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Analyze Your Campaign Results

Lesson 34 from: Create a Marketing Plan & Grow Your Standout Business

Tara McMullin

Analyze Your Campaign Results

Lesson 34 from: Create a Marketing Plan & Grow Your Standout Business

Tara McMullin

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Lesson Info

34. Analyze Your Campaign Results

Lesson Info

Analyze Your Campaign Results

Once you've had those goals set, just like I said to Nicole, now you've got a baseline. You've got a thing that you can judge your actions against. What are you gonna repeat? What are you going to change? What are you gonna add in? What are you gonna take away? And so to analyze your campaign and judge all of those things, you wanna look at where you hit your numbers and where you didn't. The more you do this kind of analysis, the more you'll be able to project with certainty or confidence as you do your planning. If you remember all the way back to lesson one, I said, one of those reasons people don't plan is because they don't feel confident in their ability to project results. One of the reasons they don't feel confident in their ability to project results is that they don't plan and they don't set goals. So get started on this now. Don't wait until you have more data. You don't have data until you start setting goals, okay? Set goals, get that baseline information, and then start l...

ooking at each number individually to see what worked and what didn't. Now, let me show you how to do that. So, let's break it down number by number. Did you hit your impression goal? So that's the number of people who are seeing all of that early campaign content. If you didn't hit your impression goal, your content might have missed the mark on what prospects think their problem really is. In other words, you didn't hit the itch that they're always trying to scratch, you didn't hit the problem they think they have, you didn't answer the questions they have, in other words you just didn't get their attention. The headlines didn't work, the concepts didn't work, the topics didn't work. If you didn't hit your impression, you might not have posted enough content. One clear way, one very easy way to get more impressions, to get more eyeballs on that early campaign content, is just to make more of it. Post it in more places, spread the love. That's gonna help you get more impressions. If you didn't hit your impression goal, you might not have asked enough people to share. Back when I was doing one-on-one business coaching, one of my go-to exercises was just a very simple thing, and it was simply make a list of 20 people, 30 people, 40 people who can share whatever it is that you're working on for you. And then go ask them to share. This is a really important part of the early stage of any campaign. And the best part of this is that it's not a very big favor to ask. It's a much bigger favor to ask someone to share your product, and it's much less effective because their followers, their network doesn't know who you are. They don't know what your brand is. They couldn't care less about your product. But if you ask those influencers in your network, just the friends, the colleagues that you have to share this early content, that's easy. If Lisa emails me and says, hey Terry, can you share this blog post, I'm really proud of it, I really think it would be helpful for people on your list, guess what I do? I share it. I don't even think twice. I'm gonna take a look at it and make sure, you know, I have some quality control, but mostly, I'll copy and paste whatever she tells me to put on Facebook and I'm gonna put it on Facebook. Seriously. This is what we all do. This is what we do. If you're not doing it, you're missing a golden opportunity. And if you didn't hit your impression goal, you may not have used enough channels. So going back to that original 12 month plan, going back to originally inventorying all of our marketing assets, maybe there is a channel that you did not use. Maybe you forgot that Medium account you have. Or you forgot that you could also post campaign content to Instagram. Or you forgot that your friend writes for the Huffington Post and would be really glad to reproduce one of your articles there. These are all the channels you have access to. Make sure you're using all of them so that you can improve your impression count and hit your goal. Now, if you didn't hit your lead goal, there are some other things that might've gone haywire. Maybe your call to action was weak. Maybe the way you were talking about your webinar, your free consultations, it just didn't, it wasn't very strong. And maybe that was a design error, maybe you could have changed the color of the button, maybe you could have had a button instead of a link. Or maybe it was a communication error, the message itself wasn't strong. You didn't literally say click here. Maybe you made a suggestion, if you want, maybe, if it's okay with you, sign up for my webinar. I've seen it all. (laughing) If you didn't hit your lead goal, your messaging for expressing interest might have been wrong. In other words, the thing you ask people to express interest in, the particular problem or solution, it didn't hit the mark. Why didn't it hit the mark? You probably didn't do enough education in the early stage of the campaign. People didn't recognize the problem they had, people didn't recognize the solution you wanted to offer them. And finally, if you didn't hit your lead goal, you may not have had enough impressions of your content. You may had still hit that goal but maybe the goal was wrong, and so now you know in the future you need to up the number of impressions so you can up the number of leads. Next, did you hit your prospects goal? If not, your pitch messaging might have been off. In other words, people might not have even clicked to the sales page, or waited around to hear the pitch in your webinar because the message around the pitch was off. It didn't feel urgent, people weren't motivated, they didn't feel their problem was bad enough to actually take action. If you didn't hit your prospects goal, your leads didn't see the - If you didn't hit your prospects goal, your leads didn't see the tie between what they're interested in and what you're offering. So again, you didn't educate people, you didn't move them clearly enough from problem to solution to product. You can revisit that, you can make that tie in more clear, the way Michelle is going to when we're done here. (laughing) Maybe your pitch was just weak, maybe it was hidden. There are so many people who just politely insert the pitch toward the end of their campaign, but no one knows there was a product behind this thing, that they could get more help, that they could get more support, that they could actually hire you. So make sure that wasn't the case. And maybe you just didn't have enough leads and again you need to change your lead goal, so you can get more prospects. And if you didn't hit your sales goal, you might not have followed up enough, right? Right? Am I right? Yeah. (laughing) You might not have overcome key objections. We talked about that early on as being one of the number one reasons that marketing campaigns fail. If you didn't overcome those objections, look for all of the opportunities throughout the campaign that you have to overcome those objections. Your sales messaging might have been off or weak. Maybe you used the name of your product as a headline. I don't know. (audience laughing) Maybe the call to action was buried. The actual buy now button could have just been really buried. People didn't know what action you wanted them to take off of that sales page. Maybe you just didn't ask for the sale. I see that over and over again. And maybe you didn't have enough prospects. Maybe just not enough people saw your sales page, saw your product page, got on the phone with you. For each number, for each stage of this campaign, you can adjust your action to fix these problems. When you have the goals and you know what you're working toward, then you can analyze whether it worked or not on the back end. After every single campaign, every single campaign, you wanna use these kinds of questions to post-mortem. What does post-mortem mean? It simply asks, why is the patient dead? (laughing) In this case, it is your sales campaign. And that doesn't mean, it's still a post-mortem even if things went really well. Maybe that's like a post-cure. I don't know. (audience laughing) But whether it went well or it went bad, please, please, please take a small amount of time at the end of every campaign to look back over your goals, look back over your metrics, ask these kind of questions so that you can change your behavior, change your action plan for the next time. If you don't do that, you are cursed to repeat the same experiences over and over again. I have given you a replicable system but it's only worth repeating if you do the work of analyzing which parts of it you need to adjust for you. And then, after you've done this post-mortem, after you've asked these questions, after you've really taken a look at your metrics, you wanna make a list of improvements for each time. That list of improvements might be 20 items long sometimes. It might be three. What I would suggest is you don't try and do all of them every single time. Bite off the first three, the first one, and the next time you run your campaign, try that one thing differently. Adjust those three things that you think are going to be most effective. Try and prioritize what you think really matters. Because when you stay focused on that kind of action that improves effectiveness, improves efficiency, you're gonna be able to satisfy that hunger for more sales.

