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Creating a Responsive Website with Wordpress

Lesson 11 of 11

Going Beyond: Forms & Plugins


Creating a Responsive Website with Wordpress

Lesson 11 of 11

Going Beyond: Forms & Plugins


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Going Beyond: Forms & Plugins

If you're thinking this is a contact page, for instance, and what I'd like to have is, I'd like to have some kind of form or something like that. Has anybody ever built a form for themselves? Don't don't do it that's the thing it's there so many options out there plugin although there also are a lot of options out there, one of my favorites is wu fu dot com I've heard of that one that one is awesome it's so cool I used it forever and it's w u f o o o o I use the one that works with male chimp and I think that one does this one actually think does work with male chimp? Yeah there's there's a lot of times you can do with it, but anyway, what I'm trying to say here is that if we even have a form, the form's gotta be responsive it's got to be ableto collapse an expanded and work within our theme and not just be too large if you try and do it yourself that's fine it's going to take you a bunch of work, you got to figure out this styling and how it happens, and the hardest part about a form ...

to me is just making it work on the back end. You don't mean one of my favorite forms and we're not going I'm not gonna put it in here. I want to show you where it is but if I go to plug ins once again wolf who is not a plug in it's actually, you go up to the site so well for dot com you go up to the site and you do it you build the form through their builder on their site and they actually give you either a short code or they give you just a little bit of code you just paste into the page and you got it and it that's all you do basically it hooks it up so that you can say the data you can see the all the information it's not just gonna e mail you but it's going to keep it in a database which is different there's a lot of forms that just e mail you the information. So you gotta kind of be careful that, um, one of the plug ins that I use a lot is what everybody uses. Okay, if I go over to plug ins to take a look and go to add new quick and we're going to have a kind of segue way a little bit in the plug ins in just a few minutes here, but you're going to see if I can find it let me go to popular popular it's like the second one here it is right here contact form seven there's there's two of them out there that are really huge. This is one of them twenty two million downloads, twenty two million sites or downloads that it's been on dead simple, easy to use. You can change the styling. I mean, there's a lot of things to get done with this, so and it is responsive out of the gate, which is perfect that's what we need we need a response of form. Okay, so content wise, we're starting to get some of our things together here for some of our pages only go back over to the pages. I'm gonna talk just a little bit about posts and just it's pretty much the same thing that's all I'm gonna say, um but I just want to take a quick look at them because when we have our blawg there's a few little things that are specific to post that you're gonna want to use if I go to my post here, you're going to see that we do have on the left over here we've got our categories and our tags and I when I have a block I killed I killed had a great car, a great meaning I use them all the time all over the place because a lot of themes will actually have the ability to sort based on category and show different pages and different things like that, like menu systems based on categories of post tag's. Not quite as much. I use them, but you're going to find it with your post. Let me actually goto mall here you're going to see when you go to a post and I click on edit, I just love how wordpress does this it's actually pretty simple, but if I'm starting to create content, I'm getting out here and I realized that, you know, we can do all the same kind of stuff if you want, you will notice if you take a look out here that there is a visual and there's a text and if I go back to visual, you'll see the bargain lot of the same stuff I'm gonna do this let me actually let me cheat real quick. I'm gonna copy some text on the way back to about us real quick or home. Please give me a page, okay, that has text and I'll go copy this and then I'll go back and I'm just gonna paste in hero correct is that we have some text in there and I'm gonna update this post. Now one of the things that happens with posts is it, like we said before, is it's actually usually time, time stamped a time based okay, it's, something that's tied to an event where time and it's going to go into our blood pidge or a block on our page? If I go out to the site right now and take a look and go to blogged, click on block and take a look. I haven't set the banner image yet, that's fine, but you're going to see right here creative life happening now. So you're going to see that it's putting a lot of stuff out there, okay, this is this block page, by the way, is going to show usually snippet or pieces of your block post. This is not intended to show the entire post, okay, we have separate pope post pages for that, okay? We don't make those they're done, so what we want to do is you want to say, I just want to put what's called an excerpt out here, it's a little bit of it, so usually when you're working with these posts, if I come back in here to editing, all right, so we're back in here, we're editing, and you're gonna find sometimes you're gonna have to go to the text to make those changes I'm looking at here and I'm thinking to myself, you know what? Maybe I've got a video in here maybe I've got an image of the damage I want to show that on that block paige because I want to show them a little bit of it so we're gonna show an excerpt so a lot of times what we'll do is a couple ways to do this you can put your cursor