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Lesson 4 from: Creating the Moment Workshop

Forrest Mankins

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4. Failure

You can do an amazing job at planning out an entire shoot, but by choosing a less than amazing image as a final result you’ve wasted the idea and your own time.
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Failure. So this is a hard one for most people, and I've struggled with it a lot over the years. I still do. I think a lot of times we'd get 99% of the shoot right, but we come out of it lacking one of the elements we had planned for our photo. Maybe we had a frame with good light and didn't get the expression. Maybe we had another frame with the right expression, but the subject's face just wasn't lit correctly. It's possible to have all of the elements together on a shoot, but then to not have them coincide in a single frame. This is normal. I know I've been guilty in the past of just pulling the best image from a shoot, trying to salvage it. It wasn't perfect, but I still used it. I think this is a form of self soothing our egos. 'Cause we know internally that we didn't get it right, but it's like if we use the image, it must not have been a failure, right? So why are we putting so much energy into creating these entire worlds and into expressing a concept that is uniquely our own, ...

and then giving up so quickly? We're doing 99% of the work and then settling for good enough. We all know that it's pretty easy to create a lot of good images with ease. But the thing to remember is that is not the quality of work we're here to make. To me, this is the most important part of the entire process. You can do an amazing job at planning out the entire shoot, but if you choose a less than amazing image as a final result, you've wasted the idea and your own time. We need to try, fail and refine until we execute. And honestly, sometimes the first three parts of that cycle seem to repeat endlessly. But remember each failure is a step closer to where we want to go.

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Mathieu Cladidier

A lot of philosophical insights but not much of practical tips to use! I love Forrest Mankins photos and youtube channel. I signed up for his workshop to get a bit more of an insider perception, which he delivered in his own style and which is great. However, at the end of the workshop, I have a hard time to really feel like it worth it. Maybe I was expecting too much of technical, really hands on tips. The whole thing is good overall, don't get me wrong but not as much useful as expected.

Matt Steindl

Creating a Moment Overall, this workshop had a ton of great insight into Forrest's process before and after creating an image. I learned a lot and really enjoyed the points he touched on with working with models and teams. I never had a workshop go into these sort of important details that forgotten at times. I wish the workshop had more "in the field" video content as it tended to get a bit cumbersome watching Forrest talk at the camera over and over again but regardless I definitely learned a lot and would purchase this workshop again in heartbeat.


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