Daily Uses for Publish Services with Jared Platt


Daily Uses for Publish Services


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Daily Uses for Publish Services with Jared Platt

And publish services I left specifically for the end because that's kind of the end of the process is sharing things on dh I'm going to take us back to my portfolio where we'll start sharing things. You can share things from any catalog, it doesn't matter. Published services can be used across the board in any kind of catalog that you wish, but I will do most of my publishing from my portfolio catalog because that's, where the best images we're going to rest and that's where I have kind of, um, set up very specific folders where I want to send stuff and I want to use things. But that being said, because if you were the type that worked in one catalog per job, public services would be a little more difficult because the each each time you set up a catalog, you've got to reset up your published services because they're different in each catalog. So the advantage of having what we have here is a working cattle you can see, I've got a lot of different jobs available to me at the same time,...

and so the advantage of working in a catalogue that way, where you have lots of jobs that are coming in and then leaving is that when they come in, you can drag them to publish services. And that will broadcast the images, and then you can send them out on their way, and then the next job that comes in, you can drag him into the public services and keep you can keep doing that, and so things come in and you've got these little published services that are going to direct stuff. Now, a lot of people like what what's public service? I don't know, hopefully if you are listening to this on the web, you know what a public services? Because you're excited to listen and that's why you're tuning in. But if you don't know what a public service it's kind of like a collection so it's a virtual place, that then when you hit publish goes real, it becomes a physical thing. Well, I guess in computers is it is physical is a thing in a computer can be, I think, of files and folders as physical and I think of catalog or collections and things that virtual, which in actuality, they're all virtual, but the public service is kind of like a collection, it doesn't actually exist, but then when you publish it it spins off a j peg or a psd or whatever you wanted to spend off and sends it to a place where you direct it you say I want this to go to facebook or I want this go to my blogger I want this goto a specific folder or I want this to go to my ipad so you can publish pretty much anywhere you want but it's virtual until it gets published but the beauty of a published services that also pays attention to where it has published it and it can retract it. So for instance aiken send something the facebook and then it can retract it from facebook later or if I change it to black and white it can then republish it to black and white facebook so it has access to the folders that its publishing two so that it can pull them out later on and that's why generally I'll do most of my published services from my portfolio because that's where I want to publish other portfolio options and I'll show you what I mean the reason were inside of my job folder right now is that I just exported this file this portrait here so this is a picture of justin who has been in studio b but now he's in studio a so I grabbed him and we took a photograph of him in the studio here and I I think it's fantastic a portrait so I'm using it but I'm going to quit out of this because this this photo has already been sent to my portfolio and so now I'm going to open up my portfolio drive and if you look that photo is in as a dj in the portfolio drop box which we learned how to do last segment on dh so now that we have the portfolio in the portfolio dropbox if I go to the catalogue and open up my portfolio it's going to see that and pull it in and it's going to automatically sink it into the collections our into the jobs so let's see there it is that's already in catalog previous important various so here's our here's justin and we're going now I want to post this, so I'm going to use a public service to post it and we're going to publish to facebook so I'm going to scale down here and there's there's actually a built in facebook publishing app on that will send things to your personal facebook account so very easy to do. I could just publish anything onto my personal facebook account and it will go in on any of my albums that I want on my wall wherever I wanted to go the problem with the facebook app inside of light room that ships with it is that it won't publish to your business page but there's a plug in that will and so this one is called j f facebook and I gave the link to the people in in the chat rooms and stuff so they have that link on bacon send it out this guy makes a lot of cool light room public aps and we will I guarantee we'll crash his his blogged a lot of them he's got some really cool stuff he's got stuff that will search for things he's got stuff that will publish to twitter he's got stuff that'll published a facebook so check him out he's got all sorts of cool stuff but what we do is we set up we set up a public service and I've already set one up, but I'm going to show you how so on the regular facebook published service it's very simple there's not a lot involved in it, so if you if you click on it and you edit the settings or you can create another collection once you've so when you first start you have to you don't have published collection set up you go