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Embroider a Snowflake Doily Pt 2

Now we're going to do change which is in between okay, all the stitches that you just did so it's just following at earn and again it doesn't have to be absolutely perfect so if your chain stitches a little bit bigger than the circle no no big deal that one like a little bit hoarse she we I'm not going to worry about it the only person who's going to see those mistakes it's probably you I think I would cut this a little shorter you can have a discussion with the red does get caught some time that's red also has a tendency to get caught on this so you just have to kind of be mindful of that last like mine is already starting to fade it will fade if your hands are kind of sweaty and you're touching, it tends to go faster like and different pens like this pen that I have is a different brand and I can show you guys that I think I have what because it a good idea to go over it if you see it fate if you see it feeding yeah, I would go over it so this is the kind and I have I think it's a dr...

ill it's I'm not I don't have the packaging anymore these ones are blue and they have a superfund its point on dh this is actually my favorite pen to draw and transfer with because you get really, really fine lines and what I like about this this has been on here for probably over a month well and it will still come off just is easily so it's really just finding like this is another version. This is a thicker one, so if I'm going to do thicker lines, I used this one. So it's really just testing and finding the pen that works for you just fayed and some you wash out or do they all fade over time? They will all eventually fade. Although I haven't seen this kind fade for a very long time, you need the water to make this one go away. So that's also, why this one's my favorite? Because sometimes I'll draw on something and I'll put it away and not have time to work on it and then if you use it and so sudden trying and that would be so frustrating. Yeah, but this clearly has been on here for over a month and it hasn't gone anywhere so it's, just whatever brand this one is is a little bit more washable, okay, so you want to do some chain stitches on that you do one more because I want to see what the pattern is, and then I will put the grand finishing chain stitches on so we're just going around yet, okay it's the thing thing as the oily I just kind of go row by row and work my way out and again you don't have to do this way you could just go straight up but I find it easier to just work in the round because then they don't miss anything yeah if you do miss something that you can just go back to just go back yeah it's it's super super forgiving and you'll clearly feet if you missed something uh yeah thanks. I think sure this is together to tangle I think do you do the holes before you cook this? Yeah, you know, holds first and I actually have to use a hole punch because shrinky dinks shrink a considerable amount so if you don't make the holes big enough you won't be able to run uh needle through it so just use a regular office whole pension punch the whole or if you want interior holes you know the scrap booking hole punchers that you hit with the hammer you can make interior holes with the work. Yeah shrinky things are really fun addictive and got weight two into them so what did you had it was it art or was it I made a necklace, ok, so I did like a octagon shaper hexagon shape and kind of this pattern and then I punched holes and embroidered over one of the hex gone so that there was a little bit more texture on it. Yeah, and re closing this ditch on this one and then starting a new one every time. Yes. Okay or not attached. Excellent question. Cool. The attached one, though, are easier because you can just keep on going. Okay, you got it right. Complete. Begin with this, someone who admits said never. So what are you finding this easy to follow me? This is something you think any beginning dio I really, really shuttle with, um, anything like this, honestly and I but it's, really? Because I've never tried, but I could see how this could be a fun thing to explore especially, you know, when you're relaxing with your friends, if you want to try something different, you know, you didn't try it it's really going on and then also I was thinking, you know, would this be sort of ah, in exchange for reading a book at night, like I read a book at night and then you can because you said it's kind of meditative yeah, I mean that's, why it's part of what I really like it, yeah, I mean, it really lets my mind wander um but still maintain some sort of focus it's that weird in between state on dh sometimes I can't read like I don't have the brain capacity to read and so it makes it a lot easier to, you know, have something to dio your biggest challenge you think today in terms of the some of the bill craft projects that we've we've been taking in front of all of the in terms of this are just like this one, particularly them or perhaps oscar students with the same thing? Yeah, ok, so mine really is thank you mind really is I don't know I have a sense of perfectionism about things and just going through the practice of it and knowing it's not going to be perfect, I think the beauty of things that are handmade in ten crafted is that they're in perfect really, I think like the best part of this is that you can't do it perfectly that it's not made by a machine if I wanted something made by machine I would go to the store and buy something made by a machine that was made by a person and that to me is the best part of it. Yeah, so the little imperfections really are part of the art itself yeah, and I think it actually makes it much prettier I mean because when you think about things in nature like even though a snowflake is technically perfect it's not like when you look at it right there's like this crystallization that happens and there's this sort of you know flow of stuff and that's all in the imperfection it's not in the perfect part of it so better now you know you guys um sorry I had a question I was just wondering like when you're done with your thread how to tie a tie how do you turn off again so what I usually do they flip it over so I can see and again traditionalists are going to yell at me for tying knots so if you are a traditionalist what you would do is