Accessing the Blur Gallery in Photoshop


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Accessing the Blur Gallery in Photoshop

I'm gonna see what blurring part of this looks like and I don't know on this, but I'm I'm a little bit distracted by her elbow just because the edges so sharp and I want to be looking here, but my eye keeps pulling me that way, so I'm going to see maybe blurring is going to help, but it it may look horrible, so really have no idea we're going to go into our blur gallery, so blore gallery and then down into field blur, which, if you haven't played with field blur ever it's just a lot of fun, actually, you khun choose where you'd like your blurts being and then you khun increase or did decrease the amount of blur that exists on that part of the image? Then you can click on different parts, your image and increase or decrease the amount of blur that's on those as well. So I'm going to click on there and kind of bring that down and you can move these points around and it'll just everything in real time. All right, here we go. It kind of makes it look like she's behind like a he's plexiglas...

s or like a shower curtain, something I don't know, I'm not sure if I like it, but this is part of the part of this, you know, this stage of it we're gonna get okay, I'm gonna step visible layer, so it really doesn't matter if I like this or not. I don't have to decide now. I'm not stuck with this. I can just make this later invisible if I want to. So we're gonna try that. I'm gonna make one more layer, and I'm just going to a white on on this layer, kind over top of this arm and see, what do you guys think? Do we like the original? I think I like a little bit more, yeah, okay, yeah, I think I like the original more, but that's, part of the process, kind of playing around there and seeing, you know, obviously this is it turns out different every single time you do this. When I was prepping for this cross, the image look slightly different again. So, yeah, there we go.

Class Description

Learn how to combine and enhance images in new and exciting ways! In Creative Effects in Photoshop, Aaron Nace will teach you how to manipulate your photographs in a variety of ways.

Aaron will show you how to use Photoshop to create a double exposure and an album cover. You’ll learn advanced blending modes, layer masking techniques, and how to use filters to transform photos into graphics. You’ll also learn about using Layer FX, advanced coloring and how to work with type.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2



His classes are very well explained, very interesting and he is dynamic, I love the courses of Aaron Nace.