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Simple Flower Crowns

Lesson 18 from: Create Wedding Flower Centerpieces and Bouquets

Kiana Underwood

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Lesson Info

18. Simple Flower Crowns

Lesson Info

Simple Flower Crowns

We will continue with our crowns now we'll start with just making one basic kind of sweet crown which I mean spice sweet I mean just using one sort of green on these lovely carnations and then if we have time we could maybe make another one with the bigger flowers and just play around so I got some vines and again chiana I'm going to assume this but we don't need anything other than the foliage to make this happen and I know you get again you know it goes along with my keep it simple philosophy we just will use before I even started a process right here you can see um we'll go along with our foliage and we used some of the, uh, wire and that's and maybe a little bit of tape over the wire to keep it from being pokey and that's it so I'm gonna cut some of these just so we could have enough for everyone you want to choose the the sort of vine that's going to help you create the crown that's soft enough in this case I'm going to cut this right here and then you can play around with it and ...

you consider the size of the head yeah so I hear we're making a first for us really because I was gonna wear it after this if it was a little girl that we have to be a little bit smaller but you just kind of go like this to make sure it doesn't look it's not too big or too small for your own head let's start with this is a good one to start with this would be perfect for a little girl it's short enough but you can extend this with your wire we'll start with these and I'll show you guys what to do with the leaves so that they don't look so out of whack you can maybe do anything you might need some more leaves that so I'll give you this too will take some more from here and these are remind us the name of this fine one more time the crown of the vine they are they're a type of jasmine that hasn't doesn't have blooms yet on dh I forget the exact name of the jasmine but there's so many um jasmine lines out there um and then we could maybe use this's honeysuckle I was able to find some in my yard that were loomed so I brought some and maybe we could incorporate some of that in here. Well, maybe I'll save some for if we have time we could do another book round I'll save this one for that sure smells good two I like the color of these leaves so I'm going to have you guys all use a little bit in the crown and it doesn't matter what what the shape or the color of the leaves are? No, this is long as it's a compliment the flower exactly. So let's, start making the bass like I did over here. Mine doesn't have very many leaves on it, but I'm going to fix that. So I'm going to see it's too big for my head or how you wanna wear it? Do you want to? Where kind of like this? Or do you want it to be thrusting on your hair on your head? It depends on what your own preferences. I don't want it to be so far down on my face, so I'm going to make it a little bit more like michelle if we can't get a handle on that right now. I think that way yourself one way. So funny we'll fix the fact that those leaves look that way with some wire. And how are we hooking these two together? Weir, do you have a wire right there? Yes, yes, fine. Was, I have, like, a more mature and I just kind of warms it up with my hands and and worked it it's where I was kind of breaking down the structure, but not not snapping it what happens if you snap it floral tape? A little tape and then if it's released, if you can cut it just if you have enough of the vine, you could cut it and just not not use it at all. Like the bottom of this, I was considering cutting it, but but it kind of started working with me. You just have to kind of feel it there's not a very particular recipe for it and that wire is justice is for world, yeah, for a wire, they have thicker ones or thinner ones and it sort of helps um in a minute, you know, help you manipulate this uh, crown, I want some foliage on mine since minus so bear, I'm going to start putting some around this and all kind of twisted around the other one and start with e wiring it. I would think that for these branches that there's sort of a sweet spot there when they're not too young and they're still pliable, but you don't want them when they mature too much or they could be brittle exactly some of these were a little too thick, but that's what I had at my disposal something about the gardener at my house, he if I have really long jasmine branches or vines he cuts them from I got mad and I said, don't cut those or I have bushes of rosemary's and hey cuts them all he trims them all and I don't like it because I wanna be able to use the rosemary in my arrangements and when you cut him there's only this much left for you to use and I don't have any stem room to work with and how is that working with the gardener to you do they help you just for the visual maintenance or yeah he's what they call the er the moment blow guy he's a very sweet guy but um and he's probably one of the hardest working man I've ever seen in my life sweet man um but yeah because I'm so involved on my own that I don't need him to do too much on um look I like tio cut the dead flowers off off the roses myself and I liked I'm the one who makes sure that they don't have any pests because I believe that if I spray it I probably do