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Interface Preferences

Lesson 1 from: Customize Photoshop's Panels, Shortcuts, and Menus

Dave Cross

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1. Interface Preferences

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Lesson Info

Interface Preferences

I was having a conversation with julianne cost about this class and mentioning that this is a class that I've taught in various ways in in another time, says part of sessions where I talk about how to customize photo shop, and what usually happens is people watch the class, and I see a lot of people going I should do that, but I'll bet if I followed up, at least half of them didn't, because it's not the glamorous we touching or improving a photo it's a bit of up front labor that's going to save you lots of time overall. So julianne actually had a great suggestion. I'm gonna challenge you all to do this the next time you think I'll just go on to like facebook or check my e mails, don't go into photo shop and do this customizing because it's it's not going to take you that long, but it's finding the time to commit to it and say this actually would save me time, because the whole idea of when I talk about customizing is think about this any time you've been trying to do something and phot...

o shop and you go down some menu and you just skin by things that you never use, you just don't use them, so my flossie is, then why are they under that menu, then? Why not remove them completely and remove distraction and give yourself more time because you're just going to the things you need to do same thing with keyboard shortcuts if you use keyboard shortcuts that are built into photo shop that's good but there are probably things that you think I wish there was a short cut for this well then make one so then from then on instead of going menu menu menu to get to something you just press the shortcut that you made up and once you do it once that is done and that's the point of it but is that a lot of people looking go yeah that's I should use presense and then they just never do it kind of gets lost in the shuffle just before we start I always put this up here because people asked me and always forget so this time I remembered to say that these air my social media things if you're interested my facebook page and as well as twitter I'm not the kind of person that tends to do just take photos and say look what I had for lunch today I tend to hopefully be a little more useful and practical for from a photo shop perspective of sharing links and things like that all right? So I need to just have some thing open here so here's the thing about photoshopped photo shop was is designed by very talented engineering programmer type people that make things work a certain way. But somewhere along the way, someone has to make a decision to say, well, this tool has to have a default setting, or this we need to make keyboard shortcut for certain things, and without, with all due respect to everyone and adobe, some of the decisions they make us do let's, give a keyboard shortcut to this. My feeling is, I might have chosen something else to give a keyboard shortcut to because some of the choices that were made were like things that, frankly, the average person probably never uses. So having a keyboard shortcut allocated to a function of we look at it, go, don't even know what that is. So, having that use up valuable keyboard shortcut to me, I could consider doing that, applying that somewhere else.

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Thank you so much Dave for this awesome course. I can tell already that my work in Photoshop is going to be so much more effective. I actually did stop the videos and make some tool presets and a curve preset. Thanks Creative Live for featuring such an easy to follow and understand instructor like Dave.

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