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Adding Vectors

Lesson 7 from: Creating Mixed Media Art in Photoshop

Khara Plicanic

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Lesson Info

7. Adding Vectors

Lesson Info

Adding Vectors

and then another file that I've gotten here are these swallows and I forgot to launch illustrator ahead of time. So just pause for a second while we launch Illustrator. So it's an illustrator file. And so that might freak some people out because you might be like, what, Illustrator? I don't know how to do any I help. So here it's so simple. Right? So this is an illustrator file from a website called Vic Tizi, and so they have a lot of vector stuff and it's free to download. So I got this whole file here. I don't want all of these birds. I just want this guy. So if I used the selection tool right here, So the black arrow just like similar and photo shop, it's kind of this is sort of like photo shops move tool slash selection tool. So I can click right here, and I'm just gonna copy Commander Control. See to copy that and then I'll go back to your shop and then, um, commander control V to paste, and it's gonna ask me Don't want to paste this as pixels. Ah, path a shape layer or smart obje...

ct. So if you're not familiar with smart objects. That basically just means it's going to paste in sort of a link or copy of the illustrator file. And then you can always go back to it if you need to make changes. So I'm gonna go ahead and choose smart object and here we have it. So here's our little bird and we can make him bigger, I guess. Maybe put him someplace about like that. Blend him in if we want to change his color. When we double click that file in photo shop, it will bring us back to illustrator, and this is where we would change the color. So if I click on the bird here in Illustrator, just like in photo shop, we have a well in in Illustrator. It's a fill in a stroke. So an illustrator, when I click on the bird, we see he has a black fill. So if I want to change that, I can just open up. Where's my colors? I could open up either the colors swatches up here, or I happen to have colors in my library, my creative cloud library and maybe we just want like this, so I'll just click that and he's updated, then all I have to do is save it, close it and go back to photo shop. And he updates. So again, to do that, I just double click here in the layers panel and that will open the file and illustrator where I can edit it and then save it and it will update on dramatically. That's kind of a neat thing. So again, multiply, adjust the blend mode. Something like that. Okay, I'm feeling like this layer is, like, really a little too intense. So what I'm going to do is add a blank layer below this background that we put in here. I mean, at a blank layer below that by pressing commander control and the new layer button that will bring it below the current layer. And I'm just gonna fill it with white. And since white is my current background color over here, I compress on a Mac command delete, and it will just fill this with white, and that will allow me to reduce the opacity of this a little bit. I feel like it's too strong, and I actually might want to mask some of it from her face just cause the pattern is like competing with her features. And we can't have that. She is so beautiful and I want to see her face.

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Natalie Shihor

Really inspiring! I've learned new techniques and fun stuff, and I'm really excited to try it. BUT - this course is for advanced photoshop users. If you just started, come back again in the future.

a Creativelive Student

Excellent tips and inspiration. I've used Photoshop for many years and still I learned many shortcuts and techniques that I didn't know existed :)

a Creativelive Student

Enjoyed this class. Thank you CL and KP!

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