a better job and if he does so I'm going to do it myself in any way that whole philosophy about if you want something done right do it yourself type of thing I uh do that when it comes to my garden but it seems like he'll at least let him take care of the stuff that you know yeah I mean I wanted to use a really cool he's a cool guy and he'll do anything you ask him so that's really important to me he's he's very nice so over here is a little bit bare I'm going to put my more leaves here how you girls doing so a little know since he was so different than mine I would say for these I would take these and wire them down or just this way just so you can have leaves all throughout your yes same same with you um why're these down and if you have some extras you depending on how you like it how much leaves you want on there you could take cut them you could even maybe quite this one and use some of the leaves on the side or he was thes to parliament I would take these and um why you're down or maybe twist them kind of manipulate them so that they look pretty on and then put a little wire around this one for example like that it's all about that wild look you got the idea awesome how you finished off the ends of the wires going I twisted like this I'll show you I tried twisted and then I push it down like this so this is a little I think it's a little rough which in the end I will cover with a little bit of the tape so there's a judge in hair exactly yeah, it could definitely hurt especially since it's a young girl you don't wantto so I'm going to continue with this I like the way this leaf is looking the sleeves are looking here notice how I'm not using wire cutter I just like to take my scissors and do as much as I possibly can with them they work why not just do everything with them can you remind everyone out there watching the name of this find out and you say this with jasmine mine yes okay and then the other vine the color the more forget the name of this one I don't know sorry using maybe somebody knows what it is they could help us maybe somebody isat honeysuckle this this's not honeysuckle is that this one? I forget what it is it looks like ivy to me it's some sort of an I v but it has flowers but it's not it's not ivy it's it's something divine with flowers yeah what you don't go yes that's what it is thank you ding ding ding what exactly you win flowers you get a crowd now we have another question from snapdragon yeah they want to know why do you use the wire instead of the tape? Could you make crown entirely out of you could but why air helps with it being a manipulative you can manipulate it better you can maneuver it better so I do that first and then I cover it with tape and how are students finding is this hard isn't easy is it a little kind of ah who's made crown thiss one might be new right I make rounds but not out of the violin directly make crowns that flexible for a wire oh and where yeah wow that's what I like to spirit screamer, huh yeah I've done it with just the flowers and using the stems I mean you put those together perfect gives that great bass yeah yes base so I look at this I I like how much green I have on it I don't need I don't want to add any more so I'm going to go and put some tape over my wire you don't want to use too much tape because even though it's green it's not very pretty if you have some pieces of wire sticking out that you can feel it's poking your hand take your shears and kind of use those two neutralize it the little you got that chris I got it taken up I'm ready to start making crown this actually might be really fun project if you have children for guys to you know live single fathers out there looking for ways to connect and half month I mean if you can sit down for a tea party yeah the crown way already toga parties maybe different costumes for halloween you always make you have fun with it great point over the holidays, my family and I we um we would take a lot of road trips long ones cross country road trips with our kids and so we went we have family in texas both my husbands sisters live in texas so for christmas we went to texas we drove to texas and there there there are a lot of they have kids and their kids are all close in age with ours so after christmas we I got everyone together and we in my sister in law's dining room we may flower crowns with the girls and it was so much fun we took pictures because it really does make a little girl feel feel very special yes her bouquet yes hours everyone doing coming along to be a princess but what I was saying earlier we will be channeling our woodland princess true with segment now as you guys are sort of moving along with these and tightening things up is important to kind of keep keep testing it out keep putting it on your head making sure it still fits. You haven't tightened it too much for sure I thinkit's gonna is a work in progress by that point it's too late for me it is right it's changed a lot since we first started putting it together yeah, you could see how much work it takes the right to do this have you seen our requests for floral crowns recently yeah you know what's funny I do get request everyone loves when they see the photos of my floral crowns they love them and they all want them and then they get the price and everybody decides they don't want it weighs require a lot of the flower girl doesn't really need a crown it costs because it's my time to do it what's your what do you charge to noi looking depending on what it is how it