on the block post and you're going to see right up here that there is what's called the insert read more tag okay, the read more tag is very dead simple you just click on it and it's kind of weird, but when I click on it, it actually clears out and it's just kind of showing you and actually I like this it's showing you that this is all that's going to show in the main block page when you go to click the link, the rest of this stuff is going to show okay, so so much I'm gonna click on update and this is just stuff that we do. We do this all the time I'm gonna go and refresh it should get ready to come home so we go all right, you're going to see right here is going to say right down here continue reading that's what that says okay, so that little more right there if I click on that is going to take me to the actual page and you know what's really crazy did you guys notice how it stopped? It's got me way down here there's no white does that I've really it freaked me out forever. I finally figured it out one day it actually this is the excerpt right up here it's scrolling the page so you can continue reading so it immediately takes you to the stuff beyond the excerpt which is kind of crazy. Yeah it's kind of it's kind of interesting. So anyway, okay, so and now you can finally see that we do have are commenting and all are different things that we can do out here because this is blood so we can set that up if you want to go back over to the post so post in this theme anyway once again same kind of content seem kind of anything we can do you'll look over the right we're not gonna be able to set some kind of template on this because it's using the blawg template and that's all there is for us. Okay, you will see that we can't set categories which like I said could be useful in certain themes categories this is dead simple. You can figure out how to add a category right and a new category so if I click on that and I'm going in saying, well, this is actually an event, so I'm just gonna call it part of my event category you can you can go in and if you want to you can make a have a parent for it so you could actually create a hierarchy for these categories because this category stuff won't really do anything it won't show up anywhere except maybe in like the title it will say category event but until you go into the theme and say let's, grab this stuff from this category will this actually really kind of take effect? Okay? So a lot of things were just kind of doing set up and I found that when I work on certain sites, I'm actually taking an old site and refreshing it may be one of my bigger, biggest businesses has been making sites responsive, which is awesome once that stops it's gonna have to do something else, but anyway, um, I find a lot of people have like a thousand posts and they'd never categorized, never organized, never done anything so for media to try and make them more concise and findable is hard work, so there are plug ins to do that to kind of go in and scour and things like that but it's hard man you gotta if you're going to categories gotta stay on top, you gotta organize your stuff, okay okay, so on the right, just really quick. We also have tags. Tags are little different. They can be used sort of like a category, but tags air just something in the theme that you can say if anything's tagged with this let's group it together, it could be kind of like categories. Yeah, but a button for the widgets on the right side column. Does the search button bring back information from tags or does it bring back information from categories or both? Typically it's actually looking through the content of the post itself? That's what it's doing so better? Yeah. So it's it's actually doing a pretty good job of trying to kind of searches search and a half minutes, but that's why? There are plug ins for search. Okay, so they do a little better job, and they actually tell you they allow you to say search categories and search tags search all this stuff and they could actually do a little better job of actually trying to index your data. Yeah, it's a good thing so I could settle back on image. I could step banner texas just like I said before and you're going to find it. We don't have a cz much stuff in here as far as the post is concerned if I go to screen options up here you will see that we have pretty much all the other stuff we can do but there are some other ones like you can actually create an excerpt just by pasting into this excerpt field instead of putting that mohr tag out there you can just copy paste what you want in there the extra could be completely different if you could just be a summary of the block post which is kind of neat that's why we use x sir sometimes okay, so different information different things we can do comments are turned on if I go to commenting here and just turned it on and scroll down you'll see that they're actually they're just on we don't have any comments yet this is one place you can find them all right, let me go ahead and just update this we've got ourselves a post pretty pretty simple stuff okay? All right, what I want to do is we've been talking responsive we're talking, picking the right thing that's crucial okay unless you want to go at it that's the key right? So theme has a lot of settings like he was telling me about a great set of themes that were for photographers that you had puns is settings to able to do what you want that's what we're looking for okay that's the kind of thing but you're gonna find at some point that even the theme fall short you want to do something beyond you want to add a shopping cart you want to add a contact form you want to have this kind of thing? We're most likely going to turn to plug ins to do that okay that's what we're gonna talk a little bit more about and I'm gonna share with you some of my top plug ins that you need to have in your sight so let me do this I'm gonna click on plug ins here and come back over the plug ins and I want to take it you ah girl which