire anyone, and you don’t see how anyone else could do the work you do.

If you keep at it this way it’s just a matter of time before you burn out. You will end up closing up shop, not because the business wasn’t working but simply because it wore you down. You had something and couldn’t make it last because you just couldn’t do it all.

There is also the problem that if you hire the wrong people you will be wasting time and money on a series of hires that don’t alleviate your stress.

Set up your business to be the best place to work—even for yourself.

Finally, retire from being “too busy” and once and for all streamline your operations and systematize your workflow.

By the end of this class, you will be able to:

  • Describe your company culture and why it makes for a great place to work
  • Streamline your business operations, focusing only on what really counts
  • Systematize your workflow so that you never have to reinvent the wheel
  • Create a plan for fulfilling the roles every business needs to succeed
  • Identify who you want to hire and when
  • Craft a job description that brings in the right folks

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LaShanta Green

If you are hesitating about whether or not your should purchase this class, DON'T. Truth is ,as a business owner you are already hiring on a consistent basis when you make the choice to charge yourself with doing all of the work. I'm sure you didn't leave a normal "job" just to to do several jobs. Don't be the boss you left, be the boss you wish you had. The boss who empowered and encouraged you to work in your zone of genius, be the bearer of opportunities, and the overcomer of obstacles. Tara's course teaches you how to be resourceful by working and hiring with intention. From what I have learned from this course, it's never too early to set yourself up for success. Even if you are not in the position to give up all your hats yet, you'll leave this course knowing how to where them more efficiently and effectively. You are more boss thank you think! The most boss thing you can do for you as an owner and creator of opportunities is click the buy button.

Lyn Parker

I am only on lesson 6 and already have my money's worth. I feel relieved, confidence and prepaid in running my business; even if I never hire. (But I will)

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Tara is my go to business leader. What she create with her community CoCommerical is a must join for anyone wanting to build a business regardless of the size. You not only will learn more from her wisdom but other highly accomplished buisness owners and entrepreneurs