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Creating a Responsive Website with Wordpress

Lesson 3 of 11

Basic Setup of WordPress


Creating a Responsive Website with Wordpress

Lesson 3 of 11

Basic Setup of WordPress


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Basic Setup of WordPress

Once we install once we get everything kind of in place we do the one click installing our host for instance, we're going to be able to see the sight once we type it in we're also gonna have that that log in that we could go to okay, let me go ahead and log in this is that w p admin now this is log in that's fine, but if we go to that girl that we have that they showed us and I go to w p admin aiken law game with that user name and password that they gave us okay? And this is my admin or my you know, my area to start when we get in here some of them were going we're going to try and do a couple things here that are going to kind of help us okay that we're going they're gonna help us work through wordpress we're going to set up some settings and kind of get get started. Okay, you're going to see right here that this is the first thing we're looking at here is called the dashboard. All right, this is kind of like your your initial interface and a lot of times what's gonna happen here is ...

going to say all right here's what's going on today or hears what's going outward press or information or news that we can we can look at right, so you're gonna be okay? Welcome. Actually, I really like this because it's going to say let's go in and do something and it says, well, let's do this let's add in about paige or let's go take a look at our site they really kind of tried to make it more user friendly azt time goes on it's actually it's amazing. So if I want to do one of these things, I can do that really simply right here. Okay, uh, you're also going to see that there's a lot of things out here that we don't have to look at his marriage like I don't do all the time you're going to see things like this is huge, you guys when you have a site, if you have a blogger on that site okay and people you've all commented on the block probably okay if people comment on your site and then you allow them to do that right here this is what's called the activity feed if you will so it's going to show you the different comments that showed up in the time you were gone. Okay, this is awesome because you can see who said what etcetera and it's also going to say ok what's considered spam what's not and you kind of figure out what to do with those comments right here even and there's there's a whole section over here called comments we could go to, but this is kind of like the short all right, now this this section right here really useful? One thing I want to point out that we're going to be using if you look right up here in the upper right corner, you're going to see that screen options are hidden options that let me zoom out here that we can turn on and off. This is key. You guys, when we're developing, are responsive wordpress site, we want to bill to go in and turn things on, turn things off, especially in the pages you're going to see when we get in there. So we can say, you know what? I really don't want word press news or the welcome or something like that, and you could just turn it off, turn it off, okay? You can always come back to it and get it done that way, so okay, so this is your dashboard extremely important. One thing I do like about this is well, is the fact that it's going to tell you things like if something needs to be updated, wordpress is very good about saying, you know what the theme you're using or this this template you're using, the person who made it made a change so if if you can get the change, maybe you bought it or something like that it's going to tell you that there are updates and you need to update or you can update okay it's not going to force you to so you see, like what's called added glance this is kind of a quick look quick everything you eventually also going to see what's called quick draft this is interesting because you can save drafts of something you're thinking about it's almost like a note pad you really mean and then you can publish it later, you know, almost like an idea for a blogger post or something an idea you have. Okay, so that's something right there that you khun dio that's pretty pretty amazing. So I mean this this is the dashboard extremely helpful. I do want to point out with wordpress if I click on help up here. This is actually very helpful usually see help on an application you're like. And I know you're going to see right here that it's going to show you all a lot of the different things that you're gonna want to dio and tells you what each one of these things is and says, oh, go over here and take a look at it okay, so the help is actually it's it's very helpful I can be so that's, that little tab is kind of toggle it up and down. All right, now you're also going to see something that some of us struggle a bit with you you're going to see this bar along the top here? This is the admin bar, okay? It's just kind of giving a quick snapshot saying who's logged in, you could see how did brian is going to tell you what your site name is? If you want to go look at your site let's suppose that I accidentally maybe it closed the actual site itself, and I'm in the admin I can always come here and click and it's going to take me to the site, okay, so we can't go back and forth there. Um, you're also going to see that there are things like updates, comments and anything new you want to make if you want to make a new a thing, we can do it from here, ok? And I'll talk about that as well at this bar what's kind of interesting, let me actually go out and visit the site real quick, I'm gonna click to visit, you're going to see that if you are logged into the admin it's going to show about there in your design, okay on the actual site that will not show up to users that are not logged in they used to freak me out I was like is that really gonna be on my side the whole time no, this is not gonna be that little bar all right okay, so if you look out here we're also going to see we have on the left over here a lot of options we can work with these air super important we've got the dashboard which we are at right now we also have what it called updates this is key