Creative Advertising for Small Business Owners


Creative Advertising for Small Business Owners


Class Description

This course is part of the Turn Your Etsy® Shop Into a Sales Machine Bundle.

Once you’ve established your Etsy® storefront, you can focus on expanding your brand recognition, acquiring new customers, and adding new products. A successful advertising campaign that targets new customers with precision can kickstart your growth, and lend your marketing strategy new energy and direction.

Lisa Jacobs will show you that simple, well-planned advertising campaigns aren’t just for large brands - they’re essential to build out small businesses, as well. Join this class to learn:

  • How and when to build an ad campaign into your marketing strategy
  • How to create a successful ad campaign that attracts the right customers
  • Where and how to advertise your products
Etsy® is a great sales platform, but only as long as you are able to get the word out about your brand and your products. Build a successful advertising campaign into your marketing strategy, and bring your small business to new customers.


Julz P

Great for product based businesses who use Etsy to sell, I still found it useful and enjoy Lisa's style, thanks Lisa!