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Making the Additional Attendant Bouquet

We're going to have one of our lovely students up here today would you like to join us sure come on up they all have to help I guess I should say join me up here so I kind of want you to just do start making of okay and then if you have questions or I'll give you some guidance on what I think um would look good maybe you can just do exactly what I started doing he's with their case was in the mirror okay maybe we can kind of talk it through it think about what we're gonna do what you want your first your center to be what do you want your central flower to be kind of a focal yeah so thinking sort of like you did before maybe one of the puppies at the end or so then keep your poppy um save it till the end or at least halfway through what what I was what I what I start with usually is something green but and something that you want to show in the middle of your centerpiece of your bouquet somethingto highlight okay that's right and then you wanted to big no that's fine then if you want t...

eo yeah surrounded with something green level so you're holding so this is gonna be the front or exactly okay the front center we're duplicating the attendant yeah okay not the bridal bouquet no, we're making another attendant bouquet. Um to complement the one we just made in the last segment I like that the way you use that part of letting it sitting out yeah um so these spray roses there's kind of a lot so I want you want you know I would cut these one okay do you ever if you cut them um and then have short stems do you save this for like the boot near or something you could do that or you can see if you have some space in the end for the front so the range of the bouquet so I would say to keep away from too many whites next to each other maybe you can take some sweet piece okay or someone oculus and um some grass this is for those of you who just joined us explosion grass um meant some poppies some sweet piece something more down here, huh? You would do the mint in the front for me when I'm working with the minute I strip a little more of it off the men yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah you'll have to take a little bit more leaves off yeah, I would say don't waste it on the front okay use this as a way to guide your bouquet if you wanted to be a symmetric okay, not it's still kind of pretty in sit out, you know, a little bit stand out and your bouquet kind of dim it creates some heights exactly and then you could build from that okay so uh are you planning to use the mirror to just to get the effect on of what it's like to kind of know what you want from it doesn't respect you yeah let's see kind of far like kind of too asymmetrical no that's fine okay actually in a good spot okay poppy is is it awkward? Um kind of using the mirror when you're not used to it a little bit of it yeah you'll get used e like there's too much white well, we can take um moving into one of these off okay, look this one is kind of wilton let's take it off and take this one off at some explosion in the front in the maybe in between ok like that between now and then take some sweet piece and put those in right next to where you put your explosion grass right in there so I used the bend of this to help this right here on this side this is kind of a cool way wherein maybe use it right here okay, okay and then just keep on adding maybe and run off right that this is a really pretty beautiful pink one and that's exactly little teddy holding on the phone or us because right it's so maybe highlighted that's really? Yeah that's a good place for it okay, maybe some at some texture yeah for sure with the explosion grass should you stripped all the leaves I felt kind of uncertain when I was working out leave the leader like the leaves because they add a kind of a wild element but if they're on their way out then you should separate them and also the one thing was explosion grass is that if you take the leaves off and if you're not careful the whole thing will come apart because the leaf is such a an integral part of the the whole thing right if I take this off I have nothing left you've got to be careful so that's what? I always cut it like this but the grass is nice if it doesn't look uh well did come over in front of the mirror here so keep that okay so now you want to keep it a little bit higher up so we can see it from in the mirror so you can see a little bit maurine the mirror there you go like this now you can see it better in their correct you could see your roses even from the front even though you've put you place it in the back of your okay so it's not so low exactly when it so it doesn't show itself it gets back to the question that you girls had about how to keep it wild and loose it's just not packing it and so much ok letting it kind of flow going your way okay, I think I end upholding it really tight and my hand teams you khun told the tide in your hand but it's how you place it that will later on allow you to live a little bit looser. Okay, maybe you should put that one right here doesn't want to go over the o okay and then all that's pretty that's pretty lower yeah, a little bit lower so it doesn't not too limp okay and then I see a really pretty white poppy their son here yeah, I like that one that wants something we could use often the yellow yeah like maybe either next to this one to make a statement or on this other side or behind, which is like higher up maybe here exactly yes like that on don't push it down any further. Yes, we could