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Thanks + Credits

Lesson 18 from: Create a Photo Album: Workflow and Design

Khara Plicanic

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Lesson Info

18. Thanks + Credits

Lesson Info

Thanks + Credits

So I am now playing the role of ours of producers Celeste, who is a little bit under the weather. It's just wanted Teoh go through some thank you's. Kara has been an incredible workshop, but first we would like to thank B NH, who has sponsored us for a long time, and they help make what happens here possible. It takes a lot of work, as you could now see has talking a lot about the magic that goes on here. It creativelive and so we thank B NH for their support and making all of this happen. And we have a few other folks that are regular folks toe thank and borrow lenses who provides all kinds of not just lenses but other types of gear for us to use for a variety of workshops. Kobold by Braun, who has supported us with lights, tether tools and the Glazers rentals with our local folks down the street. Tell the tools as you saw in our last workshop, they make out cool tools for tethering great. And then Kessler Crane, you've seen our big crane overhead in our other studio. We thank them an...

d the best way thing that you guys can do toe help us is to go ahead and go over to these Facebook pages, follow them on Twitter and thank them for helping us here at Creativelive. Because the more that we get thanks to them from our community, the more that they're gonna continue to help us out. So everyone wins. And so next, I would like to thank all of the support for prizes and such, which we love to give away. So, Keira, you have brought some wonderful prizes throughout the weekend and really prizes but discounts and specials which we can find all on the credibly Blawg. So thank you to you for bringing surprises. But it walk your rock, your workflow for those templates and actions. Your book, which is lovely in a wonderful gift for folks since we talked about earlier Banti the online proofing system. Then you and your husband a mirror. That's him. He's the magic there. All right, so thank you. A mirror. Yeah. And, uh, something that I did want to point out because we didn't mention it earlier, because I think it was It's a brand new just announced today that if you go to the Banti. All my improving that there is now a creative lives Shoal. Teoh tested out for a year get a special deal in the first year. $99 instead of 129 on. That was so free trial that you don't need to actually put in any credit card information to try it for free. So that's really cool. Always appreciate that. So, um, so do you want to say any other words? Well, a big thank you. Oh, you talked about Triple Scoop in? No, I didn't yet. We didn't. Well, he would thank you to Triple Scoop. There is so great. And they make it really easy to license music for your slide shows and all that good stuff. They have some really great artists. And I actually listed some of my favorite artists in The Resource Guide to You Did. Yeah, I did. You can Even which comes with the course of U N. Roll roll. Yeah. So big. Huge. Thank you to them for their support as well. Very cool. Very cool. Eso Thank you to your also. You know, I don't think a lot of people realize that your studio is the Bloom studio If they're new to you. So that's something toe are like Facebook and such. Go dot com studios dot com. Alright, if people want to contact you and say there Thanks. When you were doing that on our Facebook page? Yeah. What's the best way you can follow me on Twitter? Cape Election? It's on Twitter or Instagram Caperton in Sean Instagram's fun. Um, yeah, in you. All right. So thank you to all the folks who have sponsored us and next the Internet. Yeah, well, creative. Leiber's want to thank all of you out there. The reason that we're here is to bring education. Defoe you folks all around the world and the reason we stay here and can bring people like care as those of you who choose to purchase our court courses and support us and spread the word and all of that. So thank you. Everyone out there who is our audience. Next? I wanna say a big thank you to our crew here. Do you want to say thank you, Tonto? Just telling a mirror last night I am so blown away. I mean inspired. I actually used the word inspired I think you guys are amazing. So from our producers to our camera guys. Tyler, everybody crawling down here on the floor so you can't see him. Oh, my there, audio guys. You know, technical directors. Yeah, that's you, the boy in the back way. Anyhow, we have a great, great team here, as you can see. And so when you think all of them and, of course, again, our producers less old who on behalf of Celeste has said, What an amazing pleasure you are toe work with truly so organized, you know, and rest was our content designer down to the you know that, pdf resource guys that you put together for folks so that we're gonna use that for other instructors you get as a model. So again, finally care a huge, huge thank you to you. Lets everyone please give Kara. Well, thank you for inviting me to come out here. And Cheryl, this stuff, obviously passionate about it, are happy to come here on here like WPP. I was February and I saw you speak. And here we are. We are here. Amazing. Very exciting. So thank you again. Don't go away, folks. We still have another section where Kara is going to do an entire album from start to finish. And how much time do we have left taking away the president on pressure and final thank you also to our lovely in studio audience, members of all the way from India, on other part Nebraska and other parts of the world.

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a Creativelive Student

Yep, love your work Khara! I am now using Indesign to make my first wedding album thanks to you. So clearly explained and nicely presented. Such a powerful program that makes a complicated task seem easy, with as many variables in layout and design as I can imagine. I am just so excited! I would recommend this course to anyone who is running any size photography business. It will help simplify your workflow and increase your output.

1106 Imagery

This class is so good! I learnt so much about albums, and selling them the right way. Having never really used Indesign before, I was nervous about using it as my main platform to design albums. I'm shocked, but I really enjoy using the program! It's so simple and easy using Khara's methods of designing. I also never used bridge before too (Lightroom faithful here), and it's fantastic for sourcing images for the albums. I'm learning a few upsell methods too, so it's very exciting for my business! Thank you for such a great course :)

Adrian Farr

Khara's advice is so simple yet makes absolute perfect sense! She really knows how to get the best out of her albums and packages. If you want to learn things that will help you improve your business/workflow, then seriously buy this course!

Student Work