Day 1 Pre-Show


Crocheted & Embroidered Snowflakes


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Day 1 Pre-Show

On her low internet and happy holidays from creative life, welcome back. Welcome back to holiday crafts. This is actually our second part of our two day course on this one is about embroidery and crow shade. Snowflakes on our instructor this afternoon is going to be lisa solomon. We're really excited about this morning's course. We hope you're able to join us and makes a really fantastic headdresses for your holiday season. Now we're going to get into some snowflakes and embroidery on this in completely new skills.

Class Description

Artist Lisa Solomon will teach you how to crochet and embroider decorative snowflakes to use in a variety of ways. You will learn how to make your holidays more festive with garlands, ornaments, window decorations, and gift toppers.


Dell Martinez

When she taught how to make a single crochet she was actually making a half-double crochet stitch. No confidence in this instructor. Goodbye.