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Rendering Video

Lesson 8 from: Creating & Editing Video in Photoshop

Dave Cross

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Lesson Info

8. Rendering Video

Lesson Info

Rendering Video

The only other thing is that a lot of people ask questions about this and I can tell you right now the answer is it depends for anything to do with this dialog box it depends on what someone else says to you oh you're doing that for this purpose use thes settings or you work with a video guy this is where you're making of you is going to incorporate in mind please use these settings um then that's how you make that choice you can use the existing presets but my philosophy has always been right back from the early days of photo shop when I was preparing files for print the way I would decide how to save it would be I would call the service bureau is working say what would you like to give me me to give you and they would say we would like whatever it was a tip file in this format you bet because I didn't want to create something that I thought would work and have them go this is gonna work for me so I use the same philosophy for video if I don't know I would use is typical of setting wh...

ich is usually used to sixty four mp four file but if someone says we would prefer this ok fine and that's ok because the underlying theme is still the same you're still going to save the psd file that's sort of the native of everything there and then you're exporting so it's kind of the same principle that always talk about saving a layer psd file and then save as a j peg to send to your photo lab. This is very much the same. You're saving your layer psd file to have all the stuff in the video and then you're exporting using whatever format seems appropriate for that situation question see from back here, but if you change maybe the quality of the size does that window tell you the file size after you that it will be after its exported? No, it does not. So and of course, the video we right away, all bets are off in terms of what's, considered a small file size is quite different in the world of video. Now there are luckily there so that's a good I'm glad you asked that question because I've done this step where I've rendered the video, and I thought for the amount of video stuff that I've done, which is not huge by do a lot of screen capture recording, and I kind of a rough idea of what a file size would be a couple times I rendered video out of focus up, it seemed much larger than I expected, but there is software out there, some which is free, which is compression software news after the fact, and it could take a really large, like three hundred megabyte file and come with a file on how that's like fifty five megabytes, but you haven't lost any apparent quality. Now, a video expert could say, oh, it looks compressed to me, but I'm talking general public would say that's still a nice video, but it's considerably smaller. So if you just search for video compression there's lots of options out there, including ones that, like adobe median coders in a lot of the adobe software that doesn't very nice job that's what this one is using, but you can take it a step further without losing too much quality. We have some questions online, if that's all right, great eso try nevada had asked, did you say how you can reverse the video? Well, you know, I've never actually tried that, and then another suggestion, can you can you flip it with transformed? You could flip it, but that would just make it a mirror image is not going to change the order of it. S o so I have to play with because I've never had a reason to try that, so I'm not sure I don't think there's a certainly there's, not just a built an option that says you know, because transform that the way you have to think about his transformers. If it was a photograph and you did free transform, you'd be flipping it. So it's a mirror image. So the video, it would still play the same direction, but that would just look backwards, so there may be some way to do it. I can't think of an easy way off the top of my head, but I bet there is an answer from somewhere out there. Dave, any final words? I don't think so. I think the main thing that I stress is that, for anyone, who's, hesitant to try doing video and photo shop is, and I tried to do this based on the premise premise that it it's very familiar, because you're still working with layers and filters and adjusting layers and masters happens that things were moving.

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dennis hartman

For years I have observe that video thing at the bottom of my CS6 program. What would you do with it. Nor could I do anything with it. I saw this course offered at Create-live. WOW, what a wonderful course. It sure helped me with the basic uses of this part of adobe photo CS6. Thanks

Tami Maor

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