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Simple Attendant Bouquets Part 2

How are these bouquets coming? Students here looking very good it's easier to hold yeah is there later now, if you guys been sort of learning as you go along I mean, now that we've made a couple of these bouquets are you seeing things that you may not have seen when we first started? Yeah, I, um definitely love the symmetry just the whole unique, um, it's just a whole new style of doing things, you know, I work in a traditional florist way try to do things outside the box, you know, um, but in terms of, like, shape I'm used to doing, you know, the standard traditional round, um, arrangement. So it's really nice to have gracia do that do something different, isn't it? Don't you feel like it's a little bit more relaxing not to have to worry about everything just looking perfect? Yeah, it is, it really is and it feels more of an art form to I mean, not that it isn't it's very technical what happens to do and not that this isn't but, like kind of rigid this's more freeing why we call it fr...

ee flowing e yeah, I mean, this is meant to be fun and artistic and inspirational for sure you should never feel like you're burdened by it, no it's gotta be freedom when you talked earlier for a moment about ikebana yeah is that something that you practiced you want teo I wanna keep on of course is a japanese style of floral arrangement it's it's beautiful but it's very sparse versus this lush and lots of variety of flowers you would find maybe one penny on the side and some stems and the other side and that would be it usually it's just I mean I'm not an expert in it so I couldn't explain too much about it but from what I've seen being done it's just it's kind of a statement piece but with only two or three uh floral varieties so it's beautiful in its essence I don't know what tremendous about about it either but it does actually capture the essence of what you're doing which is to bring the feeling of nature yes and the flow of it so this is all the more lush version that actually absolutely so I'm just loving these poppies and I find that poppies there such happy flowers and so I'm just kind of in some ways I feel like this is the star of my poppy is going to be the star off my bouquet and is there a focal flower or you just said that's the start of the bouquet and you're putting on one and then yeah I mean there's just not really a focal uh there's not one focal flour in here but I'm just making poppies teo popular standing out in this bouquet this one in particular I'm gonna and it's usually just the way it bends it's kind of a crooked way of ah the stem that I use it in my advantage I'm going to use a little bit of these buds because I like the way they are and they add texture inside my bouquet and eventually they'll open now our students finding their focal flowers easily they're featured flat flower flowers excuse me well I mean I'm kind of curious now you purposely not have a little flower here because it is for the attendant that something that you want this on the bride it's just something I mean this is just going to be a beautiful bouquet of um a balanced beautiful okay, I guess and when you have when you want to have balance you don't need to have a focus on just one thing and I'm almost done with mine how are you ladies doing and so much easier to hold? Isn't it quite light and thin? It helps that we have the poppies and puppies in that sense help because there are while they're bigger flowers they have a very thin stem the beauty of sweet pieces that wherever you feel that you have a little empty space you can stick one in there and it won't look funny because they were kind of wacky on their own they're not very straight there like funny looking okay, I like to cut as I go along just so I have ah control over my bouquet I'm gonna look at this and see if there's anything I want to add to it I think it looks quite perfect it's beautiful on a little understated I want this here yes, I think that this looks really pretty over here use that that would you ever with your hands just kind of break the stem or do you just always want to use those shears? I have been known to do that when I haven't had my shares um but if I have them near me I'll do it it's hard to break the stems because there they don't just break right away um they linger around and you just got a struggle with it, so I'd rather not. But I have done that in the past when I haven't had my shares nearby I'm going to use this last pron oculus bud to accentuate a little bit of my asymmetry put a little bit of grass to support the bottom of my bouquet no gorgeous q I personally would not have thought to put the grass on the bottom yeah, I think that it's fun to do unexpected things that's what makes it unique and your own makes it your own that's beautiful I love it so it looks like it should be held by a young girl in the middle of a meadow so pretty you ladies are awesome. Any questions about this processor does it hasn't been getting easier now that you're in your second bouquet now or maybe for many of you it is not your second bouquet but just for today you know with mine what I really had to work through with not having the roses dominate yeah, I want it I believe you know the garden roses and so there's multiple flowers stem and I didn't want to lose that but it got really heavy and so I had teo rethink things and move them around. You did a good job of that so that the poppies still get just desert them attention. Yeah, sure. Any other reflections and in question you have any questions? Yeah, we had some questions come up you mentioned about how you want to present these to the bride to the bride's maid. How are you transporting them when you get them there? Because you're now it's it's easy when you have