Adding Moving Text with Still Images


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Adding Moving Text with Still Images

So the other thing that I think is really interesting is the fact that even concepts like layer masks come into play in photo shop so I had this idea that when I was doing this slide show of emily with all these pictures that just to mix things up a bit I wanted some text to appear and at first I just added a text layer and had it say it appears at this point in the timeline but that was it was ok but it was kind of boring and then it occurred to me that because it's photoshopped I could sort of leverage how I would do things in photo shop and sometimes if I'm just putting type on a picture of a person I think it's more interesting if it looks like the type is kind of going behind them a little bit just a tiny little bit so I would do that by adding a layer mask and then moving the type around to say make it look like it's kind of behind her so I thought why not do that same concept with video so all I did was just like I showed you I did that transform over time but I made sure the la...

yer mass state put so I unlinked the two of them so the layer mascot static and now the type would give the illusion when it's played in the right direction that's coming out from behind her which is not a huge thing but it's just something a little different that frankly if someone said do that in premier be late now, I'm sure there's a way to do that someone who knows that are used premier would be like, oh course, you just do it it is a man I don't know but I know how to do that because I do that all the time was still images, so I'm tryingto create a broken record deal heart for you here to say this is the beauty of doing photo shop our video in photo shop is a lot of the times you can actually look at what would I do if this was just static and then think well, can that be animated or moved over time? So if we look down here, I'm not going to do this but just to show you just because I have added a layer mask now along with transform opacity style there's also layer mass position and learn at mask enable and that means overtime. I could say, for example, don't have the layer mask enabled and then at a certain point now haven't come on, so that would change the way that whatever you're working with the layers would display or change in this case I kept the layer mask static and move the type this allows me to do the opposite and say, I'm gonna I do also think wipe across or something disappears by having a layer mass that starts over here and over time goes across the whole thing so as you add more elements to the layers you're working we will see that list of elements that you can change over time gets attitudes that gives you more options as to what you're actually doing with things I think that's that is where it starts to get really interesting because again you're saying well my approach is to if I was just doing this as a a single image how would I do it now it lets me apply that to something that's moving okay on actually let me see if this is yeah it's a difference of that one ok any questions so far pretty much every all the adobe modules work pretty well together so I was thinking I mean if you were going to do fancy effects you could sort of do that and then bring them over to premiere and just build that way too. Honestly if someone has premier knows how to use it then they probably do the whole video there but I know people that have enough knowledge and after effects to do something there and then bring it in I mean the bottom line is photoshopped the timeline will let you bring in typical standard file formats so if you had frank for example I had someone who sent me a little opening animation, they had done somewhere and it was just a video file, so I just brought it in it's like at the beginning of the video, and it just went right into what I was doing or audio. Whatever it it certainly, if you have the full creative cloud version, then you also have access to after facts and audio software and everything else. But if you just have the package that's, photoshopped and light room, you wouldn't have everything else even light room can do very basic video export and work with video files and then do the editing, and here is well, but if you have access those other software, then certainly you could could use those as well, for sure on their question. Yes, I find one big challenge working with some people who have asked to be photoshopped is mixing video with stills and not giving away the photoshopped that I've done on the stills. What would be some things that I can do to help blend those together? I guess if that makes sense, not liquefy per se, but the skin blemishes and whatnot that have been photoshopped, but they're moving still. Is there anything that could be done? It's, it's, that's very tough because the challenge is exactly that is. You could do a lot of things that photo shop, but one of them is not tracked that pimple right across is they're moving and cover it up every time in that just, you know, there may be some incredibly manual way to do that, but there's no, I mean there's some software out there that attempts to do what we do in photo shop for video but it's probably like a five hundred dollars and on module to some video editing software so that's the kind of time where there's a certain limit where and photo shop for like? Well, so then you get creative and say, what if I do that make them kind of faded in the background blurry as I make still images go over the top of the video or something where you're not or look there way back there in the field there they are walking towards the camera, but I can't ever see their face their guys ever seen the movie the baseball was called but field no the other one that with the women's league of their own and they're like introducing all the players they're all close up on them and there's carl and she's like way because he's not very attractive way out in the field going like this so that's all you do is you do a video with them like really far away going eh

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Photoshop® can do more than simply retouch and edit still images. Join Dave Cross to learn about using Photoshop® to create compelling videos that combine still and moving images.

You’ll learn how to use the Photoshop® skills you already have to create videos to share with friends and family, provide to your clients, or even promote your business. Dave will cover making slide shows with movement and music, adjusting videos, blending together video, photo, and audio, and much more. You’ll leave this course ready to use Photoshop® in a new, creative way.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2


dennis hartman

For years I have observe that video thing at the bottom of my CS6 program. What would you do with it. Nor could I do anything with it. I saw this course offered at Create-live. WOW, what a wonderful course. It sure helped me with the basic uses of this part of adobe photo CS6. Thanks