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Workshop Recap

Lesson 20 from: Create a Photo Album: Workflow and Design

Khara Plicanic

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Lesson Info

20. Workshop Recap

Lesson Info

Workshop Recap

We started out talking, of course, about workflow. But of course, when I talk about workflow, I'm not talking about keyboard shortcuts. And as I explained, and so sometimes people are a little bit confused when they hear what I have to say, because I'm talking about things like Paradox of tweets and their like would. So I thought that was workflow. But I think if you're going to really change your whole paradigm, we have to change our entire definition of workflow. So I think it really starts up front well before, before you sit down at the computer before you shoot, it actually starts with how you offer things to your client and what you choose to offer to your clients. We talked about simplifying all of that and simplifying the choices that we ask our clients to make. We talked about the burden shifting, the burden that we often do in a T least here in the US and probably in other parts of the world as well. Way we don't even want to make the decisions, even though that's what we're ...

paid for, and we pass it on to our clients, and that is a burden for them. And I really believe in giving my clients just one choice just to work with me. That's it. So try try to make that simple for them and simplifying the package offerings that I present them with. I always include that album, cause I I just truly believe in it and limiting the choices. So we talked about how I just choose the album and going to build for them, and I find a vendor I really like. I find a book in the style and just kind of the set up I like. And then those are my books. And so for me, that's been the Square Fangio's and, you know, maybe maybe next year, all the side I want toe do horizontal books and I'll switch it up. So who knows? But the idea is that that it's our business and it's our decision and we're the professionals, so we decide, right? So that simplifies all of that stuff. And we also talked about keeping the ball in play, not letting our clients to drop it right, and we we like to blame the clients for that, but it's really our fault if we let them if we let them drop the ball. So the way that I prevent that is when I proof the album for them. So at this point, like I just did this album design, this is the rough draft. Obviously, I just made it, so I would then a to this point, I would export this as J pens. And then I would upload this to Banteay album proofing and put that there. I would then make sure I go back. Remember the slideshow J pegs that we made yesterday? I would make sure I get those online. I would take their proofs and get those ftp into the server for the Web gallery on, and I would go in behind the scenes and connect all of those things. So they're all up there, Um, getting that all taken care of. And when I send the email to the client, I'm going to make sure they know that there is a process for this and the review process with Banti. I don't just say, Here's your album Lemon Away. Think because I'm inviting a storm of just who knows what, and I also trained them. We did talk about this, but I teach them how to answer me back in in Banteay. So what I mean is, I don't just leave it open ended. I tell them like Here's the way you know Here's your album. Here's how you view it And here's your password and whatever and you know you can swap photos, but I don't recommend layout changes. In other words, I'm already setting up their expectations. So they're not going to come and say, Can you had a bunch of ding bats and swap these images and make the book vertical? And I mean, that's unraveling. That's a mess. So I'm setting their expectations and managing their expectations, and I'm telling them what they can tell me back. So I say, Go ahead, let me know if you want me to swap an image, and it's helpful if you tell me which image and give me the file name so you can say things like Swap image Number 47 for Image Number 52. And what's great about that is then when they do send me back the comments and Banteay, they're simple. I don't have a narrative that says things like, I don't know my nose looks too big in this photo. Can you just try something different? And I'm not feeling this. What do you think that I don't get open ended? Vague comments like that. I get comments that same please stop 47 with 52. So when I get those comments back and I open in design, it's so easy for me to just, you know, grab this image, pull it up with my keyboard shortcut in bridge. So I'm at that photo. It's probably something nearby that they want, and I can grab it and swap it in. You know, it's that simple to make the changes, and that's really helpful. And again, if they If I don't hear from them in three weeks, then I'll assume they love their book as much as I do, and I will retouch it and send it off to be printed so that keeps the ball in play and keeps everything moving quickly and gets them their book back fast. We also talked about gear and some of the things I do in the camera, and I rocked the boat with the J. Paige's raw controversy, and but I really think you know, if you. If you love rush it rot won't affect any of this. But for me, I