is part of the pdf uh, girls that we have and this is a site um how many of you been to this beginner okay, pretty good sight it really is a lot of great stuff just learning getting started, etcetera. Um, one of things I like is this right here it's called the blueprint and a lot of sites for learning wordpress will show you something like this okay, they did a good job because it's kind of going in saying ok, well, this entire site was made out of wordpress obviously okay, if it wasn't, I'd be a little skeptical but, um if I go to school down a little bit you're gonna see that the blueprint essentially means this is what they use as faras hosting and plug ins for their sight okay to tell you how they could do things and I really find it to be a very interesting so they're using wordpress using host gator they use something called max cdn because no one a cd anas what is this cdn okay cdn is actually a content delivery network it's called and let me just show you this rocket this connection be very important when you start dealing with uh responsive ok especially when you start dealing with mobile versus desktop now you know how I keep talking about when we take an image and we uploaded teo to the media loader and it creates all these different sizes for us okay and we could go in and use them if you want to etcetera but we actually will inward press I have to do this kind of ourselves we can make it so that if we have desktop and if we have you know tablet or we have phone or something like that I already mentioned this before we have a large banner image right here on the phone we're not going to serve that saving it same image we're going to serve a small version of that right and by default it doesn't happen a wordpress okay wordpress those theme to please just says make it smaller that's it what we canoes there are certain things we could do as faras plug ins or our own code to get this to work but if we use what's called a cd n my point here is this we're gonna be using multiple image files a lot of times and that's going to add up as far as how much how many images you have and, you know, file size and different things like that. And maybe you guys are using something like bloo host go. Daddy wanted one gator hojo skating rather etcetera. How many of you are using something like that? Or have that's what? That's, right? That's, right host. Okay, um, how many of you guys ever heard of ah, vpn. Okay, anyway, have vpn okay? So here's the thing when we when we host, we're actually on, uh, on some of these were hosting with we're sharing a machine with other people, okay, which, you know, kind of makes sense on their end because they have a certain a single machine at the host, and I'm going to totally just make this dead simple, because I don't understand some of it, but so they have a machine right there and on that machine, like you have a folder, you know, joe, down the street has a folder. This person has a folder, etcetera, so your sight is here, you know, joe sites there, her sights, is there so essentially you're you're sharing or splitting band with and you're splitting ram and all this kind of thing on this machine if you're very heavy on images, things like that or video content etcetera, this there could be elect it can slow things down, especially if you got a shared host like this or shared server. Rather so if you want to take this further, you can actually use what's called a cd m a content delivery network anybody ever heard of amazon hosting? They actually have their own hosting service. Okay, so amazon actually has it. It's called amazon as three or simple host simple uh, something I can't rumor that's great. Amazon has three. Okay, it's kind of ah, simple way to be able to do this, but it's called a content delivery network, which essentially means that the company actually has servers let's say that this is the world. Ok, there's that's us right there, by the way. So the company amazon, has servers all around the world in a different locations in the u s and it kind of depends sort of how much you pay, but, um, they can actually take your content like your images and put that same folder of images all around the world are all in the united states and different servers and any time somebody goes toe look at your site let's say that they're on this side of the world they're going to go to the closest server to grab that content there is if we let it be hosted with the hosting company they were shared it could be one machine and they got to do this to go to that image and bring it back around right? So a kind this is an over simplification okay? But content delivery network allows us tow spread it across different servers possibly and use that more effectively and that's one of the things that they're doing right there okay, that that they're saying or having so it's something look into it really is I did it with video content you're also going to see that we have a lot of different things out here a ce far as genesis frame were coming you guys ever heard of that before? It's big lot of people use it it's kind of it's ah theme type thing that we can work on it's a little more advanced okay, definitely more advanced you're going to find out how many of you ever heard of security? Okay, if so there's some really big things that you need concern yourself with this far is working with your site security is one of them okay if it's your sight and you got four pages and maybe five people visit it a week whatever you know I mean, I'm not saying to forget about it but if you guys have a client site I got a client site in san francisco here that serves like millions of people lots of people in their constant band with going out we actually it got hacked at one point and all sites can get hacked at some point or another it's just part of the game but security is actually a security software that you can install and have work to help secure your site basically so there's stuff like that that we need to think about if we're really