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Bonus Video: Robin's Traveling Gear

Hi, everybody. My name is robin layton, and I'm here today to talk about the gear that I took on my cross country trip across america for my upcoming book hoop the american dream. I had this crazy idea to travel costs america and photograph unique basketball hoops and childhood hoops of some of the most revered players of our time. So I went to childhood homes of shaquille o'neal, lebron james, jerry west and they all gave me quote in stories to go along with pictures that I took some head hoops this so existed. Some did it, and everybody always asked me, what gear do you take whenever you go on assignment? And I wanted to share with you today what I took across america with me to photograph this book. I have been a nikon user since the day I started photographing and that was in I was fifteen years old a long time ago, and I right now she with a d for a nikon d for and a seventy two, two hundred is one of my favorite lenses. I was so excited when nikon came out with the d three ah cou...

ple years ago because that gave me capability of shooting video, and since then I've been making films for the oprah winfrey network. And I have been just having a ball. And now the defour's out with ten eighty video, which is amazing, and I love my I d for it is amazing camera great in low light, and I shed a lot of film with that as well. The other camera that I used to date is the eight hundred to eight hundred, and I love this camera because his thirty six megapixels, the other lens that I use is twenty four to seventy, and that is also these probably or by two lenses that I used the most when I want to shoot my fine art. I used eight hundred the most because it it's, you know, bigger, bigger megs and its largest, quite nicely. So I love using this camera for that the other camera, I mean, the other linds I used is a fourteen to twenty four of wide angle, and I use this a lot. My photojournalism work as well. When I'm shooting video, I used this loop because I just attach it to the back and I can see what I'm shooting and it magnifies and it's a must have for video shooters. This camera bag I found a toe local camera star glaciers, and I love it because I can keep all my lenses in, and as you can see, you can c write what's in there I don't have to dig around and it's lightweight um inside of this bag I have a one o five I must must have macro lens micro lin's. My other favorite lands for portraiture is an eighty five one four I this is definitely one of my most favorite lenses of all. Also in my bag is a two x tell a converter I use this a lot in my nature photography and I have my card holder so that's pretty much it besides tripod and I have a roly bag that I used when I get on airplanes but I travel, I like to travel a little light. You know, in the old days we'd have cameras that were fixed. Lens is, you know, the one eighties and the twenty four and since the zooms came out many years ago, it made my life a lot easier. So again, all nikon dike on all the way been a huge and icon fans ever since the day I started and I would love to share this book with you it comes out september twenty fourth. It could be ordered on amazon dot com barnes and noble's dot com ah, costco is going to be carrying it and a lot of independent bookstores elliott bay in seattle, university bookstore, university washington but definitely check it out it's ah it's. A beautiful coffee table book. I'm very proud of it. And a lot of local pictures in santa wear. And here is, well, so thank you very much.

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