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Saving Presets in Photoshop

Photoshopped comes with presets and you can make your own so you may look at a photograph and say I'm not one hundred percent sure what I should do with this so this menu shows you ah bunch of existing presets that adobe has provided, including one for example it says strong contrast so you look at that and you say ok, I think I like that but again, as I mentioned before, one of the huge benefits of a preset is it's just a starting point so when I chose that preset look it's made occur for me and now if I look at that and say I really like that but I would like to try something I can take any one of these points and adjust accordingly to say even mohr of this or less of that I don't like that point at all so presets air really nice because they give you a great starting point. Some of what some of the presets and curves I must be honest I have not used because I don't have the need to make a color negative or whatever the priest said shows but at the same time it's not a bad idea to tr...

y it and see what it does and then you could look it oh so that's what that if you wanted that effect that's kind of what the shape of the curve would be like okay if you let's pretend to the same argument this was one that I had made myself and I had a cz we talked about a series of photographs that I knew I was going to be doing similar adjustments to those photographs then as we talked about the other day I can go in here and choose save curves preset and then name it something and then they would show up here's ones that I say vesely previously saved these air clearly demonstration curves because names like my s curve and c l curse is not a very descriptive name as to what it's for that was more look, you can save a preset that's I'm going to call it that so in real life I would probably have ones that that said things like, you know deeper contrast mid tony just whatever something that kind of made sense to you and even though it every image you're adjusting you really want tojust on image by image basis there are some recurring themes people often talk about the s curve is a very common curve where your dark almost the equivalent of moving those two triangles in on levels that's kind of equipment of the s curb so that's a very common place to start with lots of images going look different you'll find very often that you may start with one of those existing presets or one you make and go on from there okay, uh, way set this one again is also is worth noting, same theory applies there's, a red and green and the blue channel, so some people go to the red channel and then do the on image controls or adjust the curve green and blue, according, I'll show you a method in a moment that requires that because we're going to actually do a very new miracle method of using curse and that's. Frankly, the main way I use curves now, because when I just want to make a photograph look better and adjusted, I use camera raw, either starting with the raw file in camera. We're starting in photo shop and using the camera filter. Ok, so we're going to come back to occurs and little bit, but now island move on too far. Do you mind if I ask a couple questions? Eso cayenne and one of the person wanted? No, I understand how the history graham works in reference to the triangles on levels. How does the history graham relate to the curve and points in curves? Well and and honestly, the history graham that there's there's not as obvious a relationship. So the history graham franklin did even display in the curves panel until recently. Before it was just the whole separate thing, so people have both of them open and you adjust the curb and see what it did to the history. Graham so it's still, the principle is still the same. Where when, for example, in here, if I do any adjustment here, this is kind of like saying the equivalent of moving they black triangle in and this would be the equivalent of the white triangle in and then but you're not going to see the history graham readjust itself here, you'd have to have the history graham panel showing, so my personal feeling is when using curves, the history graham is less of a reference than it is when you're using levels, but that's just a more of a personal pressure, one of those dots down and maybe the black went up because that's more three yeah, I mean, you can see that this is more contrast. T so if you're doing that, you're going to take away a lot of the contrast. This is make making the dark points darker and like points lighter if you just want to say I want to take the overall image much darker, like a contrast, which there be reasons you would do it, not what we're doing here? Can't we'll get into some examples of where you might actually use those, okay

Class Description

What is the best way to adjust your image? In Curves and Levels, Dave Cross will edit images using Levels, Curves, Camera Raw, and Lightroom to demonstrate the differences between each approach.

You’ll look at the advantages of each technique and learn when you should use each method. You’ll walk away with a better understanding of how these important techniques work and how to decide which tool to use for the job.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2