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The Creative Newborn Photography Studio

Julia Kelleher

The Creative Newborn Photography Studio

Julia Kelleher

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1 Course Introduction Duration:14:58
2 Shift your Thinking Duration:21:17
3 Pre-Consultations Duration:30:15
4 Policies and Liabilties Duration:17:30
5 Style & Creativity Duration:45:51
6 The Creative Process Duration:26:53
7 Designing an Image Session Duration:45:59
8 Composition and Style Duration:15:40
12 Shoot: Maceo - Nighty Night Duration:18:05
13 The Layered Ingredient Theory Duration:15:45
14 5 Steps to Design Duration:19:41
17 Shoot: Mason Fussy Babies Duration:21:54
18 Shoot: Israella and Parents Duration:30:54
19 Shoot: Mason and Parents Duration:10:37
20 Set-Up for Composite Shoot Duration:24:51
21 Shoot: Mother Child Composite Duration:25:50
22 Shoot: Composite Continued Duration:17:26
23 Basic Photoshop Concepts Duration:22:32
24 Post Process: Day One Images Duration:27:17
25 Post Process: Day Two Images Duration:27:42
26 Starting to Composite Duration:26:04
27 Composite Shoot Images Duration:13:12
28 Step by Step Composite Images Duration:39:43
29 Starting to Paint Images Duration:19:33
30 Corel Painterx3 Demo Duration:18:35
31 Live Painting Demo Duration:27:56
33 Marketing is Strategic Duration:25:06
34 Vendor Kits and Social Media Duration:46:04
35 Define your Style Duration:30:12
36 Style and Purpose Duration:19:17
37 Top 10 Things to Let Go Of Duration:14:27
38 Posing Techniques Duration:08:52

Class Description

There are few images more powerful and moving than those capturing a newborn’s first days and months in the world. Join international award-winning photographer Julia Kelleher to learn how to create your own captivating style as an infant and newborn photographer.

Julia will teach you how to stand out in the crowded newborn photography market by honing your unique voice and artistic point of view. You’ll learn how to connect with clients and capture the spirit of the parent-child relationship in every image. Julia will also show you how to replace tired, familiar positioning with fresh, one-of-a-kind poses. You’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of all the composition elements that make infant portraits more personal, vibrant, and evocative. Julia will also cover tried-and-true sales and pricing methods — so that selling your services becomes a natural, seamless practice.

By the end of this course, you’ll have the tools and techniques to become the go-to newborn photography studio in your area and to offer soul-stirring, artistic photographs new parents will clamor to hang in their homes.


Norma Martiri

Julia is amazing and has delivered a brilliant class here. Her wealth of knowledge and positive energy is inspiring to say the least. Julia is a brilliant teacher and I've learned so much. I am so grateful to Julia and to Creative Live for recording this and for the fact the I can rewatch over and over from the other side of the world. Thank you!!!!!!


Amazing course! I love it! I will for sure be re-watching it very soon. Julia is brilliant, honest, unselfish and just a great inspiration. This course definitely has given me the boost I needed to be true to my style. Thank you!


I've had the privilege of attending a few of Julia Kelleher's workshops and I love them. She's a great instructor with a cheerful disposition and a great sense of humor. Julia's photographic genius is like no other. This truly talented woman creates masterpieces out of her photos. It is really amazing to watch. I'm beginning to collect her workshops b/c for me attending her workshops is not enough. I have to own them so I may go over them again and again.