you know, kind of getting it done there's also backup software like vault press which is kind of interesting I actually use ah back up, tio um what did I tell you that drop box so using backup drop box for all my simple ones there's a simple you're going to search for a drop box, back up in plug ins basically and get it done. Um we gotta have google analytics. So anyway, this is a good little map to take a look out because it's going to show you a lot of things that people are going to use okay? And almost every site gravity forms is actually, uh this is another one just like that contact form seven huge lot of people use it so depends on what you're doing let me go back over to plug ins and I want to kind of run down some of the plug ins that I tend to use. This is actually the plugin directory from word press we don't need to go here because we can see it through admin okay, but let me go back over and go to plug ins and I'm gonna click on add new and if you take a look what I'm gonna do is I can now search plug ins up on that site I just showed you on the word press cite some of the sights that I have some things that I do all the time on all my sights for some not for some reason, but because it does a good thing a site map how many guys set up site maps? Ok, google some kind of xml site map is a good thing for seo, okay for searching a search engine optimization simply because a site map can give google mohr information about modification dates if something is updated, etcetera. That's actually a big thing on just information about the pages in general and google looks at those things. So, you know, it does actually it's not going to shoot you up in the rankings to, you know, the number one I'm not saying that, but everything helps so in xml site map and that's something you guys get a fresh from time to time to get teo creek recreate that because actually xml files called question think that runs in the background or is it on a page by itself it's a good question this is actually going to run in the backgrounds gonna plug in that has settings page you just kind of let it go don't mean, you can either let go or you can set it up and you could set it to do with certain times and it basically just is gonna go through scour your site into a snapshot kind of look at all your stuff so it's actually really pretty cool. So that's a good one uh, some kind of xml or some kind of site map is a good thing to have. Um, this is everybody knows this one once you workin wordpress there's like fifty of these they're really good. Um the ceo okay, you're going to find that there's one by yoast here we go. Word process eoe buy yost I used like three or four different ones out there. There's a lot uh yost is a is it pretty good when it really is? It does a good job, they've been around for quite a while and you can actually see that there's fourteen million downloads this is going is going to go in and kind take you further as far a search engine optimization it's not going to get your rank number one I'm telling you that once again but it's going to go in and give you things like fields on your pages toe add description, title meta information for each individual page and each individual object or thing you're working on. So this this could really go a lot further to to kind of adding that seo element that some people like you hire someone to do, which makes sense I get it, you're trying to get ranked, you know, trying to get hiring google that's the idea? Um, not one word to the wise here, you're going to find it some hosts specifically wordpress host will tell you not to install certain plug ins because they already have it. Okay, so you kind of need to check that like google and, uh, blue hosts all those kind of things, they're not really gonna do that, but if you go to like a specific word press host, they will tell you, don't install some of these because we've already got it there that's why they're wordpress host because they know everybody's going to do this, so let me let me get rid of this, uh, I'm sure another one here that I've got that they use a lot um, night there are there's something to be said, um for cashing. Okay, it's a big deal, and if you go to a website and you find that what is cashing me first of all same data information, somebody goes to page and you know, they're looking at it one day, maybe they go a week later and they want to look at it again instead of downloading everything, it basically saves that information on their machine temporarily, and they could go back to it and it just pulls it from lok form your machine to look at the site. Okay, now we need to be careful with that, because if we ever have updates, you know, I mean, you gotta make sure that they're getting the right one the most recent but there's a plug in here, one of them is called w p super cash w three total cash I've used before is, well, these air too good to me, they're good plug ins, super cash has been used a little more, I've seen it more often. Um, these are not necessarily for, like, the faint of heart, okay, I'm not going. I'm not going to tell you that you're just going to turn it on and walk away, okay, you're not gonna do that, I know. So that the thing is, you're not gonna mess with a lot of the settings, but there are some sightings in there. So for instance, limits to take a quick look at the three total cash, just install that and w through total is a good one. They actually offer a service, you pay them to install it and do it right, because you'll see I mean, activate this thing real quick, and then we'll go in and I'll go in and say, okay, where is it every three total cash? A lot of plug ins that are really good will actually say go to the settings. I love that. So I go to the settings if you guys take a look here, you're going to see, um, something has not set the mod rewrite product, possibly you don't know when that is disabled, the plug in getting you know, but you paid them. Look at this. You guys going to see that? We've got