when we talk about updating things were going toe we're going to be keeping wordpress and we're going to keeping our themes everything we work with we want to keep them up to date if we if we can help it okay uh that's one of the things you're gonna find because these days with responsive web design okay we're talking about kind of a new frontier if you will a lot of this stuff is still not set in stone all right? So we're using different methods to do different things so sometimes a new method I'll come out to do something like let's say you guys have a video and you want the video it actually changed sizes depending on mobile versus desktop right? You're not just going to slap a video on the page and let that happen you have to do some something behind the scenes like a plug in or something to get that tow work just to scale okay, so those plug ins can actually update those different things. Can update. This is where we're gonna go toe up. Did them? One thing they always suggest with wordpress is to make sure that you keep it with the latest version of wordpress. A lot of times. It's for security. Okay. They always find things and kind of fixed them and add new things and kind of, you know, rejuvenate the wordpress install. But you can find your wordpress version right here. And that's that's. Pretty important too. So I'm all of today, which is good because we just install it. I hope it's up today you're going to see down here that there is actually a plug in that needs to be updated. Anybody ever heard of a kismet? This program? Okay, this plug, it actually allows you to go in and take care of like, in the simplest takes care of spam for you. It tries to kind of knock it out. Okay? Spam commenting and things like that. It really tries to help with some of that. It does a lot of other things as well. There's a lot of things we can do with it, but this it's it's a plug in we can use okay, on the left over here, we're also going to see all that often content now, the way this is typically set up or kind of division here is on the left. We're going to see up at the top kind of top half, if you will. These are all the kindnesses, all the content we're going to create, okay? We're gonna talk about post versus pages and what that means, okay, you're also going to see media media. This is exactly what you think it is. What do you think that's for exactly. So you feel like I'm going to see that the press has what's called a media library, and we also have, you know, the building to add new, but if I go to the media library and take a look, he's going to show you all your stuff, all this stuff lives up there on the server, okay? And it's, actually, you know, in the database it's ready to be picked, we can if you want to sort by image audio, all kinds of stuff, and we'll take a look at that. This is gonna be a lot of our content. We're gonna work with down here, you're going to see that if you are the administrator, you're the person, maybe they're creating this thing right? This is usually going to be something you're going to deal with all this content down here, the customer let's suppose you're making this for someone else, ok? They hired you. They're using usually not going to tread down here. Okay, this is kind of like the big stuff. For instance, if I come down here to a appearance, you're goingto pretty much figure out that appearance is how we control the overall look and feel okay, this is content appear this post page stuff all this is the content this down here is usually how it works, the appearance so if I go to appearance here, you're going to see what are called themes. Now we're going to talk a lot about themes in a little bit here, but if I go to themes and just take a look, themes are a template essentially, okay, a supercharged template and there's something that we can find all over the web, you can buy them, you can get them for free there's a million and and one out there. But wordpress actually comes with a series of of themes that you can start with and this is going to if you haven't done this before, this is going to kind of blow your mind, but this actually shows you the power of wordpress and how easy this is. A lot of times when we go out and we look at these themes, you're gonna look and what you're going to do. I'm gonna talk about it later, you're going to find the thing that sits suits the business suits the thing you're doing okay and once you find it, you can easily stick it in here. And if you look, we can switch between themes just by activating it's pretty crazy it's going to show you the power wordpress to let me show you this real quick. I'll come out and say, okay, this is what the site looks like right now. That's the default theme notice hello, world. Welcome the word press this data, this content right here I'm gonna go back over and I'm going to say, you know what? I like this one better. I like how it looks I'm gonna click on activate it just activated it I'm gonna go to the site now and make a change right up here I just went to it I'm gonna go ahead and refresh and check it out. It's the same info, same stuff we typed in that's not part of the theme, damon is how it looks, how it's made and structured okay themes are very important, a super important if you pick the wrong one you can go down a rabbit hole okay and not give it you want will you lose any content switching between themes, content itself like pictures and different things like that? No, we want what we lose like if we make changes color how it looks that kind of stuff yeah, yeah, we can lose things like that because it's kind of some of that's a little bit like tied to the theme if you will okay, just some things like that but the content no that's the beauty part content sits in if you remember that database to sits in there and we just kind of this is almost like a little well skin we just put over the top and flow the data and you know what I mean? So it's pretty face yeah, and then you put makeup on it yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I think it looks pretty make it and get looking waiting. So we're going to talk a lot about these because they're crucial they're super important. The themes were going to pick our gonna be what's called responsive and a lot of themes are today and that essentially means if you take a look and this is key crucial when you're picking