you would just weave your thread back and forth in and out through the back work enough times until it wasn't going to unravel and you would cut it I tend to just teach people to go ahead and tire not unless you're using fabric that you would see it through our you know whatever so I just work through the back and later they just tie a little knot and that just for me makes me feel more secure and then I weave it a couple times just to make sure especially because thread like this third is particularly slippery this fluorescent stuff it's more slippery than other thread so I we've been in a couple times and then I just go ahead and snip and that's it and then we don't have embroidery scissors, I think here but there's all different kinds there's like these tiny little guys and like these air kind of the traditional embroidery, says there's the really sharp and they're really heavily pointed um, so these will help you get in really close to snip your threats and the great thing about these is if you for some reason hate what you did on and don't want to pull it all back through, you can use these guys to snip your threat and then pull it out so if you make a mistake or if something happens and you don't catch it till later, you can just didn't come instinct actually right there I was just doing a stitch in this ancient we'll show us snippet it's sniffed away not what mistake I love it, there is no mistake and then just pull the threat out there it's not there anymore. Does anyone else have questions? Christina, what do you think you've done all the craft today was being the biggest challenge that you've you've seen in one of the things we've done or have you had any? We really enjoyed it that I think, but the biggest challenge was probably for me was the crashing and getting the end because I think russia is so much about just getting used to doing the chains and practicing, so I think you know, had a cruciate before, I might have gone whipped through that quicker, but but it was fun to just keep doing the chain, and now I know I could go back and you did really well. I mean, you make that really beautiful flower there you have quite a long chain god, he says. You know, I mean, you will really fit clearly demonstrated for the audience at home, but this is something you can pick up really easily. This is pro schaff beginnings, but you can end up with something really pretty. Yeah, definitely. Heather was being your takeaway from today. Or maybe your baby's challenge from today or perhaps just with the embroidery, enjoyed everything. Definitely the crow. She was the hardest for me to pick up, but like you were saying, just during that time a car is here and I think it's all about practice, especially with things like embroidering and crow shape. So take what I learned here today and then practice and hopefully it better so you guys practice. Will you show me pictures and stuff? Yeah, totally. And that actually goes to everybody online as well we'd love to see the results of your work today whether you're doing the headdresses this morning whether you've been crushing and embroidering this afternoon take some pictures we know we've got loads of photographers out there in the creative life land so send your pictures are posted on twitter c l craft as hashtag today or seven through to our facebook page or just post them on our web site we'd love to see those thank you and christian what's being your takeaway from today well I think I just I'm so inspired by all the different kinds of ideas I had seen jets had had been that addresses before but I'd never attempted them and kind of learned any skill and then it's been a really long time since I embroidered and I'm glad to get back into it great and holly this is embroidered with something I thought you were slightly nervous about you never saw him before but have you actually found it now you've got going yeah I feel like once I figured out that stitch like I could do it it just takes some practice and I'm really excited about doing it and getting better so onda crashing to even though I was not I did not pick that up in the beginning I feel like I will like I just need toe I just need to practice a little bit or a lot but yeah I'm excited about everything that I learned today I mean and just being able to do it like have somebody say this these air the steps and it makes it easier for you to do it on your own you know fantastic well I think we will have a great deal about sony saying I have some very basic was saying before I think of the holiday season coming up I'm going to be learning how to stitch up ahead the mouth perhaps of a friend of a talkative friend or relative that we need to wear something very useful to get going now listen once we've got our embroidery finish from dom's what can we actually do with some of these beautiful things you've created so first I wanted to show you just also like what you could do in terms of you don't have to just use one snowflake through her gonna mocked this guy up and it's got three sniff links on it it different sizes on guy thought that would be pretty and I wanted to show you how to kind of a race the blue lines that you could see how that works so you'll see you can still see the blue that I've got my favorite thing to use is actually just a spray bottle it's way easier than running this under a sink or like using a paper towel are trying some other way the spray rattle is like magic say you just the same thing aren't we won't get you out no that's fine. You can get j k all wet so you'll see it's literally just disappearing like the second the water hits it it goes away I have found and then usually just leave this too dry or use a hair dryer I stick it in the dryer so that it drives if it's not a fabric that's going to shrink in the dryer I have occasionally found that sometimes overnight you come back and there's a few little straight blue lines that you didn't realize were there. So sometimes what I do is just kind of rub my finger with the water and that helps that a little bit to make sure that I'm getting all the blue out. But if it shows up again just sprayed again and it'll go away so are these eyes the embroidery thread meant not to bleed at all. Yeah, most embroidery that is really, really color fast. Ok it's not going to go anywhere if you use some other types of thread, there might be an issue, but embroidery