like paige cashing. And every time you go to a different section and say, what do you want to do with the database? Cash, shin object method of blah, blah, blah. Do it wrong. You see some bad thing's gonna happen, so yeah, I was going to say I'm not telling you to pay yeah yeah so anyway so there are settings that you can use but this is actually this could really help your sight I can't tell you how many times my sight loads like that speeds it up so fast after the first time they visit and you'll see a lot of websites actually if you go to the page and you look at it let's see if it's actually doing it right now let me go to my site and refresh and I'm gonna go take a look at the actual code for the page okay? I'm gonna go right click and say let's view page source and if you take a look check this out you're going to tell a lot of people use this thing because it's actually got a little tag in there that says optimized by whatever total cash okay, so yeah it's kind of kind of need kind of interesting so that's a good one just couple of the little little ones other ones that I tend to use um back up when we go to add new again let me get a search party ends here uh we have backup may also have what's called w p optimize uh an optimizer this is a database optimizer so w p optimizes one that I used a fair amount w p clean I've used before etcetera w p optimize remember when I said that the revisions on your page is we can see all of you go back in time all that stuff adds up okay I had the sight once where there were like hundreds of pages and I had all kinds of people going in and making revisions and itjust bloats the database big time so you can go into w p optimize install and just if you if you trust this enough it's gonna go to your database and just wipe all the revisions off okay I've never had to fail so that's good so that's pretty cool it's a good thing to have. All right, so there's a lot of aa lot of plug ins that we're gonna use make sure you guys before you do work with a plug in that what you want to do is you want to go click on mohr details right here you want to look at it you want to see if anybody has a serious gripe with it? Okay, you want to look at the reviews first of all the ratings and if you see a lot of bad reviews way down here there's gotta be a reason maybe doesn't work it doesn't work right you have a look at that I got to see what it's compatible with what version of wordpress you can see right there and a lot of times what I do is um you'll see that if you guys go to the actual plug in. Paige, sorry to scroll all over the place if you go to the wordpress dot org's plugin paige, let me click on that to goto it. I usually go here because if I scroll down and take a look you're going to see this is what I was talking about right here. Look at this. Even if it's not set up to work with your version of wordpress lot of people have tested and say it's, broken or not, you can almost usually touch trust this. Okay, so eight people say it works zero say it's broken even if they say it's not compatible with for a one. Okay, does that make sense with your version of wordpress? Okay, that's kind of it's a good thing t keep track of so check that. Check the reviews. Just see what people say to be perfectly frank. If you're working with a plug in some plug ins don't play well with certain themes. Okay, so you want to check these and see if somebody says I'm having a real difficult time with blah theme and with this plug in and if more than one person says that I could pick another plug in were trying other things, okay, so all right, let me close that up so just just keep in mind that plug ins are there for us there's a lot we can do if you get too many together they can conflict you could have bad things happen a lot of sites I see have like fifty plug ins installed and in either slows things down a little bit or one plugin doesn't play well with the other plug in and suddenly things crash okay you got to be careful in a worst case scenario scenario you guys if your sight suddenly something happens the worst thing you could have happen is it just goes blank he has ever had that home man you psychos blank okay what you do or this is one way to do it you go to the plug ins the plug ins page itself and you basically just deactivate plug ins if there's still gonna be in the folder but they just will not apply to your site so if you can get to this page you khun deactivate all the plug in there is a bulk action you can apply here called deactivate to select them all deactivate him all and start adding them back in one of the time and it's news your sight breaks you know that one plug it has something to do with it okay so there's a lot of trouble shooting methods you can use their we also want you back up our wordpress installations using a plug in ok you guys want to back up all right um we also want to go in and one of the big things is uh keep wordpress up to date if you can now I we had a conversation about this if I go to the dashboard here and I take a look I can usually see what version of wordpress I'm running I'm gonna goto updates here and click on updates and you'll see that it's going to tell me if I have the latest version of wordpress or not I used to run and every time I saw an update I would immediately installed the update I would not do that okay, you need to do this you need to first of all, if it's a plug in you need to go look at the plug in page and see if anybody has difficulty with your version of wordpress because they'll get in there and start commenting right away and the reviews say it's not working with for a one ball but it's broken so you got to go check it out and see if it's actually gonna work if it does work then it's fine go for it okay update it far as your version a wordpress were press says at least that's what I've been told that it's safe you can do it okay and it is where press is going to continue to work in soldier on but your theme might not be as happy with the changes that