them here but they have to go even just going from like a ban to the actual brides maids how you transport I have a tray, okay, um I have a very wonderful man who makes these trays I think somewhere in the south they're very unique there they're like, trace about this big on dh then you could put andi have pipes that you could stick through and they have hold the trays have holes, and then there are pipes that you could put on the, um, on the trays and then secure each vase. I don't make any sense, but I wish I had my tray here with those pipes, so I put my flowers inside the vase, my bouquets on top of those, um, trays secured with those pipes around them, and then I'll take them to the bride. It could be two trays, it could be three trays, or it could be only one depending on the bridal party, so and I'll take it up and take them out one by one, something I've wondered about it. I think about sort of turning this into a small business for myself is transporting do you feel like airconditioning on a standard like hatchback car is ok? Do you really need to rent a refrigerated van each time? I have not rented refrigerated trucks in california? Um, because I haven't needed to, I do have I do have a van that I that I transport my flowers and there I I turn on the a c before I put the flowers in it, um, but I haven't needed to do that, so it's just again we're so lucky to be in california if you were living in texas or somewhere in the south or the east coast I would definitely recommend getting a refrigerated truck for your transportation d'oh question from eva poppy she says poppies tend to move in the direction of their light source are there other flowers that do this and how did they factor in where you place them in the arrangement will when they're opened like this they're not going to move anymore because I've already been opened so I know that this will look just like this um at the end of the day by the time that waiting is over and that's really all that matters um other flowers that do that are tulips two lives definitely like for example, if you're using a tulip to create to make some flowing arrangement that's like coming down this way using the tulip um well, if it's in the water or somewhere in the sun it will go right right back up and it just will ruin your whole game basically so you have to be mindful of that, but once the poppies are open like this don't have to worry about them moving anywhere that's very helpful now would it be possible to do another quick recap of what flowers are used here? Yeah, just people so here we're using garden roses run on kill us sweet piece this is a still be meant and that's unexplored in grass that's it and you brought over to flowers from the bride's bouquet yes, I got two flowers from what I had used from the bride's bouquet just two kind of complement what those look like and I think that we did a pretty good job complimenting our maid are extravagant bouquets with this and maybe I'll go ahead and use my tape to stuff wrap it up thinking that there's a little bit of these grassy things that I could possibly use down here know too I was going to use somewhat more the grassy but I like this the way it looks so again when I have a thicker bouquet I like to use twine to first um secure it and wrap it but when it's this thin it doesn't really need to be that secure because it's easily manageable in my hand so I'll just use a little bit of floral tape to wrap it up and you're just wrapping that up round yes sign just a couple of times I don't want it to be too thick as I mentioned in the last segment um I like my ribbons little more understated so if I don't have to use them I want at all but just a little to give it a little bit more of a feminine touch how's the wrapping coming for you guys looks good, perfect looks lovely yeah so pretty so pretty and so wild yeah, I like it so can you guess the bridal bouquet around to seventy five what would the rydell yeah yeah right I mean this over here I would say seventy five to eighty and then I'm going to cut it a little bit more just because I don't like it so long and beka do you find it difficult to have it that at that length still or you just yeah definitely going to give it a little chop shop yeah, well it's too long it's important that we have all these buckets here are ready for all of the big tree yes, always good to have that ready when you start so you could make less of a mess either that or your entire space will be taken over with stems and leaves and what not? I'm sure you have a lot of great composting material I do I've got to really big bags that get filled almost every day for compost and all garden material. So here is my bouquet very gorgeous. Thank you. And then we have some really simple but lovely ribbon that we got and we can just wrap it a little bit with this it's got two sides um one is little bit darker the other side is a little bit lighter I'm going to use the lighter side I think it's prettier with my color and this is different from the bride's bouquet again because they had that big till the cream ribbon and with a much more stated yeah other ribbon yes well the other the other ribbon was velvet and thicker for the bride's bouquet and this one is just a little bit it's smaller but delicate and it's I believe it's silk I think I'm going to make sure that it's kind of even before I start wrapping it so going to wrap it a couple of times on the other side around with this and then I'll come back and give it a bow this way we won't even need to use the pain's like we did for the bride's bouquet wrap it around and since you'll be making more than one these because again there's one bride but there's more than one attendant usually uh huh do you try to keep it similar between the attendance or I mean we'll use the same flowers so that