one of these everybody in the world when they talk about responsive this is by the way, the international symbol for responsive design is this okay every day does this as soon as I say it's a responsive and they're like yeah, it does that so that you take the browser window and if I come over to the right here and how many of you have done this before okay if you haven't you will all right? So gonna come in here and say okay, we'll wait look look what it's doing responsive essentially what is responsive mean realigns it okay, adjustable realizes brain reacts to the size of frame right? So if you think about it this is the thing that it kind of kills me I every time I create a site or something like that, you know, sit down in front of a client claimed a lot of times we'll do this we'll grab the edge and they'll be like this it will be like, well, actually you see that word wrapping its not quite, you know, like that but if you really think I get it, I get it but if you think about it there's a lot of devices out there but it's like, if you look at it on the phone, for instance, you know you're not gonna be like taking the phone and going like, you know what I mean, so you're just trying with responsive design what we're trying to do is we're trying to hit the response of spectrum you know in any device size that might come along or there are because there's a billion devices out there right so responsive actually makes sis so that we have the same content but it's just responding to what's called the view port the view port is generic his browser okay, so yeah that's that's the idea behind a responsive site and in this case of responsive theme we're going to find that some of the themes are responsive and I believe let me try this one let me try twenty twelve required coming activate that one and go over and take a look you're going to see that some of them are responsive in different ways some of them are not and that's why you had to be very careful us refresh thank you. Thank you, thank you. There we go. Nice. Yep this one's pretty responsive to okay, I would imagine most wordpress most were presidents are pretty responsive these days. Yes, they are they kind of need to be to be for anybody to buy it. You know? Okay, so these air themes we also have a lot of other functionality that we're going to talk about. We're going to get a lot of this stuff menus and widgets and things like that and these are all part of it we have our plug ins you're going to see right here and like I mentioned before plug ins are are where it's at this is the good stuff this is you want to do like a shopping cart to this or that and you don't know how to code it you don't want to code it is where we're gonna go usually okay plug in uh some of them are free some of their paid it really depends now all arrested stuff. I kind of want to hit just a little bit here because when you first get in here it's important to understand what all this is right, but we need to set some settings. Okay? There's some things we need to get to and kind of hit. So down here you're going to see first of all, can you let me let me do this? Can you see the users down here? So we have we have users which are the users of the site and usually we have we have the one we started with, right? You're you're usually okay. And if we have more people that are gonna work on it like let's say a client okay or maybe a partner or something like that designer developer we can make new users and give them rolls permissions for you well, down here there are what are called tools this is something we're not going to use right okay, we're going to use what it called setting settings are crucial this is the first thing we're using to dive into okay so if I go down the settings down here and take a look what I want to do is let me just click on settings what it does is it goes to the first one called general and I was in a little bit here if you remember when we did the one click on blue host ok, we had a sight title we set up this is where we can change it this is really important information that will probably show up on the site so the site titles right here you're also going to see this tagline now a tagline is kind of like a title and a subhead and did you see it out on the site itself? Some themes will show this some won't but if you obviously if you don't want it to just say that I know a lot of there's a lot of rookie mistakes you can make and leaving that is one there any text I'll just type in something like the vote doughnut okay, something like that you're also going to see her down here that it's gonna automatically fill a lot of this and we don't need to mess with it okay it's gonna put your your you know what the earl is etcetera um put your main email address who did it registering anyone can register this is pretty important because you can make it to our other people if you have a block apart, okay? And they want to comment and there's a little button that says you got to sign up for signing to do it. Anyone can register says they couldn't do that, okay, um, that anybody could, even if they're not in admin or anything like that. So you really this is something I watch out for, you know, we test and try and see what we want to have happen, the user role I'm going to see right here, there's a lot of user rolls were going to talk about that shortly, but right now we have what's called subscriber and that's kind of like the most basic user they can have, like, maybe somebody who just reads and maybe comments kind of thing. Okay, we'll talk about that a minute, and you can set things like your time zone and dates and all that kind of thing, okay? And a lot of times, a lot of things are going to put this on the page, especially if you have, like, a blog's section, and they're showing that those goal posts you can change how it looks essentially always go back in here and do that, and, of course, when does the week start you can see what's right down here you can pick it so if we make any changes in here and this is the key to wordpress you're going to find save buttons everywhere I am guilty of this I will just go and do we're pressing usually will tell you hey are you sure you want to leave this page type thing? You know it's all click save pages say changes rather and it always kind of gives you the banner it says okay, we're safe we're good