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Creative Cloud Essentials

Lesa Snider

Creative Cloud Essentials

Lesa Snider

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Creative Cloud Overview


Lightroom: World's Best Organizer


Collections & Importing in Lightroom


Lightroom Color Corrections


Selective Adjustments in Lightroom


Watermarking & Resizing Images


Class Description

Adobe Creative Cloud is an essential toolkit for photographers — but navigating its many programs can be overwhelming. Join best-selling author Lesa Snider for a comprehensive course on how to harness the power of Creative Cloud to build a thriving photography business.

Lesa will show you how to grow your photography business with Creative Cloud’s suite of applications. You’ll learn how to build promotional materials, how to create and customize a professional-grade portfolio website with Behance, add compelling elements like slideshows, audio, and video, and display your portfolio on any mobile device — even in printed book form. You’ll also learn how to use Photoshop to create a professional and engaging video portfolio to showcase on your website, iPad, Behance, or burn onto DVD.

Lesa will also cover how to use Kuler to grab a color palette from a favorite image for use on your website or promotional materials, as well as how to use familiar drag-and-drop tools in Adobe Muse. By the end of this course, you will be able to create a full-blown website worthy of your work, with light boxes and slideshows to showcase your portfolio, and contact forms to gather leads.

Software Used: Adobe Creative Cloud 2014 

Class Materials

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CC Essentials Intro.pdf
CC Essentials Exercise Files
Creative Cloud Keyboard Shortcuts and Tips.pdf
CC Essentials workbook.pdf

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Photoshop - Practical Keyboard Shortcuts by Lesa Snider.pdf

Ratings and Reviews

Jan Pittard Photo

I have watched the day one and part of the day two classes -- this class is chock full of creative ways to use the cloud to expand your business -- and to help photographers help their clients get more for their money as well as save money in creating beautiful marketing tools. I had been so confused over the lightroom/photoshop thing, and Lesa makes it so easy to understand how to use each program for their strengths or super powers -- so I'm ready to power up my photography business !

Michelle B

Lesa makes learning easy! Thank you Lesa!

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