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Document Set-Up

Lesson 1 from: Creating Marketing Materials with Photoshop

Jason Hoppe

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Lesson Info

1. Document Set-Up

Lesson Info

Document Set-Up

I've done videos on how you can do marketing materials in Illustrator and InDesign, but this is all about Photoshop, and there's a lot of cool things that you can do with creating marketing materials in Photoshop. So, couple things to start off with here. When you're gonna go and create marketing materials you kinda gotta know what size you wanna build these at in order to be able to go through and get your ideas and build them in Photoshop. So, this is something, you can find this online if you look for social marketing online and find out what sizes. There's a whole bunch of websites that give you all these different sizes here. These are the main ones 'cause the biggest thing is how big do I build my images and my materials for each and every individual platform or interface or social media application. So here's where they are, okay? Here's all the different ones, but these are the basic ones that you can go ahead and grab and build and there's a couple things when you're building ...

for marketing on your social media accounts here, keep in mind whenever you see any measurements like this and you just simply have numbers times numbers here, those are the number of pixels. So if somebody tells you 400 by 600, that's 400 pixels wide, 600 pixels high, and so I just put a little note down here that says keep in mind right here that everything's gonna be done in RGB because anything that you display on your website, your cellphone, your tablet, it's always gonna be in RGB. And then somebody gives you a number times a number, they're always referring to the number of pixels. So when you build your files for social media, if you're going to go through and actually build it as your final end result, you wanna make sure and do it at 72 pixels per inch. Everybody assumes that, but not everybody knows that, 'cause you go in, you start up a new document in Photoshop and you're like oh, how big do you want it? This many pixels, this many pixels, and it's at 300 pixels per inch, which is great for print and then you send it some place and it's too big and you have to crop it, so probably been there, done that. If you haven't, just follow this advice and you'll be good to go. So we're gonna build in a couple different sizes here, and when I say sizes we're gonna build 72 pixels per inch which is what we call low resolution or display resolution, and then we're gonna build at 300 pixels per inch if you end up wanting to do something that's gonna be used for print because a lot of people use both. Use a lot more social marketing stuff, but you know, you may want a business card or a postcard or something to print out. So we're gonna design both ways here. We're gonna show you a lot of really cool stuff that you can do with all of your images and a lot of techniques and we're gonna build just about everything in Photoshop using vector shapes. I know, if you know anything about Photoshop it's all pixels, but we're gonna build virtually everything using vector shapes. Yes, everything using vector shapes and surprisingly enough here in the toolbar, these are all vector shapes. Crazy thing about Photoshop, nothing actually displays as vector, but it actually is vector and you're like wait a second, if it doesn't look like it and it doesn't act like it, is it really? Yes, it is, but we're gonna show you this. So we're gonna show you how to build these files, how to take the end results, make sure you process the images correctly, get everything the right size, the right color mode, the right rendering, whether it's going to be for print or it's going to be for online, or in a light emitting device, we're gonna make sure we've got it all. So, quick little overview right here; here's your sizes. I'm not gonna pay that much attention to these sizes here. We're gonna show you how to put this all together because nobody's gonna memorize these sizes and I'm going to guess that they change quite frequently as different platforms and different things change, but they have up-to-date things on the websites, you can do a search for, they're there.

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Maria Baptiste

Excellent class on using PS for marketing material. There's a lot of how-tos that we often overlook but thanks to Jason my eyes are now opened to a lot of possibilities. Great work, not very long at all, and totally enjoyable. Thank you Jason and Creative Live.

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