okay, so initial settings we want to just take a look at make sure we have set we want now I'm also then going to go into these settings we got writing, reading and discussion is there just housekeeping things that we want to take a look at all right? To be perfectly frank the writing thing you're really not going to touch in the beginning unless you have a dire need thio change how it does it all right, you can see right here convert a motive cons to a graphic whatever you guys can read and you can look at this and say do I really want to do this or not? Okay, this is not gonna make any sense right now this post stuff whatever we're gonna talk about that later, okay, so right now we're going to kind of leave this alone I'm going over to reading down here and click on reading this is keith this is huge the reading section because when you first get into wordpress you're gonna be struggling a little bit you're going to forget we're stuff iss okay and you're gonna kind of be clicking on all these two c I still do that sometimes I'm gonna go to reading here and you going to see that front page displays nowthis is humongous for us if we pick a theme a lot of times the theme will actually have a template like different templates of things that we can work with that kind of change how the page looks you got your latest posts that's a blogger basically okay so if we want to create like an actual website which is what we're gonna do a responsive website with content we're going to change this to what's called a static paige paige we make we're going to talk about pages and posts and all this content up here coming up okay so for right now we're going to revisit this but for right now this is important but we're gonna leave it alone for a second and then the rest of this stuff is based just information about how it shows up when you type in things and we're going to talk about this a little later, okay? This right here's can be pretty important to it says discourage search engines from indexing the site so you can turn it on, and if you're just trying to make it and you spend some time to do it, they might not grab it. It kind of tries to tell them don't look at this yet, okay, so you gotta make sure you turn that off at some point, you know? So I can kind of, you know, it helps a little bit, so all right, so this is something we're going to take a look at the other things down here. I don't the only there's, only one other big thing, but the discussion settings right down here, you can see if I just click on those road quick, when we start to talk about the blogger part of this and people are going to comment and things like that that's what these settings are okay, we're not gonna mess with this yet. We're gonna talk about this in a little bit s o that's the discussion settings all right? Are you guys okay with that? Okay, we'll wait a little bit media particular, commedia we're not really going to go into this media just talks about we can actually set up different sizes for pictures when it when we upload pictures that could make different sizes for us kind of interesting, kind of neat, we'll take a look at that later and we could talk about it later but is this where it would be important if you're going to be posting your blog's that have pictures on facebook or pinterest or are there any certain requirements that those types of sites have that you're aware of? Yeah as faras sizing, we'll talk a little bit about that we'll get in taxi adding content that's a good question okay, so right now we're not going to really touch this yet, okay? Last thing we're going to we're actually going okay and then we're gonna be done all right? So if you look down here in the lower left way down here I mean, zoom in a little bit you're going to see in this setting section coming in this setting section down here you're going to see what's called perma links I'm gonna click on perma links and take a look at it this is something that a lot of us don't set right away you know you don't you know you look at what is a permit link first of all, they don't know you didn't wanna permanent is what is a perma link? Do it it's the link that's on the very top in the web browser the name of the page, right? So one of the things that we do for search engine optimization, what we call the ceo right as well as the human factor by default if you look right here the default when somebody goes to a page in your sight okay usually this is a page or something like that at the end of the girl that shows up right up here at the very top so right up here let me go to the site itself right up here you're usually going to see work what page you're on right if you guys been the websites where it tells you what page you're on if we keep this the way it is up there even if let's suppose we're on a page called contact us it's going to look like that in the actual girl up there so that's how the world press knows go grab this stuff through the thing and put it together okay but as faras search engine optimization I mean what is that? You know I mean so or readability different things like that memorization you remember where they've been yep or also for for bookmarking purposes things like that so that that could be kind of tough that can be really tricky to do so a lot of us don't keep it there what we do most of the time is we actually said it too it's called post name okay, that just means like post name it means like the page you're on that kind of thing so it'll say like if if we have ah paige we're going to call contact it will say in the earl it'll say c l start only zoom in here a little bit it'll say like for me c l start slash contact okay and if you name a page a certain thing it's going to start to put hyphens in there and to be honest that's usually how you can tell you're on a site that was created with something like wordpress if you ever see the girls they have a lot of hyphens in the names at the very end and that's what it's kind of doing or saying ok, so these these are super important so I'm gonna go in and say all right let's do that we don't need to talk about the tag and optional this is definite more advanced I'm just going to go in save the changes here and get it in there and we should be good permanent structure updated okay now it's going to shore page names and we'll be happy all right? So yes good no one additional