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Phone Scripts

Lesson 15 from: Creating Effective Paid Ads on Facebook

Billy Gene

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15. Phone Scripts

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Phone Scripts

This phone script is for appointment setting. So what happens in the sales process, most of the ads that a lot of you, maybe you're not running that you should be running follow this ad, capture, sell formula. This needs to be the phone. And this is just a landing page that we covered, and we ask for their name, email, and phone number. Where you see this very commonly is in service-based businesses, specifically. And the ad goes from, hey do you want me to come, you know, clean your carpets at your house because you have dogs and they pee on the carpets. Give me your name, email, and phone number, and I'll come out and I'll do a free cleaning on one of the patches, or one of the rooms, whatever. And now your job is to call these people and actually schedule, and people lose their minds. 'Cause these people already said they're interested, but you're a stranger. You've never met these people. They've only seen your stuff online. So I have a script for that that I will go through with y...

ou guys right now. And it's one that I swear to you almost all of you will use a script in some component of your business. And it's simple. So you call, and you say, hey, may I please speak to John Doe? Hi my name is Billy Gene, just to let you know, this call may be monitored or recorded for quality assurance. You have to say that, legally, that's like a real thing. One they don't tell you. And you can let them say hi first and stuff like that, and then you can tell them. I will tell you something about saying lines like that, where you'll be asking for the credit card, and this is important sales tactic, is you are a mirror. So, if I call and I go, hey, I don't want you to be offended, and this may sound weird, but I promise you it's not weird, it's normal, and Billy Jean said that, like, I have to say this, but, it's not a big deal, just this call may be monitored for quality assurance. Are you okay, are you good? Is that good, does that work for you? What'd I do? I was nervous. I made it weird. I made it a thing. So now what's the customer think? It's a thing. It's weird. And they hang up. Like, that shit was weird, dude. Telling your friend I just had the weirdest telemarketer call me, and this, and dadadadada. Well, first things first. Don't forget these people asked you to call them. They filled out a form, so you called them. So it's not that weird. Right? And then secondly, just say it normal, hey by the way, this call may be monitored for quality assurance, and keep moving. They don't even flinch. We say it literally every single day on to phone. No one flinches about that. If they do, usually they're wanted by the Federal government, CIA, or something like it gets better for everybody that they left. So continuing on. Hey this is Billy Gene calling on behalf of Billy Geneious Marketing to help you activate your two day trial to your gym. Here's where the strategy comes into the script. Is it's kinda like Sales 101. First thing is people suck at choices. They're the worst. For example, who's down to go to dinner after this? Cool, a couple people. What do you guys want to eat? (audience members answer) Half of you like aw shit, I don't know whatever you choose, Billy. How many of you have not left the house because it took too long to decide where you guys were eating and agree on? And you just end up both starving, hung out, wait 'til breakfast. (audience laughs) Right? These things happen. Your customers are 20 times worse. Because at least you understand what each food tastes like. They have no idea the difference between your products or services. So some of you call 'em to book 'em for your yoga thing and they're like this is my first time doing yoga and you're like cool, do you want the Downward Dog or the Lulu Lemon blah, blah blah, blah blah, blah blah and the person, what the hell are you talking about? I don't understand this. So you keep it simple. Hey what day works best for you this week, Tuesday or Thursday? Always go one day or two days, k? What day works best for you, tomorrow or Tuesday? What's today, Wednesday? Wednesday. What day works best for you today or Thursday? Period, keep it simple. One thing to know in sales, and this regards to the appointment setting, it's the worst. People do not show up if you do anything after three days. It's over. It's over let me tell you, I've done this so many times on a high scale level, people do not show up after three days. Note that. If it doesn't happen today and it doesn't happen tomorrow, you lost that customer, k? And it's hard because buyers are liars and liars are buyers. People will tell you and they'll swear to you, no no no, dude, nine days. I get back from vacation there, like that's good. I'll come in, I swear to you. I'm good for my word. Do you trust me? Do I sound like somebody who would lie? And then they go MIA. You're a stranger, they don't actually care about their word to you at this point. Be honest about where you are. So once you ask them hey today or tomorrow what works, then you ask them the next question, great morning, afternoon, or evening? Which one are you? Morning, afternoon, or evening? Which one for you guys? [Woman In Audience] Evening. Cool, no matter what they say it's the perfect time. Great. I got an 11 o'clock and I got a one o'clock, which one works best for ya? Great, you're an evening person. I got a five o'clock and a 7:30, which one works best for ya? It's always either or and you keep advancing them, k? So here's the next question everybody misses on. And this script's a little outdated, but what friends or family are you bringing with you? That's the million dollar question. What friends or family are you bringing with you? Not if, not are you gonna, who is it? And then if they say ah I'm not sure. Well what we've found is most people get the best results when they come in with someone. Doesn't matter what it is. What we found is more people have fun at the