will help it look similar, but I'm definitely not going tio try to make it look identical I don't find that to be beautiful necessarily, so if it looks the same that's fine if it doesn't that's fine too um it's all going to be unique works of art now I have a question on the process here if you know that they're going to be safe for brides maids do you try to sort of create those all simultaneously like an assembly line or do you always focus on doing it one at a time I don't want time I might do that with centerpieces um but not with bouquets each each bouquet gets their own special love and time and that flows usually with you know even even these days when you have many attendants many brides often let the attendants wear different style of drug yes even though it's a cz the same color the same color palette indeed yes which kind of goes with the theme of your bride to yeah they're they're not very matchy matchy are exactly the matchy matchy doesn't work with my style and in fact I had a bride who wanted different colors of bouquet for each bridesmaid so um and that was actually a lot of fun you know like all yellow all paint off bright orange and it just kind of it was almost like an hombre um down the line be kind of fun to do that I would feel like it would be so much fun to do and hombre for bridesmaid who will be standing in line next to each other all right are you finished rachel let's see your beautiful creation wow and the and the ribbon really sets it off teo yeah that's a nice choice yeah hold it up for the camera here. Yeah beautiful now did you find this easier kind of doing the smaller boo cakes I know we were talking a little bit in the last segment about when do you know if it's too much when is it going to become too big so was it easier for you rachel to kind of do the smaller version because we used the floral tape instead of the burlap I actually I was trying to stop myself and so I started taping it up and then I was like whoa but I need a couple more you know and so then I had to tape it again that's the beauty with tape you can keep adding and then with tape around it you can add one here one there and you could just keep taping it yeah that's what I did and charlotte michelle look like they're ready to show off their beautiful creation really pretty on what any anything that came up for you guys while you were making it he had to back off or build it up at any point well, I guess it's kind of hard to know when to stop but it was interesting to work with the poppies in this one because they're so yeah organic could have their own mind yes yeah yeah it creates a lot of movement just thinking that there's more motion now looking at you guys holding them there you look more alive there popping up, jumping around isn't that nice? Yeah, yeah, yeah very cool right now they would have any questions for me we have a question here we're curious if you could just sort of do a quick recap of of the thought process going into making these attendant bouquets now I know that we spent a lot of time on the bouquets for the bride's yeah do you ever have that conversation with the bride's maids as well about like how they want their bouquets toe look in relation to the bride um not really because I don't meet the bridesmaids until the day of and unless you know there was like a maid of honor who comes to meet with me with the bride or something but although I do what I have in mind what I keep in mind while making these is that well they look beautiful right next to the bride's bouquet you know in a line that they're holding together and will it take away from the bride's bouquet is it going to complement the rights okay what will it do in that setting and with that in mind I want to make something not so overboard and not so understated and just perfect very nice question your bouquet it just looks so um sort of opened and not tight opposite of tight yeah and I think that's a really art to get it to be that way because you know what I think just by holding it you kind of end up pushing the flowers together, right, given, eat like how you keep it, do not open. Look, when you put this around it, or when, when you do your the twine, don't make it so tight, okay, because it's it's going to be still together, it doesn't need to be tightly together. It won't go anywhere. It's still being wrapped together, so I guess that's what I do. I just make sure that it's not too tightly wrapped that way, it looks just more natural flowing, yeah.

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Memorable weddings are all about the details - from the shy flower girl to the spirited bouquet toss. Flowers are our way of symbolizing the living, budding love of a couple. Join renowned florist Kiana Underwood for a 2-day course dedicated to teaching you how to turn a simple floral design into a work of art.

During this hands-on event, Kiana will cover every aspect of designing and creating gorgeous bridal and attendant bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, and wedding flower centerpieces. You’ll explore what makes a cohesive floral design as Kiana guides you through methods of pairing flowers based on color, style, scent, and even significance. Kiana will cover ways to gain inspiration for new arrangements from the colors, seasons, and locally-available flowers all around you. You’ll also learn about incorporating unexpected elements and home garden-sourced flowers in your designs. The lush, organic arrangements you learn to create in this workshop will be as unique and stylish as the couple they celebrate.



I thoroughly enjoyed this class. Instructions were clear and Kiana's work was beautiful. She gave excellent tips to simplify bouquet assembly. Based on this course, I created the bouquets for my daughter's wedding and they were a huge success.