put a little bit more explosion grass or actually maybe a little bit more sweet peas right here. Two separate thes from each other separate which one's the two poppies are kind of stand out on their own there you are, it's a pretty good and then we need some more volume on this side. I think we could make that with sweet peas maybe, um we think a bunch of sweet peas explosion explosion let it kind of exactly yeah pull the grass down a little bit further to make a little bit tighter this one yeah there you go pull this weepy out and then so we have this pretty one here which we could use and I wouldn't put it right over here okay and then we could use maybe some yellow poppies for some more color that's a good one right there that with a nice live band yeah yeah like that yeah yeah and then maybe on this side for some color and it doesn't always be facing the front it could have okay the silence um I'm just gonna cut this and just kind of keep filling and then with what you feel like you kind of it is um hard toe look at it in the air yeah versus seeing like where might like you need some color over here yeah for sure hang like that and I would like the back yeah so let's maybe we could put some white roses in the back okay you want one stuck you could live son maybe yeah I like this one better because it's um has more volume ok for the back of that loose look yes and then um I'm looking to see if anybody else here has some binoculars there are flowers everywhere way have more teo and actually that brings up the question is how far in advance do you can you get your flowers well you can get him faras weak I guess in advance but I wouldn't I like to get him about a couple of days before an event just so I can make sure that there are nicely there were blooming in the right way because florence wouldn't be as pretty if they weren't fully bloomed either when you wanted to be in their best yeah that's pretty whether um look perfect maybe with the bars and still be from these girls okay and then we could put some still being here we have pink ones left because it was in the bridal bouquet pretty yeah maybe over here I feel like there's a hole there yep you don't have to always take it from up top on this up from the side okay and then um a little yeah delivering them I know that you said you transport them with your special contraption but when it's time to drop them off at the venue yeah um how how would the bridesmaid store them between your arrival and when it's time for them you know I usually just put him where I think would they you know they would be safe I instruct them I say you know make sure it's not in a hot place or don't take it out of the vases until they absolutely need to just so he could last all day really through the ceremony and all that a friend of hers were dropped off in a styrofoam coolers which seemed like a wise idea but it also was not a very attractive appreciation so I was just wondering if you had so you just leave them in the face is a little size and the shade in a and they're just gonna have to be out and about that if the wedding isn't is outdoors what can you d'oh on dh they take their pictures early on anyway so by the end of the night that okay won't be looking all it's best I guess you've been through a lot so when you're actually on site for an event and prepping for it yeah how high pace is the process because I work in retail and it tends to be you know we have walk ins often and and you have to do things really fast I mean this you know working from home I imagine it being extremely I need to enjoy the process it seems like a little bit more but do you find yourself grambling or trying to rush yeah absolutely it's normal yeah I do I I tried to give myself enough time to get everything done but there is no such thing as no scrambling last minute because you're you always wind up you know doing something or something happened some arrangement falls over and then I'm screaming at the back of the truck you know so it's all in normal is a normal part of my my life actually um but I mean the more you do it, the better you get at it, right? The more experience you have in doing it so it's natural it's normal okay, so I'm at this point okay? And I was kind of thinking of this highlight you are may be right for sure and maybe some of some of this will be to hate tea with a little bit it's a little yeah spores so and I like the look of this poppy it's not open but I think it's really cool which we could yu is it okay to have two of these together? So you have that one rare um can't you just let me look at it? Okay, so let's put something here yes highlights that poppy don't do it that way it makes your life difficult. Just put it first, okay? A little lovin yeah, yeah and it stands out too. Yeah that's so pretty and then this is the kind of a cool one to use as well, it is kind of funny looking, but it looked pretty in there so maybe you could use it on this side also who's this this is the rose yeah that's another downfall of using it like that with me falling down yeah, place this right over here where it could be right next to the poppy but not covered by it and then it gives you that kind of sort of wilder look um do we have any more man that's fine we can just use some more glad grass more mint on some three piece don't forget about the sweet peace those ruffles on abuses right here right here and then let's get some sweet piece okay then soon we should be done with this bouquet so how long does the average ok take you to make um maybe like fifteen to twenty minutes okay pretty fast it's pretty