paint and wine nights, if they have their girls with them. What we found is most people actually show up to the workouts if they got their best friend with them. What we, doesn't really matter right? So let's see. Okay great and then, you know you got time in the schedule whatever. You gotta pull the look. Okay great, let me look at the schedule just make sure that works. Put on hold, you do the happy dance 'cause you got 'em. Right? Okay, okay great, looks like we have you know that 5:30 at third o'clock available, perfect. Last thing, this is important. This is where everybody gets scared. Last thing we need to activate your whatever it may be, it to place a credit card on file. Now a lot of you get really scared on this part. And the reason why you get scared, because now you're asking them to take out their credit card. But it's again, in the positioning. It's in the framework. It's in the how you're actually doing it. So the trick is here, is to give them an example that they're comfortable with. So what we like to say, it's the last session. So what we like to say is to place a credit, your card will not be charged, just think of it like a hotel reservation. They only way you are charged is if you cancel without giving us a notice for X amount of time. You just say it with confidence. Hey just think of it like a hotel reservation, same thing we just put it on hold, because we only have 25 spots in the class. So that way if you don't show up, we're not giving up on somebody else, does that sound fair? That's always a great question, that sound fair? 'Cause it does sound fair. You're gonna take up a spot I'm giving to you for free, the least you could do is make sure you show and if not, you should know that you need to contact us. Simple. The reason why we do this is because for a long time, my company was doing lead generation. And what we found is that unfortunately a lot of the companies that we worked with, because they were never professionally trained with sales we'd bring them leads and then they wouldn't close. And the problem with that is some agencies will say oh well if you can't close that's your fault. Wrong my friend. If they don't close, it's your fault. Because at that point, you no longer become an asset to the company, you become an expense. So it's so crucial that you actually make sure that they're closing, dang it! They gotta freaking close. And so one way to do that, is by simply getting a hold of more people. So I'm gonna give you some stats here that will be interesting to know. On average real quick, everybody in the room and if you guys could say it in the chat too. When a customer reaches out to you on your website, or whatever it may have been, a referral or whatever, it can't be, you get an inquiry. How long does it take you, solopreneur, on average to get back to them? Okay I got two hours, I'm gonna write these out. Two hours. One hour. Now where's my honest people? Four hours. [Woman In Audience] 24. K, 24 hours. We got a two hours, one hour, four hour, 24 hour. [Woman In Audience] 12 hours. 12 hours. We got a 10 minutes from Dale who's watching. Alright, 10 minutes Dale. Alright anybody else? Anyone care to say a number? Okay so we did this fascinating experiment. So I was like how are they not closing the leads? So I personally called the owners, I'm just like what's going on there? We're doing the same exact ad campaign in this city, and they're crushing it. And then we've done better for you guys, we sent you more leads and you're missing it. Help me understand what's wrong. Walk me through your process. And they said well it's simple, you know. We get the leads and then when Mary or Shawn comes in the next day, they pick up the phone, they give 'em a call. And you know, that's it. You know to be honest with you Billy, a lot of people aren't even answering the phone. So I'm gonna be real with you, are these people even real? This is true story. These people even real? And so like, I can get mad every now and then. And so I was like at first I kinda got annoyed and I kinda bite back like are you kidding me are they real? Then I start to realize, this is what entrepreneurs think. I need to chill, 'cause this is what it is, I just need to educate. So here's what he did. I said fine, you give me X amount of dollars additional a month, I'm gonna pick up the phone, and I'm gonna call, and I'm gonna have my team schedule. We're gonna bring the leads in we're gonna schedule the appointment for you so you guys don't have to do anything since it seems like you don't like to do anything anyway. That sound fair? I would never say that last part, but you get the point. They said okay, let's do it Bill. Fine. Here's what we found. Okay give or take, you get the point. Oh wait I don't wanna give that yet, okay. And then basically it went something like this. If we called within five minutes of them actually inquiring for their services we got ahold of 70%. If they called within 15 minutes, we would drop all the way down to about 55%. Once it was within an hour, getting to the 30 somethings, I'll probably say about 38. It's a ballpark. Once it was 24, it would get down to 15%. This is from doing this with a ton of companies and sitting on the phones all day and tracking. And in fairness, when I say five minutes or less, we get an instant notification to our phones so our five minutes is probably like five seconds. And what we realized is even with perfect call-back time, we still missed 30% of the opportunities. But I want you guys to realize something. That virtually, 15% to 70%, you're missing out on a minimum of three times your sales. This is the difference from making 1,000 bucks or 3,000 bucks on a campaign. Or 3,000 bucks or 9,000 bucks on a campaign. The fact you can't just call somebody back fast enough. Some of you right now could leave this right now and say that's my problem. And triple your revenue. Triple, quadruple, what's the one for five? Quintuple. Quintuple, anybody know the sixth one? Sextuple. Sex. (audience laughs) It came back again, I told you. That's what she said. Yeah. So again I can't stress it enough to everybody here, sales is just bringing them through a process and a script, asking