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Class Introduction

Lesson 1 from: From Shoot Through Photo Editing: Creating a Double Exposure in Photoshop

Aaron Nace

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

I'm kinda Klosterman, your host for creating a double exposure in Photoshopped with Aaron Nace. So please help me kick off Photoshopped Week and welcome Aaron Ace to the creative. I've stage creating a double exposure. This is, uh we're gonna have an awesome time in this class. This is going from shoot all the way through edit. So in the shoot section, we've got actually a couple of different photo shoots we're gonna be doing We're gonna be combining exposures here in the studio and then in the edit section, we're going to be actually bringing everything together in photo shop. So we're gonna pretty much jump right in to our first shoot. We're going to kind of talk through the lighting we use as well as the concept we're using here, and everything is set up, but the lights aren't exactly where we want them to be yet Basically were in the stage of like, you know, after you figure out an idea something you want to shoot, we're in the stage of like, all right, now, let's make it look good...

. So it's things look ok now, but we're gonna be adjusting lighting and moving things around here for just a minute. So the basic idea for the shoot is to combine our model Alex doing an awesome job. We're going to combine her with some ferns. We've actually got some ferns back here on day. We're gonna make it look like the ferns are kind of like coming out of the back of her head. So we did her hair like a really cool, like, big way, and it's gonna look like basically, it's a portrait with ferns, like, kind of growing out of the back of her head, which is gonna be really sick. So it's all gonna be done in a double exposure. So we're gonna shoot these separate. We're gonna shoot our portrait of Alex first, and then we're gonna be shooting the ferns seconds, and then we're gonna be combining everything together in photo shop. So, yeah, it's gonna be really exciting.

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Pamela Richardson

I LOVED Aaron's presentation style, his wonderful humour, his gentleness and humility, his creative eye, and his extensive skills with both the camera and with Photoshop. I learned a great deal from this class, and highly recommend it. It was both fun to watch, and very informative. Aaron's friendly and casual presentation style was a delight, and helped to make a very complex subject seem quite approachable. I appreciated his willingness to share his knowledge with his viewers. I understand that it is a huge challenge to create something in front of a live audience, and maintain composure, but he managed it. Aaron's use of motion-blurred images of the mother and daughter for the composite was just very creative, and was something that would never have occurred to me. I also watched Aaron's compositing class on Feb 22, which was truly remarkable. He paid close attention to every fine detail in the scene that he was creating through compositing, including size and color tone of the light source, scale, perspective, and every last detail of the shadows to make a believable and magical image! He was very good in directing and encouraging his models during the shoot on both days, and very courteous with all the assistants. I have been involved with photography on a semi-professional level for almost 40 years, and have been doing photo editing with Adobe and Corel products since 2002.


Super inspiring, great class!

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