Crocheted & Embroidered Snowflakes

Lesson 6/6 - Wrap-Up


Crocheted & Embroidered Snowflakes


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You know, marie was sort of forced your takeaway from today. Well, from the whole day, I feel that, you know, it is the perfection thing that's been broken down, but on top of that I'm trying something new and it is cool never stop learning never stopped trying and experimenting, so that is my big takeaway and I'm excited to continue in that thing. Now your favorite show is back in january. Downton abbey you're going to be wearing a feathered headdress for the opening night. I will, but I'm not gonna let you see it because I wanted to be a surprise. Okay, I got something for me for my jean jacket. Maybe I got some great ideas. It might be a tie and maybe something for your team jacket to forget. So we have come to the end of today. Thank you to the wonderful creative life team who put all this together. So many people were so hard behind it seem to you sometimes see our line producer cage or jumping in and out of shot but she's just one of many, many people thanks to jen and elizabeth,...

who put this program together. Thank you. Of course, the summary always a good sport. Great to be back with my tv wife kind of fortunate for the end of embroidery snowflakes with lisa solomon that's a wrap

Class Description

Artist Lisa Solomon will teach you how to crochet and embroider decorative snowflakes to use in a variety of ways. You will learn how to make your holidays more festive with garlands, ornaments, window decorations, and gift toppers.


Dell Martinez

When she taught how to make a single crochet she was actually making a half-double crochet stitch. No confidence in this instructor. Goodbye.