thread is pretty color fast. So that's the reason probably why do you use the right thread? Yes, ok, it will make a difference so you could take this and you can put it on a pillow right you can take it out of the hoop and you can if you do it on a big enough piece of fabric you can make a decorative pillar out of it you could put it on the bottom of curtain that's right like you could have snowflakes thing you could do this on tea towels I was just talking tow somebody about making tea tells this would be a really nice holiday t tell set you could put it on I don't anything like anything that's fabric that you feel like these a little bit of a decorative punch you could put it on it I also just like to use them as they are like in the frame like this I mean I think it's you could put this on a christmas tree as an ornament you could run over been through it we could go back to our gift package and you could use this as a gift way we've got some packages overhears way could just wrap this up with some pretty ribbon somewhere or yes we could do this taken anti this one but again if you wanted tio embroider the packaging you could employees that teo you could do a chain stitch and make your own ribbon friend the package could be completely handmade everything hand man I don't know how you're going to make the wrapping paper but the whole other segment that is that's another that's another show make you think if you are making something like a t tell us I mean some of this if you like it doesn't have a front or back how do you hide the stitching from the back side with the knots except you don't hide the back of it of this teaching that's part of why I mean when you get really pretty good at in birdie your backside can be pretty neat teo I mean I still have these guys to snip off but it's not really that troublesome because usually you hang a tea towel like this it's really a decorative thing you don't really see the back of her so it doesn't become an issue if you're working with paper though sometimes people with paper they like to actually take another piece of paper and cover up the back blew it down especially if you're doing like a greeting card or something so that it's covered on the back and it's really nice and pretty you can just cut a square and take a clue and grew that down and then you won't see the backside so that's a good tip for that but you can use that as a president topper you can make teeny teeny tiny lens tio says president toppers ornaments you could put people's initials or their names forgive tags you could embroider that on here is well it would be really easy just tow right someone's name j k o and you could embroider right over that so you could really personalize it if you want to use the wooden guy for a frame. I just wanted to demo that, um, because it takes one more extra step. So let's, just pretend like this is all finished. Actually could be finished. Kind of pretty latest pretty a song is it doesn't get wet. Yeah, and now there is water on the table. Um, so you're gonna take fabric out of the hoop um and you are going to use some fabric? Glue is the fabric glue. That is not it. So excuse me while I look for some fabric. Lee okay, so far a clue again, this is just one brand. This is the one that's been sitting in my studio forever. Hopefully it will work. Any brand of fabric glue is fine. If it has a fine tip on it, you could just easily run some glue around the hoop. And you really do want to get it all the way around, and you want to get it pretty thick. Is that even coverage? Okay, then you're gonna place your fabric back. And because it's been in the who, but kind of has the template of the hoop in it, so it's really easy to realign it. And you do kind of want to get it pretty top before you put the frame back on this is sort of a one shot deal yeah, kind down get to do this twice so I usually make my frames pretty loose when I'm doing this I have a lot of give and then I put the frame back on and I tighten it and then you do the tug tightened and tightened tub yeah, until that's the way to go but not too much talk then it will be uneven okay, so then they let this set overnight. Now if you want to get super picking like you'll see that I cut this so it's like this if you want to make this like really mike I end perfect crazy crazy nicely done. You can also put glue from here and then you can wrap the fabric into the hoop and then you're gonna wanna wait that with something waited and then wait right you get the castries that's all I'm here for you just to make things sound clever you must own clever I like it. I know you do that nice enough so you leave that overnight you want to leave that for twenty four hours so that it's it's and then you will when it's all dry you will take your scissors and you will very carefully cut all the way around so that all the extra fabric is gone and the nice thing about this fabric lose you actually can cut through it it's not too hard to come through it so you can make it all look really nice meat and and and then you'll be done doesn't matter do you have to actually cut it off like if you don't want to talk about no you can leave yes if you wanted to hide the back you could leave it on back in which case you want to make sure that you don't cut your square very small yeah where so you want to leave enough to come in that I see so this is for you know if there if there are other embroider hers and they don't tie knot, you can just soldiers over and say, well, I don't know either see you don't know exactly what you're talking about not coming allie who's in the chat room and how he's saying she's actually use embroidered little flowers around the neck necklines of t shirts accepted particularly her daughters and her little girls that might be yes, I mean this would be a great decorative little thing to put around a sweater, a christmas sweater for christmas or I got an idea for you what about a tie and you could put a tie in here and then you can that really pretty actually andi also I know that was going back a bit. Never. There was a big trend a while ago to actually embroidered denim for denim jackets on denim jeans. Guard the project. Now would you actually use the frame for that? Or can you do you feel it's always best to use the framework? Can you just free free states? The beauty of the famous it keeps the fabric really taught so