to this little plus button just the same way you create a preset or another collection you're going to go up this plus button and you're going to choose to create some kind of a published you can publish to a hard drive you published a facebook to adobe rebel you khun do flicker or, in this case, the facebook ad that are jf facebook that will take it to the business. But in this case, if I go to the regular settings here on facebook, you'll see that this is what you get. So you get a set of options here and looks a lot like the export dialog box because it is exporting another file because it can't post a d n g toe a flicker or to facebook, it has to post a j peg, and so it's going to post this j peg based on the rules that you give it, so you're going to tell it I wanted to be x x size I wanted to, I have my and by the way, presets are involved here in the water marking, you can choose what water mark you want to add to your image on the way out, so that you have some kind of reference to you in the photograph, no matter where it goes. So there's a lot of stuff that you're going to set up, but once you set it up, you you have created a published service here, and you just hit save, and it will show up here once you create the public service, though, then you can right click, and you can create new collections inside of it, and it will just add new folders inside of it so basically knew on facebook it would be albums if it was a hard drive publishing service, it would be folders on a desktop or whatever, but you you're creating new albums or folders inside of it so you can see I've got one called hometown on location, travel photos, et cetera, right? So if I click on on location, I posted that the last night on my personal facebook page, but if I go to this one here, there's nothing posted yet because I just created this while on this computer in while we were here. So that's, one of one of the things that I that's difficult is that when it comes to publish services, they are dependent on the catalog you're in and the computer because in this case we have a j f facebook, which is a plug in, so I had to come onto this computer have to install the plug into this computer, and then I have to register the fate that that plug in by creating a pathway. So in this case, when I started, it asks me to register with facebook, so I'm going to right click this and show you the settings on this because they're much more complicated here the settings here in his allow you to first make a description for where you're going to put it but then it says it wants you to log in as and I'm log in his jared platt, but when you first come in, asks you to log in, and then it sends you to facebook, you log into facebook, and it takes the data from that and puts it and gives lighter and permission to post on facebook for you. So it kind of talks to facebook, so you first have to log in, and once you've logged in, then you get to do all of this stuff. Now that looks complicated, but it's not you just have to read through it, and it's actually skim reading because you don't have to actually know all of this stuff, but I'm going to give you the highlights. So first, what you're doing is you're choosing what the name of your published service is going to be, and then you're choosing what the file names going to look like, so that's the actual j peg that's going out, and so I've done. Title file named photo platt photo on dh then you're choosing what the files going to look like. J peg, eighty five quality, how big it's going to be it's all basically the same is the is the export dialog box, then water marks, and then you get into the facebook stuff and you get to choose which account you're going to put it into so I'm choosing platt photography I could choose to put it in my personal could choose it to put it in the light room workshop so I could put it in a lot of different facebook accounts but I'm going to put it in platte photography facebook and cannot and then I can choose to put a new album name and click on that I can go so if I put in an album name here and tell it it's visible to everybody it's going to create new album for it so now that if I drag into it's going to send to the whatever album I've just created, it allows you teo decide whether or not like so if I delete the images off of light room do I want it toe pull those off of facebook or do you want to leave it on and I tell it to leave him on because remember mine kind of someone or transient and so I don't want if I'm removing here I've obviously posted I wanted to leave it there, okay? So I can tell it to you either I can also tell it to do basic captioning aiken tell it so I mean it's just all little preferential types of things and if you read through it, you'll get it and it also has the option to send a twitter or a tweet sent a tweet so I can send tweet afterwards so as soon as it's posted facebook it will send a tweet telling people I just posted it on facebook so it's a pretty useful little app on what I'm going to do is I'm going to go to the uh what we just posted here and I have okay, so there's the title of what's going on um if I do a caption I can say so this is on the photo I'm captioning entitling and key wording the photograph itself I took this photo this portrait of justin at creative live in seattle love the beard and I spell beard, right? Is that a that right? Okay say I'm a horrible speller okay? So now that's tagged on that so now all I have to do to publish this because I've already set it up and grab this, drag it to there and now it doesn't actually do anything at this point it's just a collection at this point and