you made okay, so you need to check with your theme developer go to the page where the theme where you got it okay the site or whatever look and see if they've updated the theme maybe or not and see if in the comments of the reviews that people are asking is it okay with wordpress four point o one or four point whatever you got to check all this stuff out because if you guys just jump an update, I've had it where the site goes completely blank because it just nuked everything like just wiped it out temporarily and then I got to go back in and kind of undoing didn't figure it out so it's you know what? It's not that bad I'm worst case scenario I do a lot of this stuff so sometimes I used to just go shotgun and just do it all but you gotta be careful, okay? Just take it easy um and the last thing really quick just testing your pages I just want to mention you've got to test these pages okay when you go out and look and you're going to your contact in your snow that why would I tell you to test your pages? The theme works looks great in the browser right now, but what I what I mean by test pages yes, you want to go on your phone? You want to go on multiple browsers, which you could have multiple browsers for your computer and multiple phones if you can like google is what I mean you got it. We we want to look at this. A lot of theme developers will say that it works on these browsers and that's it, but they don't take into account plug ins that you install on different things like that are content you add may not work properly. Okay, so you need to test, you have to go on your different devices and how many of you have a smartphone that's kind of a given, right? Um if you have, does anybody have, like, an ipad? I mean, they have anything else other than an ipad google tablet. There you go. Okay. The kendall kendall e adventure. Okay, that's cool. I just want to mention this. This is not something I'm telling you to sign up for, but if you a lot of us don't have fifty thousand devices to test on, okay, um, so you can go to something like a browser stack. There are several of these out there and they will actually let you they'll let you tunnel if you're working locally like I am, they'll let you actually do this thing called tunnel in and they can take your site and put it up here and test it they actually have a whole like a device lab with machines and they run these things and basically it does it says all right let's put it on this window's device let's take a look at it and you can see it and basically just you're not not a lot easier not interacting with it's just a screen shot in some cases okay, but at least you get to see what it's looking like on what's happening so this is something it is it is you know, a cost everyone type thing last thing that that I tend to do this is kind of ah silly kind of cheating and it's not always gonna work perfectly but when we go back to the site itself in chrome especially in crime and I think I'm not sure fire fox and safari do this I really haven't tested in there uh but if you go up and how many of you have worked with the developer tools in these programs okay, so if you want to take your site further and see what's wrong maybe maybe troubleshoot you know, do something like play detective you confined in tools there's something called developer tools now I know the name is kind of scary, okay, I'll choose developer tools but check this out this is actually kind of cool even if you're looking at this going, what is that stuff? You know? I mean, I don't really care like this right down here you're going to see that we have what's called device mode in chrome if I click on this and take a look suddenly I'm gonna be able to kind of you can kind of dragged this thing down a little bit check this out you can kind of check it out and see sort of what it's gonna look like a least in these different devices okay, now it's it's it's not going to let you do a lot of things like you're not touching the device you need a click but it's not the same thing, right it's giving you an idea sort of of what it's gonna look like ok and it's not gonna have exactly I'm pretty sure this doesn't actually have the same exact how it's going to act and work etcetera but this is pretty cool the other thing you can do if you turn it on you can you can always turn it off there's actually just turned the button off down here the little one bill thing down there and get rid of it and then turn off their clothes the developer tools I actually do this and this is a little bit further in but I actually work does anyone have x code on mac okay this is a dance all right? I'm not gonna but doesn't just watch this is so cool yeah so apologetic and that's how I know I know it's silly but so if you take a look x code if you can buy it for like ninety nine bucks for the year you're next court your developer but you don't do anything with it you just install it and then you can do this look at this there's an iowa simulator check this out so ten bucks a year? Yeah it's no it's a little. Okay, so it's the maker it's there's the baker there's the menu there's the backers of this but you're going to see that we can go out and I can actually just check this out. I could go in and say let's switch devices too. So iphone six they have a lot of the latest ones up their ipad areas right now so it's just it's kind of a way to to go through and take a look at there's a lot of ways for us to look if we don't have the device some of them or cost money for advanced but we got at least look at it in different browsers if you guys just have at least have like chrome, firefox and safari on mac you got a least look at him in there you want to look at it in an explorer if you can, but we don't have that time back anymore, right? So you're gonna get a windows machine, go to a friend's tiles, do what you need to dio and look at it. Um, anyway, that's. Some of the testing things that we can do. But as far as working with our sight, I think we're pretty good.

