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Working with Stock Images in Photoshop

The next example is a really similar I just wanted to show you that's actually that's inspiration for our next example there were going to be bringing up an image of there we go, we're gonna be combining these two images together, so we're going to be using a little bit of color and again, it's it is a very similar idea we want we want someone who's, mostly, you know, in silhouette and we'll cut out from the background and I put the wave the recent I was gathered, I gathered these images together because in the very beginning, when you're doing this, you don't really know, like when I was preparing for this class, I brought a lot of pictures of the wave and I wanted to make that work into this image, so I was I was bringing that and changing the planning modes and, you know, trying to see see what worked and at this point you don't really know it's like, if something works and works and you can go within a run and take it places you might not have taken before, but in this case, I want...

ed the wave to work, but it just wasn't it was like making the color is a little bit like, you know, monkey and I just want a big fan so I really had the picture of the wave up, and I had this picture of the model and s o I wanted combining these two and I want to point liking that so you know, I would say definitely like, get in here, play around, grab a couple things and if you're planning on doing a photo shoot and you're planning on creating unending image it's you know it's a lot it's going to save you a lot of time if you jump into a stock website and download some images that air kind of similar to what you were thinking and just kind of play around with those you know you don't have to do a whole photo shoot with your subject just to find out that you didn't even like the idea to begin with, you can start off with stark images that are similar to your idea combined those together get a good idea of what you actually want accomplishing the image and then go to work and I do it all the time. It's art directors do it all the time too like rough compass and things like that the rough photo shop and then show it to the client to say ok, I want to I want to refined version of this go ahead and photograph all the elements do a good job and this is the angle that we wanted to create all right, so here we go, we're just going in this case because our background is white, we're going to get away with very soon. This is like a one minute example. We're going to get away with doing something very simple. I'm just going again hit v for remove toe we're gonna build the shifty and I'm going to click and drug through our images and we're going to go down to the screen blending mode, and what screen does is it enlightens things on our image and because our background is already white in this case, it just completely disappears because it can't make anything lighter. So in this case, yeah, that's pretty much it, but I like the way that in legs I think is really nice you like into someone in the audience likes it all right, good, very easy to do on dh that's kind of the ideas like you can, you can do this stuff in it. It really is easy and it's kind of fun to play around, and so using the differences between blending moves gets you a lot of a lot of options here now, let's say I wanted to her face to be a little bit more visible, we could definitely get there, I could do that in a lot of ways one way we can do because I can take this color down here this darker color here that's in my ocean and I can paint it on top of my layer blend mode there we go and now I could make this on ly visible where the underlying layer is darker so I can use my blend if let's say I wanted to her face to be a little more so I can double click here I can hold all torre option to make it not visible where my underlying layer is lighter and then her face becomes a little bit more visible but it's still using the same colors that air in the rest of my image all right, let's just to race that away just a little bit because it's it's a little bit too much right now but I think given the right treatment it could actually be kind of nice because it'll just highlight a little bit more kind of what's going on in the image here we go. Very cool. You know what I kind of like? Tell there's a slight change of color there, so I'm gonna grab my curves adjustment layer all right and let's go ahead and just add a little bit of green there we go when he had control of command I we're gonna bring that in here we go all right and a little bit of blue as well and this is just going to give us a little bit more variation, which I think just adds to the look a little bit.

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Learn how to combine and enhance images in new and exciting ways! In Creative Effects in Photoshop, Aaron Nace will teach you how to manipulate your photographs in a variety of ways.

Aaron will show you how to use Photoshop to create a double exposure and an album cover. You’ll learn advanced blending modes, layer masking techniques, and how to use filters to transform photos into graphics. You’ll also learn about using Layer FX, advanced coloring and how to work with type.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2



His classes are very well explained, very interesting and he is dynamic, I love the courses of Aaron Nace.