I can drag these from all over my portfolio doesn't matter where they are I'm not moving him anywhere I'm not copying I'm not making extra files it's literally a virtual copy sitting right here and notice that when you click on the published collection it says new photos to publish when I had published its going to publish this and then it will say published photos and as you drag stuff in there you'll find that it will do there's basically three or four different categories that it gives you new photos to publish photos to remove so if you delete something from here like if I hit delete from photo that's recognized is published it will then put it into a deleted photos and then when you get published will delete those deleted photos it'll add the new photos and if there are photos that have been adjusted differently like you change them to color or black and white it will show that they need to be republished teo update them so in this case all we have to do is published and you can publish by coming to the published collection and hitting publish or my favorite ways to just right click the published folder and hit publish so and you can also say mark to republish so you could say I want to republish this later but I'm gonna hit publish yes, I published something that you've re edited um does it create a new notification to other people that you reposted an item? Are a photo as as a standard practice? Yes it will it will create a notification, but in this new plug in I think he has a the option to not tell people when you when he's republishing he can say when you update something don't notify people just just change it takes the other one off basically squeezes out okay so him I don't think that the one in adobes original facebook I think it actually re publishes a new one but I think that the j f one I think his name is jeff anyway that one I think actually swapped it so I'm much more impressed with this one than the one that's actually shipping with adobes so and jared maybe we'll get into this but is there google plus option no there is not and I guarantee I I searched for that for a month before this workshop trying to find something and there's just there's there's nothing that that quite does it yet and I don't know why but it's it just doesn't it's not there yet so if you'll find if you find it you'll tweeted if I find it a great so yeah I mean they're probably cem some out there that kind of pretend to do it or kind of do it but not really not nothing like as but if anyone could do it all but it's this guy serious if you don't go on to his web site go to his web site because it's he's got some impressive stuff and there's another one I also gave the link out there there's two really impressive groups of people making these these plug ins for for light room the two best that I've found that have websites there's other people that do it as a hobby they don't have websites on those are the ones that I'll tweet to you when they finished making their products that I really like but this one this guy that does the j f one's and then the other one is the photographer's tool box and I both both of those links the people in chat room have them and they can put him up on the screen for you because they're fantastic and again if you're looking for those online just join our chat in the window right the below your viewing screen and the online chat host will be posting those links ok so but those are great places to go and there's you can also go to adobe and they have what's called the plug in exchange so you can go the dhobi plugging exchange and there's just thousands of plug ins and presets and free presets and paid presets and all sorts of stuff so the brilliance of most of the stuff that you find for these is that they are free and then you could donate however much you think it's worth so like this one literally you have toe in order to register it you have to pay one penny and then whatever else you want to pay you can pay so and I guarantee this is worth I would say it's worth fifty one hundred bucks is what I would pay for it if I if someone forced me to pay one hundred bucks for it would be like this one because it's really a good plug in, I'm pretty impressed with ok, so so I'm gonna get published now and it's it's going to publish it just published that and now it's sending it there see, announces published photos now those of you who are I'm not going to go to facebook right now because we don't know what we'll see and and we're going, we can't, but those of you out there in internet land go too platt photography's facebook account is just flat photography on facebook and you'll see that this just got posted. Now, if you guys will comment on that post, I will be able to see them here inside of light room. So go out comment and we'll come back to this in a minute and check on it and see the comments that were left so and be nice because I want I want people to write nice things in there, okay, so now I'm going to go to a hard drive publishing situation so you can even published to a place on the web and that's what the adobe rebel and the facebook and the flicker and all that kind of stuff do is your posting to someplace else now, you also have the ability to do hard drive postings. So what it's doing is it's creating a place on your hard drive to do this, and all you have to do is drag stuff in to that folder and hit published, and it will send whatever kind of file you ask it to send. Usually j peg, send the j peg out to that location. That location will then become the hub where other things grab photos from, for instance, I can use published services to deliver files