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Adding Video Clips

Lesson 4 from: Creating & Editing Video in Photoshop

Dave Cross

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Lesson Info

4. Adding Video Clips

Lesson Info

Adding Video Clips

So some of the things that I was doing there were based on again that knowledge of well that clip was a little out of focus when I filmed that so let me just build on that photo shop and make it seem like I meant to do that so the first thing I would suggest is that even if you don't defuse light room bridges and on awesome video sorter so I have all these video clips that I put in here and I want to start to decide the order of them rather than just start bringing them in photos of arbitrarily I want to kind of build my plan in here and when you first are in the typical view and bridge what you're seeing is just thumbnails but not the actual video so I get us a sense of what they are but I can't just looking at them like this clip right here are they in that I don't remember because maybe at some point they walked in so I need to be ableto look at them so one of things that you can do in bridge is changed of you so there is an option in here for a preview and by nature it's really sma...

ll so if you're looking at video that doesn't help you very much so I played around moving things around one things we can do in bridge is to create a different work space with a different orientation, so I made one called video, so when I click on it, I get it much smaller thumbnails for the thing, but then you can actually look at the video here, either hit the play button or just kind of scrubbed through and see what it is, so that way you could look at things and then start pulling things and changing the order. So once you start to get an idea of ok, this video, this clip should be first on this one needs to be down here and you just re orient them so least you're getting an idea, so when you start to import them in, you're not just dropping them on. A timeline has spent having your life moving them around into the correct order. So if in most video work what people do and I, even though I'm mostly on this side of the camera most of the time I've been around video editing enough and talk to people that some people there thought would be, well, I should do some editing of the individual clips first, but it's almost better to just bring them in to force up on the timeline and then trim them on the timeline because then everything's in constant context. Because if you just are barely decide on this clip I'm going to stop it here but then as you're looking at it with other clip for like I mean you don't need to be a little longer but you have already cut it that's going to be difficult so when we're trimming things on the timeline of photo shop you're seeing it live so no words you'll see as soon as I trim one video clip whatever's beside it automatically moves along with it and you're seeing this very visual way of doing it so what I generally do is if I'm going to start a video I'm just going to get one of those video clips in there just open it because that way I know it's the right size and everything else I mean, I could just start with the new documents they have twelve eighty by seven twenty and so on but it's just azizi for me to just open one and make sure it's the right size even if I don't end up using this clip at all and as I showed you a moment ago with that waterfall this is where you don't have to guess because as your moving that end point you can see very clearly where things are stopping and starting so let's add a couple of other media clips here I'm just going to pick a few to so we have some in here I'm not going to try to emulate exactly what I showed you on that finished video. We just want to have a few things here, and it also helps really well, if you put the same video clip in twice in a row, because that's awesome. So in this example here, let's, say, for the sake of argument, that when this clip finishes, I really want this one to start over here. So instead of cutting it and deleting, I'm just going to take this edge thie in point and move it right there. And when I do, it automatically steps back over. You have to worry about there's not gonna be a gap there, because if you change either end, it's going to automatically move things up against each other. So, it's, quite easy to do that kind of adjustment overall.

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dennis hartman

For years I have observe that video thing at the bottom of my CS6 program. What would you do with it. Nor could I do anything with it. I saw this course offered at Create-live. WOW, what a wonderful course. It sure helped me with the basic uses of this part of adobe photo CS6. Thanks

Tami Maor

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