question I know because it defaults on which is really silly but because it default on that first one if let's say you've had a website for three months and you then change it to post name will it automatically update all the past stuff you've done? Yeah, it usually does a pretty good job of that I've had like everything in the world something could go anywhere but yeah it's I'm gonna tell you right now, it's best to set this out of the game? Sure, yes, I didn't know. So all right, so we have we have some basic setting set. We're getting on our way. I know you guys were, like a lot of background stuff. Let's get him in designing making, uh, but what's gonna happen here is we need to now it just kind of set up users. Okay, so what I want to do is I want to go over to the users and talk about those a little bit now, one of the things that, like I said before is that when you first make a wordpress site and you install it and you got your thing in your in your admin, I said that before we're going to see who's logged in and obviously, you know, that's me, obviously, okay? And you guys, if you have any, like social media tied to this kind of stuff, you can actually find that and go put it in there the picture, I don't even do that, I just did it, and you'll see that we can do things like edit our profile home profile I I love this and the reason why check this out, I'm gonna click on edit, profile at my profile and weaken like I don't I don't particularly like the appearance here, so if you like it in a different color in a vat of this, you could kind of change the way it looks to make a little easier on the eyes sometimes, okay? This is some kind of kind of cool right there. We also have we're going to talk a little bit later about editing, adding content when we typed texting and do different things like that into our pages. There's a way for us to see it visually and a way for us to connect, sneak behind the scenes and get to the code, if you will. This says, just let me see code so you might not want to do that, okay? That's, why it's off that right there? Disable the visual editor when writing so we have just a quick color scheme we can set, you know, we've got sure cutting. Um look at this, this is actually pretty cool show toolbar when viewing site watch this. I'm gonna turn it off and of course, there's a safe when we get down here and save it real quick or we'll get back in here, don't worry, I'm gonna say update the profile look like an update and I'm gonna refresh out here to do a quick refresh and then go out and refresh remember that bar up there that was showing up okay the admin bar there you go so we can tell it to hide if we want to all right you're going to see that it's it's not actually hiding in here which is okay and if I refresh a couple times you going to see it's still that are still there but we're in the admin so that's me that's ok all right so that's why that could be a good thing now that's for you that's for you on lee right you can see that you can if you want to change your info here if you want teo you're not going to change your username once that's done that's done okay you can create another user okay but this user names kind of set we can do things like a nickname we can enter contact info you know website et cetera if you need to change your password this is huge right here change your password here okay that's that's the big stuff we have right there is that when you first set up the website you're the person and that's that number little number this that the crazy password yeah they will give it exactly that's the past where they will show you that's where you change it this is where we'll change you go okay because I I was trying to look for that in the c panel and I was very conf yeah. No, no, I agree. I agree, but if you go back to the blue host or go daddy and you go into click on wordpress again, it'll show you all of your sites that have wordpress. You can click on the stage like show the info or something like that. Actually, the password things will just make you reset it, so cut it. But this is this is for the admin for wordpress. Perfect. Okay. Okay. Soas. Faras, our user weaken, conducive pull changes here if we want to. Ok. Now suppose that we have ah, client or someone else is gonna help us out. We want to create a user for them. Okay? To be perfectly honest. Ah, lot of times when you make a wordpress sight forever and a day the username password used to be admin admin and every knew that. And they're a lot of people that didn't change it. Okay, which is not good because somebody could just dive in your your this and start a let's. Just have a day. You know, let's do our thing. So so they always used to tell us you need to change the default password in that. Now, with this kind of install it's, we've got our own username and password, okay? But if we need to add someone else, okay, you're going to see right here is going to say, users, I'm gonna click on on the left over I'm gonna click on all users to show that and it's gonna tell us, you know, every that we've got signed up, if you will, to kind of see this and there I am, obviously and it's going what's really key here is you're going to see that we have what are called rolls. This is huge. Okay, you're going to see that there is an administrator here. It says one that's. All right. And if you look out here going to see roll right over here, administrator so administrators can do pretty much anything. All right there, king, if you will. Or queen depending on your you are. If we decide, we want to add somebody else, you can figure it out. I mean, if you look in here, you're like there's. Add new all over the place. Okay, there's, add new here on the left. There's add new up here if we want to. So I'm gonna say I got a client wants to get in here. I'm gonna click add new and you're going to see let's do what we do so I'm gonna fill out some things I'm not going to go nuts I'm just going to fill out the required stuff so we don't spend too much time uh so I called this like, you know, you guys do as I say not as I do don't fill it out like a two letter this that and the other thing make it a little more hard to guess if you will so only has to be you don't have to put like an at at you don't but a lot of people will because if you're within a company you know that kind of thing and you