Challenge #6: Shadow Play


Creative Photography Challenge 2017


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Challenge #6: Shadow Play

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Feeling stuck and uninspired behind the lens? Stop scrambling for ideas on your next portrait.

Enter the Creative Photo Challenge

We teamed up with master portrait photographer, Lindsay Adler, for a bi-monthly series of FREE photography challenges designed to push you well beyond your comfort zone. Named one of the top 10 best fashion photographers in the world, Lindsay knows how vital it is to grow and explore to thrive as a photographer.

To spark your creativity, try a new (totally doable) challenge to help you discover and harness new techniques. Each 5 minute video will outline simple steps and ideas for a unique portrait. Take a moment to think about your point of view and deliver something outside of your norm.

  • Upload your photos and tag it on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter using #creativephotochallenge.
  • Have questions or want to check in with fellow photographers? Join the Creative Photo Challenge Facebook group.

Step outside of your routine, see the possibilities and discover what you love to capture!

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Jid Kwinka

I am so much more willing to participate this challenge, tho' i don't have the materials and studio equipment. I only have a tripod, a camera, a softbox, a flash and a reflector but it ain't gonna stop me. I'm eager to learn new things, I love creative live, I love Lindsay, and I LOVE Photography! So thank you all for this free class! keep inspiring us!

RJC Photography

So excited and ready for the challenge to expand my photography abilities!!

a Creativelive Student

Lindsay Adler is an amazing teacher. Even if you aren't ready to put your work out there in the challenge, the information you will get from her will jump you ahead years in your craft. SO worth taking ANY class she gives.