to clients through drop boxes so I can create a drop box and ill at the news. So if I have a constant client, for instance, I I shoot photographs for the phoenix symphony a lot, and so I've been shooting for them for years, so any time I shoot something for them, when I finish, I simply just drag a file from the working catalog to a drop box for them and hit published, and it just shows up in their drop box. I don't ever have to do anything else. And then if I remove it, it removes it from the drop box, which removes it from their drop box, and so I'm in complete control of what ends up on that drop box, so drop box is a fantastic place to marry. With published services because everything that you published to a folder which drop box, if you don't know, dropbox leaves a folder on your desktop, so I have a inside of all of my files here I have a folder called dropbox, and in that folder, there's a bunch of files, and so if I published to one of these files, it goes up onto the web and then on the web, it goes down to all of my other computers that are registered with dropbox, so I can have my portfolio. We're in the portfolio, aren't lee, so we're in my light room portfolio in washington, and if I publish something to my portfolio is j pegs on this computer that is not mine, it will send it to the web, and the web will send it back to my home computer, and my home computer will see that extra information if I walked in when I came home from washington and a client was meeting me, all I'd have to do is turn on a slide show from the portfolio. J pegs that aaron, the drop box and all of the new stuff that I just put in there would be in there, because it would have already been sink while I was flying home, so you can keep your portfolio of j pegs constantly updated so that it's updated on your on your website it's update our minutes updated on your phone like you can have it you have dropbox applications here you have up drop drop box applications on all your computers so it's a really wonderful place too disseminate a lot of stuff to a lot of different people and you could give you could give access to a drop box to every single vendor you have and just say hey when you want something from a portfolio to show a client just go to that dropbox and use any of the images they're fine with you using him for whatever purpose right? So you have the ability to share those images with other people too and it will synchronize and then as you want to get rid of images you like I don't want to show that image anymore we have to do is pull it from your from your from your public service and it will pull it from the drop box which will pull it from anybody else that's looking at that dropbox yeah unlike facebook doesn't drop box allow you to post like psd files and other files as well try so you could post psd is in fact that's what I'm delivering to the phoenix symphony is p stds and tips and things like that I'm not delivering j pegs although I sometimes delivered j pegs because I do a psd and then a j peg so that the people who don't know anything about design can just grab the j p and throw it on a website, so I'll do two versions of the same thing. One of j peg one is a photo shop, so yeah, you, khun dropbox will upload anything that you put on it, so it's fantastic place to utilize. So what we're going to do is we're going toe actually work on this, but what we're going to do today instead of adding it to drop box, we're going to add it to the ipad, so I'm going to create a collection of images for the ipad I'm going to put them on my ipad, ok, so let's, go to the basically if I right, click this right here I congar o to the published folder, and that will show me where it is. So you see that it's in the pictures folder inside there's it's called ipad wedding and an ipad photos see that I've got two different things I've already set up the ipad wedding one so that's all set up, but we're going to set up the other ones. I created the folders and now we're going to set him up, so I'm going to go right click on here and I'm going to create another published folder, and you can also create smart folders, by the way. So you can create a smart folder that looks for all five star wedding images are all five star flower images, and it would just automatically publish anything it finds that has those criteria, so you wouldn't even have to do it. All you got to do is open up your your catalog and then published, and just random new images would show up based on that smart collection, so you can do it in a smart collection wine as well. So create published folder. I'm gonna name that published folder, and we're going to call that I pad, um, documentary and hit create. So now I've got a folder called ipad documentary, right? So now if I go to this photo here and remember this just a collection so I could grab it and drag it to the documentary, and it didn't change anything about this, but it added a reference to it here, so now I can publish this and it's publishing to a location on the folder and it's, all based on a very specific set of if I right click this ipad wedding and edit the settings you can see again, just like an export dialog box, but I have chosen to have one hundred percent quality and twenty five hundred pixels in the longest length, so that when it's on an ipad ids it's a really nice pile toe look at right so it's big enough so that's what I've chosen to be is the hard hard drive option so now if I want to publish it all, I need to dio I'm gonna plug the ipad into the computer which will launch so I just played that in which launches itunes or maybe that someone bank they're launched