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1:30 pm - Multimedia PDFs

So more stuff that we can actually go through and do here when we're doing interactive elements here so we've got links. We've got bookmarks right here we've got buttons that it comes to multimedia video, sound s wf files and also going in and doing three d putting video in here. Sure, you can embed any video that you want you click on the video, click on the multimedia, choose video and you just simply draw on area in your pdf to go in and select that file so you draw an area where their video is going to fit up comes the insert video dialog box it tells you f l vfb for mp three s wf another type files there and go to coated with h dot two six, four right whatever that means. I'm not a video person so it's like the file on like looking choose I navigate to where that file is. I can choose video files are all types of files here there's my mp for that I want to have in there, and I click ok. I can click on the advanced options here, which gives me how this video is going to be displaye...

d, played and what controls I have over this video when I put it into my document, so launch settings here when I go into the advanced options is when the content is clicked, it could be enabled or I can do it right when the pages open or when the page, when the content becomes visible, if the pages open but it's large and I dont scroll down to that until that point on lee, when that area becomes visible, will it play? So I'm going to say when the content is clicked, the disabled content is so what? I don't want this happen. I can go ahead and choose disable contact from the context menu or when I close the page or if I scroll up past this. So when the pages closed, I was going to close the file. So the playback style what I want to have. So I want to play this in the embedded pdf here. Or do I want to have this? Come is a floating window outside a pdf your choice. You can have it. You can also go ahead and choose the controller size as well. So when you do a floating window, what size of the floating window he wanted to take over the whole screen, then do I want a border around the entire thing? Yes or no and then we've got the poster retrieve poster from media. Well, why did the media take the poster in the first place? What a poster is is what is the main screen shot of this going to look like when we have it? Basically, when we imported in here, it's just gonna look like a gray box. The poster is justine show poster what he wanted to be, it could be anything you can actually grab it from the file. Or you can go and take a j peg or something like that and just put it. So this is kind of like the cover of one of this year's doing so I could retrieve the poster from the media or it can create a poster from a particular file. Then I can go in and I can choose any file that I want, and this file that I chose is going to be what shows before I play the movie. If I retrieved the media from the poster from the media it's going to be whatever is there first in that media file right there? Then I click on the control tab and what do I want to have for playback skin on this? Do I want to have all the controls? Do we want to have play, stop playing, mute playing, seek everything else, or just play so you can't stop it, it can only play so you choose all the controls that your help so play stop seek volume everything else so it answered that question do you have control over the volume? Well, you may if there's audio or video files in there and they actually were gracious enough to go ahead and include the skin here and here is the color of your overlay as well as the opacity so you can control whatever it is to match their design as you want to when you're done with the controls you can also have them auto hide once the mouse goes off there they hide then you can watch the file under the video here if they are chapter points and here we can actually set points where you could go to and actually see this with a short file it's not gonna be that big of a deal so I'm going to click ok and get out of this whole thing it opens it and it puts it in here and there it isthe so I take my hand tool and I'm ready to do this. Are you guys ready to do this? Let me zoom in okay, so does it work that it work? Does it work? Click to activate oh opens up in the window and this is your brain with all those synapses firing and then we get to the big explosion because your brain will be completely full by the time you get to the end of acrobat here so that's our video now we have our go ahead and click on this because it opens up in a new window we can do this and I'm not getting my playback skin on this right here so I'm gonna go back here go back to my select object double click on this and I'm not going to do this in a floating window on to do the content on the page and the skin should be on the page then now that I do that someone pressed this there we go I'm not getting may playback controls for some reason so ever want to send somebody a video file when you are working someplace where there's a firewall you want them to see this video but they can't accept video files I have no idea how you could do that, but I'm going to guess that you could put it into a pdf and then send the pdf because of course pdf, they're available right? Sure you could also use the wonderful little attachment feature over here on the left hand side we have your bookmarks and you could attach a file too, but codify all you could attach anything slip the video in there make it look official totally fake but I didn't tell you that did I so I want to know why my skin is not working so create poster from files controls here now because it's set to none that I choose none there we don't like okay now press play okay there's my overlay of my skin I must have selected none for the playback files right there but with that you can see as we get in there and you have her over there's my skin for it so I could do stop play I can also scrubbed through the whole thing select my volume and I've got my volume control so I can do that once I go off there on my skin disappears pretty mesmerizing huh it's like wow this is what happens when you peel away a pdf this is what's going on behind the scenes right there pretty awesome so that's how we could go ahead and do video and once it's done there we go wanted to a sound sure take a sound file and do the same thing click and drag have a sound file of hell the mp three everything else choose the file and select the file that we have there there's my mp three files nice little clique what's the advanced options same thing is doing a video you want to do some audio of some sort then you go ahead and actually create something have look put a border around the whole thing play it when it comes to those pages there everything else so once we do that and we've