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Actions You Can Take Now


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Actions You Can Take Now

I believe a lot in the culture of plenty I talk about this all the time, I think if you want to participate in crowdfunding as a receiver, you also really have to participate in crowdfunding as a contributor, and part of that is to discover what is it that compels you in the first place, right that's really good information to get if you want to discover what compels other people, go out and discover what compels you. So go search the internet for crowdfunding campaigns let's keep it in film because, you know we need tio we need the rising tide that lifts all these votes. Of course, I would love it if you're receiving spark campaign, but I don't care go everyone and take five bucks or ten bucks and contributed to a crowd funding campaign that just uniquely compels you if you don't have five or ten bucks, share the campaign and tell people why right? Or even right pretty much on every platform you khun message the filmmaker in one way or another let them know what you loved about it giv...

e them a piece of feedback that's useful to them that's really helpful a swell if you wanted to tweet about the stand detour have tried stadia tour, which is what this class is, I think we're teaching like eighty of these classes in two thousand fifteen they're a little bit different this one is much more in depth as we're going it's particularly we go into the second segment but let people know that this information is out there we just really want everyone who wants a shot at this to be good at crowdfunding and of course you know we really want everyone to be able to build the independent career that's exciting to them we also want your feedback so if you want to tweet about the stand detour, we take a look at that hashtag we want to know what more do you want? What was there too much of? You know what our questions we didn't answer because this this changes all the time lindy's probably seen this I don't know four times now and there's a little bit more each time because our crowd tells us a lot about that. The most important thing is we our collectively our own best advocates, right? We are the first consumers of independent film and I think there was some amazing statistic that one word of mouth recommendation is as effective as two hundred television ads. Whoa! Do you know how much money that's worth? So when you make a word of mouth recommendation about an independent film that you watch that you love that mattered to you, that is hundreds of thousands of dollars you're contributing to a filmmaker's campaign for distribution right, so take those really seriously. I like to apply them liberally. I see independent films that I love, and I want to tell the entire world about them because I want everyone to see them and have that experience with me and, you know, and then you get to talk about it later but really take that seriously. So tweet about an independent film that you think everyone should watch or facebook or posted image from instagram or wherever it is you like to hang out, tumble it, uh, red did it it? I don't know what is to read it, to read he read a vote? I don't know. Yeah, so consider just taking actions once a day to support someone else. That shit will come back to you for sure, and then I just want to be clear that you can contact us. You can tweet us at cnn spark you can tweet it, tug if you have questions about what they're doing, they've developed a whole educational and non theatrical division, which is a huge potential revenue source for independent filmmakers that they never even think about. Go learn about that, go to tug site and learn about educational, a non theatrical distribution you can get this. Deck. If you text forty four one forty four with the words spark and you enter your email address and we send stuff to you. And we'll also send you a whole bunch of special offers. If you do that, and then you can just email us hello at cnn's park. Dot com on dh. This thus concludes the first segment.

Class Description

Raising money and gathering resources is crucial for making movie dreams a production reality. In Crowdfunding Your Film, Emily Best will lay out your options for getting early support and identifying the fundraising sources that will bring your work to life. 

When her film Like the Water needed a last minute infusion of capital, Emily was inspired to start Seed&Spark – the crowdfunding platform she runs as CEO today. In Crowdfunding Your Film, she’ll share both her front-line fundraising expertise and her years of experience helping others raise the money needed to make their films a reality. She’ll teach you how to: 
  • Create an effective social fundraising strategy 
  • Crowdfund your film 
  • Crowdsource gear and supplies 
  • Create incentives for the audience during every stage of production 
You’ll learn how to develop a community of contributors and supporters that ensure you have the resources you need to make your vision come to life. You will also learn to build momentum so your audience will follow your film creation from beginning to end and your film has an audience from the beginning. 

Fundraising and acquiring all the necessary filmmaking materials can be a tremendous source of pressure, but it doesn't have to be. In Crowdfunding Your Film, you’ll get real world insights and practical approaches to funding your film without fear.