was farther than using like fifty to seventy five it's definitely more work than making a kearsarge definitely something it would help if you have a mirror to for this right tio put on your head and see yeah absolutely it is something that you normally do for because yeah at home yes um I guess we should have had one here but yeah I do you I have a mirror right there by where I work so um it's kind of there without me having a get one one of our viewers says that they wore one than when they graduated how this's perfect graduation season's around the corner very cool and I think in general flower crowns are much more of a thing nowadays than they used to be wouldn't you girls agree yeah I think that thing yeah all the headband yeah you see coachella all the pictures had reason festivals have things like this. Yeah. That's, right? All over again well it is taking this a little bit longer do this when we're making centerpieces maybe we have another comment chatter was from snapdragons saying I bought a floral crown on a trip to hawaii would be a big thing there I know a lot of people like to have flowers in their hair and wear crowns when they're on your tropical vacations and things like that that's a big thing in hawaii yes we are spending quite a bit of time to set the foundation we have ah savina debbie doesn't find me says so I can't wait to see how she attach is the block the way that the foundation first so sorry yes I'm taking a little too long maybe no no no we're just telling you how excited we are yeah you're doing fine shot room was loving it so I like this I will not see this is exactly how I want it so I'm going to use these lovely carnations that I brought you have carnations can we take apart our basket? Um sure or I can give you some too here I won't be needing to many of them. So are all the crowns now structurally sound from all of our students want to make sure that foundation is good we're getting there yeah yeah yeah I can come around and help you guys out you need a little that looks good like that and you did a great job taming those leo yeah freddy yeah e t hide that you will with flowers oh, great yeah great passion about the flower tape do you always attach it to the plant material or do you attach it to itself and then start wrapping around to itself because that's when it's more sticky so itself checking yourself out in the bucket I saw that I think it looks good so do you have explosion left a little bit okay let's so let's fix that because our um we don't have that many leaves at least I don't have that many left on mine I'm going to use a little bit of explosion grass to kind of cover um the stems from showing so much of the tape so for example I'm definitely gonna want to put some flowers here because I don't want my flowers to shut my tape to show I'm going to put a little bit over here that I'm going to take the bigger carnation one more in groups of three maybe and then I'm going to cut this a little bit later but first I'm going to secure it with some tape can't we just had a question come in from ashley be on I know that we don't have time to get too deep into this but she was curious if this is the same sort of process that you would use if you were making a a wreath like exactly yes, although with a wreath it's almost easier because you don't have to be so delicate with it it's just a wreath sitting on your door so, um it's a little bit easier plus with that you could also you could make your own base or you could just buy some of the ones that are already ready maid unused but I've always what whenever have you made a wreath, I have made my own base I'm going to cover this with another right here. I want to make sure that it looks nice on the side and is there a reason why you're selecting small the smaller flowers? Was it just to cover up that tape? Is that well, in this case, I've selected this because one number one because I like it and number two it's more sweet for a flower girl and its light and also, um carnations really last a long time outside of water and that's something to consider, but yes, there will not be a way tio keep this water even a mister or no I mean, if we make something with roses or kenny's right now it last us for the next hour if that, but I can keep this in the fridge on dh tomorrow afternoon, deliver it to someone who wants it and it'll look just fine are there any other flowers that you might recommend just kind of off the top of your head that are very good? You know, I made a wreath with all snow buries one's and that was really beautiful and it lasted it's not quite a quite a while do you know what snow berries are? Yeah, they're like little white pearly looking flowers um, they're just beautiful, so I made it with that and, um it was great, so here's like to right here on the side it's the goal to get flowers all the way around or to create space that's your choice, I like to get I like to have a couple here, a couple there, you know? I don't like too many all at once or just all in a row you could make one all in a row, but it would probably be unit until five o'clock in the that I'm going to put another one here maybe or, um, you see, I've got this mock orange, maybe I'll use that right over here. Yes, you did mention that you were saving that for the read you mean the garland? I saved it for my arrangement at the beginning, and then I decided I didn't really need it, so now that I have it here, I love that I can use it

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