want to just make it out a little more secure or you know, have it so everybody is tied and it's more official kind of thing you know, there's there's reasons why people do that for sure um so right down here going to see the email I'll say I'll put mine in here uh actually I'm gonna put another one okay first name last name all this stuff the last thing we really need here okay that's required is the password so you know I'll just tio joe I don't do general yeah I'm a big fan can you believe I mismatched joe? I was impossible wow okay, so you're going to see right here yes very very well that should say disgustingly weak yes joke there you go that would actually be better yeah so obviously we need to have a password that's a little you know a little more bite uh then you're going to see right here this is cool send it to the user you can come down let me see you in school now wilmore yep send this password and new user by email that's that's phenomenal so that it's going to take it to the email you just put it up there send it there this is this is the key right here the role you've got to pick it now ok we can always change roles later but our job is to figure out what they can and what they can't through okay I'm in a good that's the question I'm sure you're gonna go over this what is the difference train editor and admin okay yeah let's let's talk about that um to be perfectly frank with you I have not memorized all these I get to a certain point and I'm like okay I just used to talk to and I don't really do the rest don't I mean um editor I'm not going to go through every cent single do it's what I'm gonna do is I'm going to send you guys to a link it's in the pdf of links that you can access that we have that we give you uh but administrator can do pretty much everything khun do everything I should say editor a lot of times if you take a look editor can't do a lot of this stuff in the bottom half down here like switch themes and add plug can't do things like that okay we're thinking mork client with that okay thinking more client so that's kind of the deal there and as you kind of move down the chain there is less and less you could do like at one point you can't add media okay when you get down I think it's a contributor can't add media so they can't like upload pictures and things like that okay, but they can do things like type in a story or something all right when you get down a subscriber honestly subscriber most of this just nuke you don't even see any of this and it's just like did you get to remember the colors and stuff I set for my that's pretty much it so you get down those air people to comment on your block usually okay, let me do this I'm gonna show you a girl uh I'm thinking I've got it up here I'm hoping I have it up here course page that's in the earl is actually in the pdf of links that we have available and it's what it's gonna do is going to talk about the different roles forward press so here's the thing what you can do is and I wanted to just point this out generically because even if we're just we're designing we're adding content etcetera you're probably at some point want to go to what's called the codex okay the word press has a kodak somebody you've ever heard of this okay it's it's the word press bible ok have any questions? You got to do something install at a sidebar but whatever this is one of the places where you can go to check and ask and take a look as a matter of fact on wordpress dot or going to see that this is where you can also find themes or templates we can find plug ins, get mobile sites do this do that etcetera you can go up to the codex and what I would do I don't have the open right now and I apologize but you can just look forward press rolls that's that should do it just go to google look forward press rolls and it's going to kind of show you the difference is the exact nuances between each one of these let me go back over and I'm gonna create this I'm actually going to say that he's an editor okay, this is joe so joe is an editor and I did joe username joe password? Can you remember that for me? Okay it's not too hard I know I'll remember the email address right? Yeah, I'm gonna be bryan with dok somebody had to use their here all right were added too so there's joe okay? And if I had checked that email it would send him an email right away so we can we can add a lot of different people you're going to see in here as faras users we can at some point change roles later on somebody's being naughty you know? Whatever okay, you can kind of do that people had yeah, people are added to it, etcetera. Now watch I'm going to do this I'm going to go in and say I'm gonna log out so what happens then is they're going to do this when when they're ready to go to your site and they're ready to start doing their thing and could changes or whatever they're going to go to that girl it's going to be w p admin you never showed up for they're going to see this they're gonna log in it's gonna be jo jo I killed joe morgan and if you take a look, check it out so cool to see so you're going to see that it is actually filtering what they could do so they can only access to certain things you're gonna see it's kind of a big big ledge there big drop off between admin and this you know the other so you do have to be careful with editor and this is why we are you mentioned before backing up I get people all the time that I said his admin because they're paying the bills they want toby admin they tell me that I've had that happen and then they ruin it and then it's something happens you know, on dh they blame you I'm getting so we back up we make sure that you know these things are working and everything's good to go so so yes so this is what we do we got the users, we set them up and once wed log in and once we have everything set I'm gonna log out here and large o lord myself back in you can see that already kind of put me back in there they won't see that obviously and here I am back ready to go okay, so that's that's the admin this is once we get once we get installed once we get our girl and I'm really happy we log into our admin check things out set our settings get started then we can start to jump in see okay let's get a team, we'll start going responsive let's start thinking about how we get this going so that's pretty much what we're going to jump into next