fast when you have to do eight of them in a row yeah, it better be that fast plus it hurts my hands after a while when you keep holding in very nice it's coming together I like it yeah, I really like how there these two sort of sort of viney viney one finding poppy it's almost symmetrical with the way they're kind of different angles like that and yet wild yes very wild and it's such a different shape from the other ones we just made yeah, you know, it can same flowers and um it can easily be another attempt at hae anything. Yeah, right there is pretty I like it yeah, I'm just kind of added on the side that's a really good tip yes I wasn't doing that before, you know, putting it from up top especially when you're looking at it in the mirror you don't need to yeah doing it up top from top definitely makes life easier yeah, I would move this a little bit further down so it won't be so dangling okay, that looks good to me and I find that I keep sort of you know you know you don't have todo okay that's not how she's going to be wearing it so I couldn't be more operate beautiful yeah so maybe we could wrap up the with the tape you mean it looks so easy I can tell the o to do the one handed floral tape you know hey, my help I think I can get it can be done yeah a bouquet is gonna hold up like do you put them through any do shake it or it's like I just make you don't want to shake it because you don't know if after what's gonna happen to after shaking but no honestly I don't I just make sure that I guess the more you make it ok that more your you know what what's gonna hold up on what's not like I after a while after using two lives I realized I didn't want to live anywhere really on ej around them okay because they could so easily get cut you know what I mean? There's a fragile thing stems or just like book that's that's it it's done so you wanted always protected by something else around it to keep in mind what the flowers will do you know the flowers how they hold up one of the things I was thinking about worse all the wild binoculars and poppies like getting hit are you ever concerned about that getting hit? But you know, like ball there but what happens to them when they get hit by stuff you mean but like people just touching them around rubbing up against a dress? Well, wait with the powder well, they have to be careful. What can I say? I mean, you can't not use these beautiful ones, right? You mean, as far as like the paula, right? Yeah, I mean, I haven't had anybody complained to me about that, really? But I do let him know to be careful if I have something this open and a bouquet um too just not rub it all trying to rub it on their dresses like the pony? Yeah. Oh, I always I always get in there at the scissors like that really? That I do clean. I don't let the lilies, those were really bad and they just leave a terrible sir stain and they're so they're kind of just taken out, they're really out there. These ones aren't as bad, but with lilies I do cut him, yeah and it's so easy, just trimmed and a lot of problems do you like the way it looks? I think so I think it's just a little nice there you go on what's great about what we're learning I mean even though we are duplicating the process here maybe you can remind our audience yeah your methodology I mean so here's the other one we just made here's one okay it's the same flowers and here's another one and if you ask me these to get these looks so much more beautiful next to each other that you know that if I had the exact same one like this made it's almost impossible to do that anyway because the process is kind of a wild process anyway it's not that much of a structure to it and you know once you trim to the bottom it's sort of wood be in the same scale and that's really the goal it's not necessarily the duplicate design it seems but maybe just this scale exactly the same scale what would you call this a little bit more on once you put a ribbon on it it would look that it's almost almost the same size as this other one two and it's the same colors and same um plural material so it's uh I would say it's a it's a perfect match imagine the more you practice the faster you get pushed sure you know how anything else yes and left yeah yeah beautiful thank you

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Memorable weddings are all about the details - from the shy flower girl to the spirited bouquet toss. Flowers are our way of symbolizing the living, budding love of a couple. Join renowned florist Kiana Underwood for a 2-day course dedicated to teaching you how to turn a simple floral design into a work of art.

During this hands-on event, Kiana will cover every aspect of designing and creating gorgeous bridal and attendant bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, and wedding flower centerpieces. You’ll explore what makes a cohesive floral design as Kiana guides you through methods of pairing flowers based on color, style, scent, and even significance. Kiana will cover ways to gain inspiration for new arrangements from the colors, seasons, and locally-available flowers all around you. You’ll also learn about incorporating unexpected elements and home garden-sourced flowers in your designs. The lush, organic arrangements you learn to create in this workshop will be as unique and stylish as the couple they celebrate.



I thoroughly enjoyed this class. Instructions were clear and Kiana's work was beautiful. She gave excellent tips to simplify bouquet assembly. Based on this course, I created the bouquets for my daughter's wedding and they were a huge success.