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Tara, the information you delivered in this class is invaluable. I am in the launching stage of my business, and I know I need to market my business and services and I know I need to write a plan, but I didn't know how to do it. Instagram, content upgrades, Facebook, email marketing, webinars, blogging, etc. etc., I know it all. But I just couldn't get my head around how to truly use marketing campaigns for my business, and especially for my services, to reach my ideal client, help my ideal client and to reach my ideal income. You explained the why behind marketing campaigns and you showed us how to create a marketing campaign from A to Z. The whole sha-bang! You gave me the knowledge and inspiration in how to market my services, how many people I ideally want to reach and above all, a framework I can use time and time again to create a marketing campaign. I purchased the class right after seeing the live broadcast so I can use this class for planning all my next marketing campaigns. You clarified a lot and I am much more confident (and so much more less stressed haha) in creating a marketing campaign plan that works for my business and services. I learned a lot! Thank you! P.S. Love the hot seats.

Susan Best Jones

Tara, I love your creative live events I always learn so much and this time was the same. Perfect timing on this info, it is exactly what I need right now and I feel confident that I can do it! I joined CoCommercial and am excited about that. Thank you, Tara.


This class is well worth the time! Tara does an excellent job of not only providing a step by step system for creating a marketing campaign, but she provides clear context and insights along the way. This is important so that you're not just going through the motions and crossing your fingers that your marketing will work. She helps you understand the strategy behind the scenes so you can get the most out of the work you put in. I highly recommend this course to anyone considering doing their own marketing, or people who are already doing their own marketing and want to feel more empowered and get better results.

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