Class Description

You don’t need to know a line of code to build a gorgeous, fully-functioning website. With WordPress, you can create and maintain websites for yourself or your clients with minimal technical know-how. Brian Wood shows you how in Creating a Responsive Website with Wordpress.

Brian Wood is an Adobe Certified Instructor who has spent years training designers and business owners how to build and grow an awesome, professional web presence. In this class, he’ll cover WordPress website development from the ground up. You’ll learn how to:

  • Choose a host and install WordPress
  • Make your WordPress site mobile-friendly
  • Pick and apply the right theme for the job
  • Change essential WordPress settings
  • Add menus and widgets
  • Work with posts and pages
  • Add functionality through plugins

Brian will give you a greater understanding of WordPress that lays a solid foundation for all of your future web work. You’ll learn your way around the admin area and find out which add-ons are worth paying for and which ones you can use for free.

Everyone needs a website – learn how to deliver one with this complete guide to setting up, managing, and updating a WordPress site with Brian Wood.

Software Used: Wordpress 4.0



Learned less than I expected. I came into the class with WP knowledge having a created my own functional site. I could have learned everything he covered by reading online, in less time and for free. The instructor was all over the place and never really answered all "really good questions" "you know what I mean?" I believe more could have been covered if the instructor was a better speaker and better organized. He was really difficult to listen to. I don't feel this course was worth what I paid but as I bought in a bundle I'm hoping the other sessions will be better. I recommend catching this course on a free preview before making the purchase. I wish I had.

a Creativelive Student

I thought that Brian did a great job explaining how to set up a word press site. I am a novice and felt that I could handle it after watching this. I am a very linear learning and didn't feel like he was jumping around. I felt that he was explaining the process of using a very detailed and multiple optional program well and I didn't have any problems following him. I think you have to have an attention spam and be focused because it is a lot of info and can seem rather detailed. For a beginning class on Wordpress, I am very satisfied with what I just learned and feel comfortable creating websites. I am planning to take the more advanced class based on this. As far as the title, I guess I took the time to read the description of the class before I purchased it so I felt like it was money well spent and knew what I was signing up to receive. I will agree with other comments, the one female student made it difficult to watch due to her need to add something to prove her knowledge. I could have done without that, maybe they could ask the students to limit their comments or questions.


In the process of upgrading our church's website responsive and this definitely was the course to watch. Have had a wordpress site for years, but got a great refresher and learned much I didn't know. Thanks a ton, and can't wait to get into the other courses as well to continue my journey.