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Creative Wow: Macro Photography

Jack Davis

Creative Wow: Macro Photography

Jack Davis

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Class Description

Macro photography upends the perspective of the naked eye and produces larger than life images that truly inspire. Learn how to capture the detail of a wild flower or dew on a spider’s web. Once you know a few essential techniques and how macro optics work, macro photography is one of the most accessible photographic techniques there is.

Learn how you can get started with a DSLR, a point-n-shoot camera (some of which have impressive wide-angle macro capabilities) or even a mobile phone (with add-ons like an Ollo Clip lens). In this course Jack Davis covers equipment options, lighting and how to best optimize and enhance the macro world. You'll get the information and inspiration you need to take breathtaking macro photographs that you will enjoy for a lifetime.

Class Materials

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Jack Davis - Macro Photography Gear Guide.pdf

Ratings and Reviews

Erwin Dobles

This is great info on the Olympus TG-4. Really great tests y info as well. Thanks!

a Creativelive Student

I think the course if fabulous!

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