Class Description

You don’t need to know a line of code to build a gorgeous, fully-functioning website. With WordPress, you can create and maintain websites for yourself or your clients with minimal technical know-how. Brian Wood shows you how in Creating a Responsive Website with Wordpress.

Brian Wood is an Adobe Certified Instructor who has spent years training designers and business owners how to build and grow an awesome, professional web presence. In this class, he’ll cover WordPress website development from the ground up. You’ll learn how to:

  • Choose a host and install WordPress
  • Make your WordPress site mobile-friendly
  • Pick and apply the right theme for the job
  • Change essential WordPress settings
  • Add menus and widgets
  • Work with posts and pages
  • Add functionality through plugins

Brian will give you a greater understanding of WordPress that lays a solid foundation for all of your future web work. You’ll learn your way around the admin area and find out which add-ons are worth paying for and which ones you can use for free.

Everyone needs a website – learn how to deliver one with this complete guide to setting up, managing, and updating a WordPress site with Brian Wood.

Software Used: Wordpress 4.0



Learned less than I expected. I came into the class with WP knowledge having a created my own functional site. I could have learned everything he covered by reading online, in less time and for free. The instructor was all over the place and never really answered all "really good questions" "you know what I mean?" I believe more could have been covered if the instructor was a better speaker and better organized. He was really difficult to listen to. I don't feel this course was worth what I paid but as I bought in a bundle I'm hoping the other sessions will be better. I recommend catching this course on a free preview before making the purchase. I wish I had.

a Creativelive Student

I thought that Brian did a great job explaining how to set up a word press site. I am a novice and felt that I could handle it after watching this. I am a very linear learning and didn't feel like he was jumping around. I felt that he was explaining the process of using a very detailed and multiple optional program well and I didn't have any problems following him. I think you have to have an attention spam and be focused because it is a lot of info and can seem rather detailed. For a beginning class on Wordpress, I am very satisfied with what I just learned and feel comfortable creating websites. I am planning to take the more advanced class based on this. As far as the title, I guess I took the time to read the description of the class before I purchased it so I felt like it was money well spent and knew what I was signing up to receive. I will agree with other comments, the one female student made it difficult to watch due to her need to add something to prove her knowledge. I could have done without that, maybe they could ask the students to limit their comments or questions.


In the process of upgrading our church's website responsive and this definitely was the course to watch. Have had a wordpress site for years, but got a great refresher and learned much I didn't know. Thanks a ton, and can't wait to get into the other courses as well to continue my journey.

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