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Thanks + Credits

Lesson 16 from: Create Wedding Flower Centerpieces and Bouquets

Kiana Underwood

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16. Thanks + Credits

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Thanks + Credits

Now we have just we had a lot of love we've had a lot of laughs you've been having a good time together. I want to give you an opportunity to thank anyone out there who's helped to make this possible. Well, I would love to thank a creative live for this all of you wonderful students for being here and my husband who has been there for me throughout the whole thing. So thank you so much to all of you and for you, you lovely audience who have been writing me and supporting me for the past two days. Yeah, we do appreciate all of you out there tuning in, you know, you make this all happen could not do this without you a big thank you to all of our students here in the studio. These guys have been ah, huge part of what we've been doing so we thank you for being here and being a big part of this. I also have to give some thanks. All of the crew out there who's been helping put this together there's a lot that goes on behind the scenes, especially with something like this. We have live flower...

s that are coming in and out constantly so thank you to brian and kate are producers technical director john who's been trying to get all of the best camera angles to cover us from every possible angle arianna, the broadcast technician and the set design people. Now this has been the hardest part. I think we've had melissa. We've had deep running in and kind of arranging all these flowers for us, and you go the ppa as well. Thank you so much for helping to keep all these flowers watered, looking good and keeping our workstations clean in here on audio, daniel and kristen, and making sure that we sound good on the air right now and our cam ops have been all over the place, trying to get good angles and all of our cameras here. Alex, baby, annalisa and of course, edit notes stacy she's back there, taking notes on everything that we've been doing here and, of course, a big thank you to my co host john marie who's. Been helping along and being hands on with all that we've been doing so far, hands on here and in the chat rooms with gino, we've been hanging out. Thank you so much for all of you to help make this go

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I thoroughly enjoyed this class. Instructions were clear and Kiana's work was beautiful. She gave excellent tips to simplify bouquet assembly. Based on this course, I created the bouquets for my daughter's wedding and they were a huge success.

Kathy Schaefer

It was very encouraging to see the class

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