the right questions, not giving them exits, but just caring enough to call back in time. Period. And the reason why they're not answering is not because they don't like you. It's not because of anything else besides the fact that they have lives. And they forgot all about your offer. Sometimes if you wait out to the 72 hours later, people literally don't even remember inquiring. And then they hit you with why are you calling me? And you're like you hit me up! And they're like I don't remember that, click. And you lose again. Okay? I wanna go into some other stuff. Who sells anything high ticket? I like to know that from the audience too, while we do an erase. Who sells anything high ticket? If you can, let me know the price. Let me know the price. We're gonna go into something completely different here. Alright? [Woman In Audience] How high ticket? I mean whatever you consider high ticket? Five grand? Sure, five grand. Yes I'll call that high ticket. Okay what else? [Woman In Audience] 20K. Yeah we'll call that high ticket. What else? What's 20K who said that? What's 20K? So for my 20K program, it's me doing it all for you. So done for you service, yeah. Done for you service. Got it, okay. Who said the 5K? What was that? 5K was actually the lower end of our packages. Yup, auto dealer marketing. Right you're doing the marketing for them. Yes. K, got it. Yup anyone else? Sure, well there's probably number one. Sell something expensive. Every single one, let's actually spend time on it. That's how important it is right now. So we did the exercise before this in the lesson before so you saw how you can raise the price and kinda get more. But I kinda wanna talk to you guys about it. Who wants to come up? Who sells something low ticket that just believes they cannot go high ticket? I will call up people on my own volition then. I will do a countdown backwards from 10. (audience laughs) Nine, eight, seven. You shouldn't have signed that CreativeLive waiver. Three, let's go, that's my girl. Come on up. Yeah let's give her a round of applause. (audience applause) Come on up! You ready? Yes I am. Thanks for rocking with us, I appreciate ya. Anytime. Well let's talk. Okay. What do you sell? What's your name and who you are? Hi guys my name is Michelle. So I'm not selling it yet, I'm planning to. I sell products, drop shipping, private label on Amazon and Shopify. So I recently this year launched a YouTube channel wanting to teach people how to sell effectively on Shopify and Amazon without focusing so much on scaling so fast even though that's important. I wanna focus on the customer service aspect of it so people don't feel like they're scamming customers because drop shipping takes a long time to ship from China to the US. So you just wanna build trust with building our stores and our brands on Shopify. K, usually what, that's not just for you, for everyone. Usually what stops us from selling something that has a higher ticket is a belief that it's worth it. Can we all agree with that? Just like yes, so a belief that it's worth it. So the challenge is to create something that's worth it. Right? In your eyes and their eyes. Right about you. See what happens is sometimes you hang out with other people in the industry or you talk to your friends and family about it who aren't in the industry, and they give your opinions and then you start to take on their beliefs about what something's worth. So I like to take a step back and just look at the math. So right here, a Shopify course, okay? And she's been selling successfully on Amazon here, and you know the process, you understand the customer service, you understand what goes into it. So let me ask you guys a question. A company that's doing a half a million in revenue, or I'll even say about 250,000 bucks in revenue. Can we all agree it's probably fair to assume that if their customer service is jacked up if their fulfillment process is off, it's probably fair to say they're at least losing about 10 to 20% of potential sales? And what's 10% of 250,000? 25K. I didn't know that's why I asked. (audience laughs) So 25K. So if they're losing 25,000 bucks and you know that they are at least. Do you really think, going with the 5K high ticket there, it's unfair to charge them five grand to show them the right process to avoid losing this? That's what I struggle with. I feel like it's completely unfair. Because all of them, they're trying, it's like a side hustle. They have nine to fives. They wanna get to Shopify. They've created Shopify stores without success and they're running-- All of them or the customers that you're selling to? The customers that I am trying to sell to, yes. There's the challenge. So sometimes you're fishing in the wrong pond. So maybe you're not selling to the people who got the quarter of a million dollars, or the half a million dollars. But instead the $25,000. And the truth is, they don't have enough customers to save anything on customer service. 'Cause they're not selling anything! So for them, you're right. That probably would be a little off to sell someone about customer service that doesn't really have a customer service challenge. And that would feel a little bit like an imposter, and like you're scamming people. So if you just change your targeting and focus on the people who genuinely did have this challenge. Like put it this way, you would have no problem charging five grade to this if somebody told you they were doing $5 million in sales. Yes I would have no problem with that. And at that point, you'd be undercharging. Yeah, exactly. That's the irony. So we gotta fish in the right pond, sound good? Yep. Cool, let's rock. That's it right? So sometimes you just gotta identify, you're good thank you. You're the best. Thank you. That wasn't so bad right? (audience applause) Thanks for coming up. But again sometimes you're just fishing in the wrong pond. So I think the first step in at least charging higher ticket is selling yourself, right? Sometimes I think we're just unsold on the value that we bring. Like you literally don't believe it. Therefore you're not selling it, and your customers can hear that.

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