that your stitches are even and it's really easy to work with. I sometimes don't use a frame it all I think when you get a little bit more comfortable you cannot use a frame and get away with it with something thick, like dunham material, you can definitely put it in a frame. It be hard to get a frame on pre made jeans, but you could put on a jacket that's got the back or whatever, but on genes that already made, I think it would be hard. I think you could totally do it every hand as long as you felt comfortable doing it. So I'm just doing the one stitch. You just think that that is just is I do embroider a lot and this is the sitch I tend to use, which I want to get the chain stitch down um yeah that's my favorite, I feel like they're running back stitch is like the best. So versatile. It's really easy to get to go around curves. It just it's really the easiest one to you that is so beautiful. It's looking great. I was just practicing some of the stitches way. Yeah. So it's my first time and burr goring. So I think it looks beautiful. All right, christian, how did you get on? I've been practicing the chains ditch, really? Focusing. I'm getting that even I think that's what's really kind of tripping me up, but I'm excited to get to some of the bigger ones the beginnings of a little bit easier. I like that. It looks handmade and looks kind of wabi sabi and oh, that looks really pretty. Does show mine. I got the loops down on and then I stopped so I could make some notes because I want to remember so I can do it later because I know if I don't write e o forget but romantic. Send the picture, but yes, definitely. But it was definitely easier for me, teo. Pick it up then clicking. Yeah, definitely. But I really enjoyed it. I had a lot of fun to you did. Great. I will. Thank you, high five. So maybe you'd like to give us just some thoughts about needle point kraft and embroidering together just you know to sum up exactly how you feel this thing could be achieved I mean maybe you can share with us some of the challenges you found in teaching ah necessarily this class but because I know you're teaching all the time in the in various different colleges around the bay area what will happen some of the challenges that you've come across with newcomers who are just getting started I think the biggest thing is people give up way too early like they get tied up and my stew designed the same size or my tension isn't right or this doesn't look exactly like the sample or the picture in a book or whatever at the class and I just it just keep at it because really it's like the first two maybe five times you do this it's not probably going to be the way that you I wanted to be in your mind like we all have this perfectionist man I wanted to be just like this and that just and that I think frustrating people and it's so worth it if you get past that and you just practice and like get over that hump and then the next thing you know all your friends will be like how did you do that and I want to do that and they'll be sad and like moon you can tell them no no just keep going and then I'll work out yeah but that is part of the perfection and the uniqueness yeah and I really do like all the mistakes I think the mistakes or the best part I think embrace in the state of the accidents right over the same thing with whatever you're making photography and and uh an artist maker's life is all about happy implanted I'm sure you have more stuff for her I'm going to cook over and join you sounds good all right thank you. This is so much fun s maybe at least you just like to be some up this course for today I'm sure any part parting words of wisdom you'd like to give to our creative live audience and maybe I'll ask you it's a swell time for radar crushing don't get that you get it I promise so it's been great this has been really really fun I had no idea what it was going to be like and it was a lot more sun and easy than I thought it was gonna be although I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous well you didn't come across as nervous until we really appreciate it has been wonderful actually I said he enjoyed learning the basis of crow share that you enjoyed learning the basics of needlework yeah the whole thing has just been really terrific thank you lisa we are actually coming out to the end of our day one of this one for holiday cross I'm sure that we're doing here creative life. We did have dresses this morning. We've done crow she and embroidered this afternoon shammari will be going to be doing tomorrow on day two. Okey doke. Today too is woodland egg ornaments. We're gonna be using blown out chicken eggs, which is really a cool process there's a a little science behind it on dh then we're going to making homemade bitters and also learning how to make some handmade gift wrap on also having war gifting, wrapping ideas that going to do some holiday cocktails. Yes, that's the bidders and the cocktails there will definitely be a lot of cheer in the room. I think this is coming back for that. I want tio, you should really want to do the woodland ornament and I really yet drink well, thank you. Everybody on the internet is joined us today. It's always wonderful to have a truly international, creative, live audience. We have people from brazil. In this morning we've had people in the uk. Your majesty, thank you very much. It's been great on dh, but it's you that make excuse me, issue that make it possible issue that you're the reason that we're here. So we always really appreciate our creative, live audience. I'd like to thank the huge big thank you to say a big thank you to our creative life students who always come along. They worked so hard, so thank you, holly. Thank you, christians. Thank you, have a thank you, christina it's. Been wonderful. Having you with us today was look forward to having you again tomorrow. But unfortunately, this is the end of the first day, so we do have to say, a huge global created by thank you, of course, to our wonderful stopped this afternoon. Lisa solomon.

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Artist Lisa Solomon will teach you how to crochet and embroider decorative snowflakes to use in a variety of ways. You will learn how to make your holidays more festive with garlands, ornaments, window decorations, and gift toppers.


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