itunes, but either way, if you go to the ipad and then you go to the photos, you can tell it instead of sinking from I photo, which is a horrible program, you can choose a picture folder when I choose the picture folder right instead of doing from all folders, I tell it to include on ly these specific folders and now I can choose which photo or which folders I want to use and if you look at this one so I owe you know it put that folder inside of ipad weddings. So now I have a documentary folder inside of ipad waters but hit done actually I need toe sink it so when it sinks the ipad now if I go to my ipad right here and I opened it up and go to the photos there's the image that I just put in okay, so I can publish everything I want to publish to my ipad as it remember you're inside of your portfolio already so all you need to do is just is so once a month go in and work on your portfolio and when you've got the portfolio that you're really proud of, you know when you've got the ones that you're trying to show your clients right now just take that catalog or that that collection so you collected a bunch of images say for in our purposes it's the c l set right here so we could take this entire seal set and we can take them and dragged them all into the ipad documentary and now all of those are going one thousand one hundred images would be published to this ipad but notice it says new photos to publisher there and then down here is the photo to be published okay and then of course I can I can go in and and delete most of these so I'm just going to highlight these and go up to here and highlight to there and remove those ok so then once I do that it published its now publishing these extra sixteen photos out to that folder and then once it's done one every time I played this and it's just going to sink to that now the key here is that you can then go into your published manager which is at the top and you can add another any collection so now I can say ok, well I want a different hard drive published folder or I want a different facebook published older so in this case and I wanted to make, you know, put the documentary folder into that folder instead of to the side I would just have to create another hard drive folder and I would call it ipad uh port folio general or something like that and hit create and now I would choose all the specifics to it and once I've chosen the specifics it saved and now I've got see I've got two hard drive portfolio folders and if I right, click on this one and go to its folder see so I named it the same thing so it's going to send it to the same folder so let's remove that one let's delete that published service let's make a new one go to publish folder on we add a new one and uh call it ipad, ipad, ipad whatever it doesn't really matter what I call it but I need teo I need to put it into I don't see oh here there's the folders see that that folder is where I wanted to be a different folder doesn't matter what you really call the collection because the collection is on ly a light room thing it only matters in light room what really matters is where it's going inside of here so this is where you choose the name of the folder ipad que ever go so there's ipad documentary it choose the rest of this concert a the same save so now if I take all these images here highlight um and I dragged them tow ipad documentary and I published that folder which I can do by right clicking and hitting published or I can do it by that button over there and now it's just going to send it out and now when I resync this I can tell itunes too now look at hold on I gotta gonna move outside of here go back and I can tell it to sink that folder to so each one of these folders on here becomes an album so a folder in this in the in the inside of your pictures folder becomes an album inside of your ipad. Now the beauty of this situation is that when I'm in a wedding and I set up so my have one wedding catalog that's always on the laptop it's just always there and that's the wedding that might assistant puts the j pegs into remember we talked about the j pegs or in the morning on a wedding so that so he's taking the j pegs and putting him in and then he creates the slide show and does a little adjustments and stuff like that and that's the that's the information that earlier this morning we talk about sinking those j pegs back to the the raw images well now I can also take those j pegs and sort by him and just tell him drag him into the published folder and then we take the we take our ipad to the wedding plug it in and as soon as we plug it in they synchronize the images that have gone to the ipad wedding folder to there so then I can go up to the client on let me see if I apply these but I can go to the client then once I'm done synchronizing the ipad to the to the laptop and we set the laptop off to the side is kind of like a slide show for anybody who wants to see it but when you do it this way you can actually go to the client and you khun well the first thing that you want to do is you want to go into your settings and in the settings you go to the picture frame options and you can tell it which folder you want to synchronize so you can say I only want ipad documentary tio be on the on the photo frame option so that they won't is so we choose the wedding folder that we've sinker or that we've published too but we don't choose any of the other ones and so once we're done with that then we can turn off the ipad turn it back on and just hit that little flower button and now they're getting a slide show of onley their wedding photos, even though there's other photos on this ipad it's