shoot manual mode and I make sure I nail the exposure and nail the white balance in camera. So I don't feel like I need the extra cushion of raw for any post adjustments. Eso That's just me. But it work either way. And I saw a shoot manual mode even on my camera and as well on my flashes. And I really love my filters on my flashes so that the light is balanced nicely and it just makes the reception shots, especially super clean and which, of course, speeds up your light room time cause I'm not trying to fix color smorgasbord back there. It's just wonderfully clean. Eso that really helps a lot, and we talk about those things and the resource guide and gear. We talked about pricing strategy and just knowing yourself and what's important to you and how you work and what your goals are and how you can best serve those while you also serve your client. And um, yeah, it's been a great right, Yeah, so have a couple things I want to read. Okay, so another quote from Liberty Edwards. Liberty Edwards is just amazing. And I love the name side note Oh, your neighbor, right? Or she's everything that I don't She shoots boudoir and engagement in weddings. And so we have this little partnership and I actually took care of this during one of our brakes. She hired me Thio Thio design her albums because she was getting really backed up. And after learning in design with Kira, I was like, Well, I'm all caught up Can I help you? And our daughters went to dance together is how we met And it was totally it was that like, Oh, hi, I'm a photographer And she said, So am I. And we both got the awkward like oh on So we, uh, we develop this little friendship and, uh and so I said, Well, why are you designing them in photo shop and taught her in design and I kinda shot myself in the foot because now she designs and in design, and she's all caught up. So it's fabulous, it's just addictive, and I love sharing it. So a story about sharing she says that you gave your workflow gave her so much freedom in the past year to watch your Children grow. Oh, that was a really beautiful thing to say. They'll cry right now, she said. I'm forever grateful. Oh, I thought that was cool. I'll read a couple more. Sean, as a Pardy said, Can we detain care for another three days? Yes, we're talking about, and the last one is from Derek Tampa. Who says he cannot do is happy dance right now because people in the proximal cubicles would notice that he's being off. Don't get mustard. Don't get so I just thought it was funny, less fun. Thank you for all your comments. So we just have a little bit of time left. But Keira wanted to see if you had any parting words for all of us. I'm just I'm just so grateful. And I hope that everyone realizes that workflow and your business can obviously be what you make it right. And the important thing is to just to know what that is and to be able to define it because success comes from having a plan and a goal, and then you just work of that plan. So you just executed and the sky's the limit. And the great thing is, as we mentioned earlier, there's no right or wrong answer. So it's not like math class. Anything works as long as it works for you, even if that means you want to shoot raw, you can't on. I just think that's really important and it is possible you've seen it. I just designed it as a book in 36 minutes or something. So I'm not making this up, and you can really just not only get your life back. But I think you can really rediscover what brought you to this profession in the first place, right, because the workflow tends to just a bog us all down, and it's such a downer. So if you can get a grip on that and I think it will help you just rediscover your passion for the industry and for what you're doing and why why you're doing it. And I wish that for everyone. So I truly hope that this is life changing so you can watch your kids grow and have some car about creative time for yourself and, you know, run with that and then amazing things happen

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a Creativelive Student

Yep, love your work Khara! I am now using Indesign to make my first wedding album thanks to you. So clearly explained and nicely presented. Such a powerful program that makes a complicated task seem easy, with as many variables in layout and design as I can imagine. I am just so excited! I would recommend this course to anyone who is running any size photography business. It will help simplify your workflow and increase your output.

1106 Imagery

This class is so good! I learnt so much about albums, and selling them the right way. Having never really used Indesign before, I was nervous about using it as my main platform to design albums. I'm shocked, but I really enjoy using the program! It's so simple and easy using Khara's methods of designing. I also never used bridge before too (Lightroom faithful here), and it's fantastic for sourcing images for the albums. I'm learning a few upsell methods too, so it's very exciting for my business! Thank you for such a great course :)

Adrian Farr

Khara's advice is so simple yet makes absolute perfect sense! She really knows how to get the best out of her albums and packages. If you want to learn things that will help you improve your business/workflow, then seriously buy this course!

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