Creating & Editing Video in Photoshop®

Lesson 1/8 - Transitioning From Layers to the Timeline


Creating & Editing Video in Photoshop®


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Transitioning From Layers to the Timeline

So first things first photo shop is not a video editor, so if you want to do like a twenty five minute video or a masterpiece movie, this is not the place to do it. This is where you go to something like premier or something like that that's full blown the cool thing though about video and photo shop is the majority of things you do build on what you already know I've talked to many people is that I think I'm gonna have the creative cloud I'm going to download premiere and they open they go what is happening there's just all these things and timelines and just like I don't this is so foreign to me. So the nice thing about doing video and photo shop is for the most part it builds on what we already know how to do so it's like using layers but just a little different you can still use adjustment layers and filters and all the things that you're used to doing and photoshopped it just happens things also can move and there can be audio so that's what makes it kind of interesting? Given the...

amount of time we have, I'm going to show you just the bits and pieces of some of the main things you can do I will show you a little bit later my first ever photoshopped video that I did a couple years ago and because of the nature of my business, I spend ninety nine percent of my time teaching, so I don't actually have time to go out and do video we'll share with you. One thing I did find, though, was when I went out did the video for this class a couple years ago, I thought I had enough video for, like, a twenty five minute video you start editing down, I was like, wow, I'm missing some stuff here, so one of the first lessons I learned is you can never have enough because you might film thirty second clip, but then you end up using four seconds of it. So all of a sudden, all this time you thought you had is very short. So with that being said that's, the main thing to remember is that photo shop is pretty good for short videos. Nothing too long. I don't know what that time would be. In other words, you wouldn't want to do like an extended twenty minutes segment for, but the idea of doing here is we're out doing a still photo shoot of an engagement session, and I thought, well, my camera shoots video, so at the same time, I shot some video on the on ly thing that I had, besides just my d seven thousand that does video was this thing called a slider, which is a piece of video equipment that lets you put a camera on to do this really nice side to side pan and assumes I started doing that. I thought I needed that on every shot, because then we just look at a still video that's not moving it's just not as interesting as something you watch espn, you know, when they're just talk there's two people on the camera, the cameras almost always moving a little bit, and that just seems to be so that was the one piece of equipment that was nice toe have other than that it's just me and my tripod and saying, ok, uh, walk over here now, I didn't really have a plan, they didn't have a whole, you know, layout board kind of thing. But so before we talk about video, I want to quickly review some key things that in photoshopped that I would do to an image and then we could see how that can apply to video. So, for example, this image right here, there might be a couple things I might want to do to it, and I the class is often before I talk about this I talked about all the time on my other classes here on creative live which is working non destructively which means use adjust malaria's instead of adjustments and use masks instead of deleting and all that kind of stuff same thing that would apply here so for example, I might want to just give this photo a little bit of a boost so I just add a very slight little as curve here ok, that looks pretty good and maybe I want to see what it looked like if it was kind of a black and white but maybe stated out little bit so I make some adjustments here the way I want and then just lower the opacity obits which just this very kind of muted color and then the last thing I want to do is kind of pull the attention to our couple by adding a filter. Now this is already a smart object, which means my filter will also be smart. So if I do something like gauzy and blur, this is ah fact I like to do because I've done enough times I kind of know that this is what you might call the wait for it look because right now you're like you want to blurt seventy six pixels to the point where there's nothing at all well that's because I haven't finished yet so I'm going do that completely blurred out come over here and lower the opacity the filter so you get this kind of very subtle soft focus and then finally on the layer mask scare capacity up and I just paint on the layer mass with black cause I want the couple to still be in good focus maybe about this half of the image so that for me would be a fairly typical situation I might do to a still image the interesting thing is this isn't a still images is a video so everything I just did here I just have to come now down to my this panel called timeline and make it a video and hit play and you can see it's actually having all those effects but it's moving so to me that was the very first thing I thought that's pretty cool because I didn't have to learn well if you're doing video you must use this technique it's exactly the same things I do with the still image it just happens now it's moving so that's sort of the first thing I want to point out is that's what's cool about video and photo shop is that you're not learning all kinds of new stuff you're saying well already use adjusting players and mass now of course there are certain things like if this if they were walking down the street then the mask wouldn't move with them and they're things you have to account for but there's ways around that. So I just want to do that first, to kind of set the stage for us thinking. We're not learning a whole bunch of new things. The only real difference is we have a timeline that's related to our layers panel.

Class Description

Photoshop® can do more than simply retouch and edit still images. Join Dave Cross to learn about using Photoshop® to create compelling videos that combine still and moving images.

You’ll learn how to use the Photoshop® skills you already have to create videos to share with friends and family, provide to your clients, or even promote your business. Dave will cover making slide shows with movement and music, adjusting videos, blending together video, photo, and audio, and much more. You’ll leave this course ready to use Photoshop® in a new, creative way.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2


dennis hartman

For years I have observe that video thing at the bottom of my CS6 program. What would you do with it. Nor could I do anything with it. I saw this course offered at Create-live. WOW, what a wonderful course. It sure helped me with the basic uses of this part of adobe photo CS6. Thanks