only showing that one folder that we published, and so I I literally at that point take this and I'll walk up to the client, you're the bride? Yes, you're very beautiful bride on, I say here, would you like to see your images? And then I just walk away so I go back over here now what? That the bride is trying to swipe images and whatever, but they can't because it's just a slide show, and they can't get in without putting in my code, they can't get into the ipad, but the brilliance of this is that now it's a an intimate experience for the bride and the groom, and you'll see them come together and, like, cuddle and look at it, and suddenly you just made if you want people to love your specific images, you have to create experiences surrounding those images that will create emotions that will make them love them. So a lot of people complain that the bride and groom always choose the wrong images for there album and that's, because they haven't created the atmosphere for the bride and groom toe love specific images, they weren't taught them so when pavlov was training his dogs, he would ring a bell every time he fed them samy so by at one point when he rang a bell, they would just salivate, right? That's all we're doing with clients is we're giving them experiences when they see a photograph that makes them feel great. And so the next time they see that photograph, what do they feel? They feel great. And so if you get the bride and groom cuddling together, watching the favorites that you just put together, which ones are they going to respond to when they see it in a slide show later on? Or when they see it in the proof book where they're looking, and the more of those experiences you can give them, the better off you'll be? So I always do that mean that my clients are going to see it first on the ipad when they're snuggling and listening to music, and then they'll take it around to their family and show them, and so I rebel you and all but it's a close, intimate experience, and then they'll sit around with their friends at the laptop and they'll all hooton holler about him, and then the next time they see it, they'll be at home or at the studio, looking at the first slide show that they see. With music, and so then now there's mohr emotion to it, and then, once they get done with that, I'm going to give him a beautiful proof book. And at the beginning of the proof book, all of my favorites are really big, full, full page, and all the other ones were just, like four up little tiny ones, and so they're getting another great experience on the printed page when they're looking at the images, right? And then I'm giving them a little stack of fifty of my favor images as little cute proofs that they can touch and feel, and so now they have another tactile experience, all with the same images, all the way around, and so, by the time they get to the point where they're choosing images for a wall, they're always choosing the images that I chose because they've been trained, they've been trained to choose the correct images, and really, I know that sounds weird, because you're training your client like an animal, but you're not. Your job as a photographer is to train people on how to see that's your job, so I'm just training my clients, how to be good at seeing images, and my clients are already kind of trained to be good at looking at images because they chose me as a photographer, so they obviously chose good images in the first place because I'm the one that created them, but now I'm further training them on how to look at my images and that's, just part of your job, part of me, that's as a photographer, your job is to take great pictures and train your clients to see what is great about the pictures and which ones to choose and how to use them, so your job doesn't stop after you take the picture is your job stops after your client's chosen the right images, so your job is to continually train them, so this is a really good use for your public services? Is that ipad? Or you can also use that same folder that the ipad is drawing from four slide shows on your on your various screens in your studio, so you can tell your studio computers to draw from that folder to be the slide show, you can tell you can have that same folder. Rest on your drop box that way, anywhere you are in the world. If someone needs access to a photo, you can go on your phone on your drop box and send in that photo from your phone. So having a published service that's directly connected to your portfolio catalog, and that then ties into connecting to things like an ipad, connecting to things like a that screen on your in your in your in your port are in your studio as well as on the drop box all of that stuff can be done all at once okay so use the published services I think they're fantastic let's see, I just want to make sure that we have oh another really cool tool that's coming out that I will tweet about once it's done is a word press for and this comes from the photographers toolbox people the guy's name is john and he is making a andi he said it was okay that I mentioned it he's making a wordpress um it's amazing you can publish it toe wordpress a gallery that your clients can then go in and flag and say I want this one this one in this one and then you synchronize it and it sends the flags back to you and flags your raw photos from your wordpress proofing site it's awesome so you literally if I have a client that has you know it's like especially if you're using like a it's a head shot or something like that and you only have like twenty images and they just need to choose one he was literally posted on your wordpress