got that file selected today and it in their sound. There it is. Choose the file that too it click ok there's my sound file there click to activate and it's just a simple little clicking sound that I have in there that's all just a little audio file right there you can set it so that we can play so there it is play the whole thing it plays loops fast forward, reverse everything else simple sound file whatever else, if you want to know what files you have, just go under the insert when you draw sound to draw a place to put the sound in goes in and it walks you through. Those are all the file types that you can have I always forget on different get you just can't do it so being able to put sound and audio and here there you go now whatever size the video file is, it will increase the pdf by that size. Okay, if it's three megabytes, your file sizes now, whatever the final size was plus those three mega nights. Okay, so when you put it in there it's clear that you've got all the information in there. There's no links to this. It simply is right in that file embedded in the file when you put it in there it's there so you want to a power point presentation and you want to have all these great things in there not a problem you can drop him in but realize that you're going to go ahead and increase the file size when you do that questions quickly questions on that so what happens with videos that the final product is seemed as a reduced size pdf that's from robin nothing the video stays there they'll just come up with a window and basically tell you that certain files can be down sampled that's all because he can't edit the file you can only look at the content of the pdf and technically this isn't content to the pdf this place content so it just stays the same way so really reducing this file size of a pdf when you've got a video embedded in it all right so it's a question from tear from boston I think I already answered this but how do you embed a youtube video video into pdf well you could do it is a link she can have it so that you do that but you can also go and have when you're on youtube you khun right click and say share you can copy the link right in there and put that link in there as well to do that um or you could just download the video and have it embedded right in there were grabbed the imbed code yeah, great in bed car get put it right I mean by the link to put it in there, so when it comes up, it does that it's going to require that you be hooked up to the internet in order to do that, but you can create a little window for it, appear in there and then it'll stream is however good your internet access is next one is going in and doing a flash file because we've got flash, we can also go in and created flash file again, we go on and choose our content and flash is kind of fun because there's a whole bunch of cool stuff that we have out there as well and we were going to download that little game of pool that we're going to do, we're going to show you that little game of pool, so we will do that and make sure that we have that done so that we can show you what a flash file is and how it works. Anything it's flash based can be put in here is s w a file and we'll have that in after the break here, but I'll show you this little great game that you can use its flash based you put it in there and you can actually interact with a flash based bile right there in the pdf so make sure we do that erin okay, any other questions that we have before we go on? We did have another question about let's see what that would go from cold water city youth so yes, embedding versus resident videos would be nice can you in bed? Html I don't know that there's any way to him bad html in there other than if you choose the embed and you get the link and you draw the window but I'm not sure how you'd actually go through and do that, but that would have to check on that to see how that in bed because with html you can actually put to you are all right in there when you click on it opens the window in that size so I'd be curious to see how we could actually do that. I know what we create a link to something we can go in or sorry to a button here we could go in and our action would be we could execute a menu item or go to a page you a multi media operation and wonder if that's it um acrobat niner later I know we can open a web link and we can put the web link in there in this case so if we do open a web link and we have that it's going to ask you what it is, so this is where you could take the abed code and put it in there in order to do that, but this requires doing a button so that you play a video in a certain way so you could do that and then open it that way. So a couple different ways, but you have to go through and try that see how that works, but there's always a way around in most cases with that but quote from c live jw, did you cover how you khun credit the author of the video from within the embedded frame? Or is there a way to credit for very use copyright appearance? I don't know that there is right off there you'd have to go in and under your document properties here, probably under their properties there, under description. Then you could go in with your metadata and be able to do that, but I don't know if there's a way to specifically do that on that particular file within the pdf here you'd have to put this in the pdf so under the key words there, you could just say, you know, video, copyright such and such by somebody else or audio done that way, but not on the particular. File itself is embedded in there you'd have to do it is metadata like you would on the entire document there, and so that's just under the file menu under document properties there and you can put that and we've got additional meta data that you can go in and use all this ex mp powered metadata. You've got that right there for you. Anything else before we jump right into other fun stuff, eh? So we have a question just came in from sami dawn, and so can you come to a point that the file is so large that it's difficult to open and as the foul size grow if you add as an attachment versus an embedded file attachment or embedded file the amount that the file is it's just that much. Three meg attachment is three magazine three men embedded file is three makes I've never gotten to a pdf that's so large that it doesn't open um, you have to have a lot of stuff in there and I'm talking a lot. You know I haven't haven't had a pdf over forty megabytes. The thing that slows you down is the redraw is gonna be your video card and how fast the stuff can redraw other than that the pds open very quickly, so it all comes down to help fast the machine is your internet connection is and pixel based. Images are always going to be very, very slow. If you've got huge, high rez files, go ahead and do that.

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