blawg and they would choose the images they want and then when you sink that it would come back to you and then you could just click on the ones that they've chosen and deliver him that's amazing that's awesome yeah it's incredible so speaking of that kind of coolness, we're going to go to the facebook page we posted this and now we're going tio so if you go down to the bottom and see the no comments that's because we haven't synchronized, so I'm going to click on this little circular thing and click and see if anyone has oh there's the comments so these air all the comments that we have but see we didn't even have to go to facebook and spend time reading other people's posts right? We were able to post and now we can see while love the of the little tips and tricks I've learned this week great seminar nice job you're supposed to comment about the photo and say slick plug in dude uh didn't see this on the wall so cool okay, so anyway and so they're seeing all this that it's all a post right? So these are the comments that have been made within the last twenty minutes on on that on that post so public services are amazing and if you really want to find the best published services, just go to those two web sites that I mentioned that are that they're linking to and then also go to the adobe exchange and look for them because their little jim's there just like you have that yet the released ferret them out, but when you find him there gyms and they do some pretty amazing stuff that will make your life a lot easier so that is published services now I just wanted to mention one last thing and that is that I have come to the opinion on I tweet I tweeted this earlier that we're going to talk about the iphone conundrum and the iphone conundrum is simply this that we have iphones that are great at taking pictures and you can work on the pictures in your iphone and they're cool but then they have to connect toe I photo, which is a horrible program the fact that the iphone is not a easy on, easily usable camera to connect the way we would our cannon or are our nikon into our system is a problem and so everybody's sinking their photos from the camera I photo or they're doing it through that lame excuse of a thing what is it called like stream or photo stream or whatever that sends all your photos no matter what you take since all your photos? So just the idea of all those systems they've done a bad job of making these systems so I have all these photos on my phone and I want to get them into, um into my system here like I want to use them, right? So in order to use them I would have to go through I photo and then I'm not export I photo to whatever and it just becomes a problem so what? I'm going to dio and I should have done this earlier but I think katie idea trader so there's the cable it's a different cable for the iphone five so I had to get different cable so here's the solution to the iphone conundrum you ready for a plug in your iphone it's gonna want to synchronize with with itunes obviously which I don't want it to do because obviously this and that don't sink together because this is not my computer however I'm going to quit itunes um what we do is we go to the import dialog box and it shows up as a disc nowhere else on the apple doesn't do this now in I think on pcs and iphone they have some kind of thing that will show up is a disk but on the mac which is funny because the mac you would think would interface better with it it doesn't but here inside of your light room it literally shows up is a disk and so now I can simply go in to hear and I can work on there's my kids so I can take all these photos and I can either uncheck all of them or check all of them and I can import all of those photos into light room now it won't delete them from your phone, which you wish it would because what I what what we'd really like to have this is the iphone brings them into light room and then light room works on them and then sends the best ones back to the iphone. That's what you really want, but that doesn't actually occur correctly. So what you do is you import your photos once you've important him and you know, they're imported, then you go to and this this was an amazing little discovery. You go, teo, the preview, so now I'm in preview, right? The thing that opens up when you want to look at jay pegs or whatever and look at that. This is my phone, so if you go to file import from iphone, it actually looks at all of the photos on your iphone, so we're looking at photos on my iphone and I can once and I know they're in light room. I've already imported himto light room, so I select all and delete and it will literally reach into your iphone and wipe every photo in your iphone. Then what do you do once you've done that? You have all ok, so now we go back to our light and catalog, where you've put where you downloaded all the photos, published services now you create a published service just like we were making for the ipad you make one for your iphone and you could make his many folders as you want and then you go to itunes and you tell it synchronized this phone with these specific folders and now all of your iphone photos khun go straight through light room work on them, drag the ones you want to keep into the iphone publishing service it will go to the iphone and now you'll have awesome images that were actually worked on by a professional piece of equipment by computer with a great software back on your iphone and on lee the ones you want and you rather than going delete, delete delete to every photo you can do all that right here. So that is the solution to the iphone conundrum, which the conundrum is great camera great phone horrible system of trying to get the photos where you want them that's the way to do it so any questions when it was about the facebook plug in is their way to set it to scheduled the post a different time? No ok, but that's it this guy that makes it is pretty like hands on like I think you could get a hold of him just go to his blogging and that's a great thing to go to his block and tell him that he ought to add that because I bet he could so yeah, I wish I could do that because I hate I hate the fact that I'm like at ten o'clock at night I finished I'm ready to upload to facebook but I can't schedule it and I'm like now I have to wait till tomorrow to schedule because I want to post it now because it's worthless to post a ten at night you want posted it like ten in the morning or eleven when people are bored of work so in one more quick question from the internet and we'll go to our in studio that was does this plug in work for android devices or do you know of ah converter for android devices it would have to imagine? I mean, well, the key is that you're creating published folders so if you can get the android tio automatically pull from those folders than in the work but it's dependent on whatever software's automatically pulling to those androids or whatever okay, great injured have a couple questions. Yeah, just ah, I guess third follow up question on facebook publishing I stopped using the facebook publishing publishing service in light room because a t least and I don't have any experience with one that you're using but at least the built in deletes the old or gives you the choice and delete the old one but it always publishes an updated photo as a new post altogether but I used to use another software that actually had the ability to swap it that way you didn't lose any of your likes or comments and that was kind of the downside to me, so I'm going to kind of a convoluted process of using that do you know if the app will truly swap them so you don't lose any likes or I don't know the answer I don't know the answer to that because I don't operate that way I only post once I'm not goingto change the photo and seem like the kind of guy you know, like I've got my I've got my impression on what the photo should be and I'm moving forward right? I'm I'm very rarely going back and if I'm going back it's to pull up like random funny images from the past and so when I do that like, for instance, I posted one last night I was when I was going through this I found her hilarious photo, which I cannot show right now, but if you go to my facebook page, you'll see that like a poster to down it's pretty funny image of this this guy who were on the beach, you know and there's all these people like playing on the beach and then there's this guy running around with he's in full wetsuit we're in hawaii, so it's warm he's in a full wetsuit hat he's got like, a metal detector and he's running through the water with the and it's just it's hilarious, because he's, just not one of these things did not belong at the beach, and that was like looked like an a monster and the coming out of the debate, so but I'm gonna post and leave it, so I don't know, but I think as far as I could see from what he's doing in there that I think he gives you the option of not re posting when you do whatever tio so I think he's thinking that way, but I don't know, I've got one more question, and I think this would be the same for all of the publishing services when you're actually setting the publishing services up. One of the options is, of course, to set your watermark, however, at least for my photography, sometimes the watermark is far more appropriate on the left bottom corner or the right bottom corner. It's not necessarily always in a consistent place. Do you have a suggestion for how to manage being ableto I remember when I set up those two published folders and they were sending it to the same folder who was a mistake on my part you khun set up two published folders and services to the same folder and you can tell one to be a right facing and want to be a left facing logo and just on the name of it just say published a portfolio published right logo part father published last then what you do is you go through your collection when you're looking at it, so when you're looking at a set of images you would simply go into your metadata and you well, you don't need to do that you could just simply go through and say ok, uh this one would be great on the right this one's great on the that would be good on the right that's fine on the right but this one and this one need to be on the left, you know? So you go through and sort through all that and then so if it's say of ten images that you're going to post five of them are good on the right choose the five that are good on the right and drag him into that published service and then go up to the top in the end it inverts election and by doing that you have immediately chosen all the ones you didn't choose because it reverses it and then dragged those to the left nice that's it so and I have that issue all the time when I'm doing a blogged post you so I choose the ten images are gonna block post and I choose the five that look good on the left and I export them with left one and then I inverse the selection and export again on the right and that's it perfect problem solved and I've used not this face will plug in but the other one again on dh my problem is I'll choose my photos on now published them but it publishes them in the order that they appeared on the filmstrip on dh I can go in and like him in shape into facebook and I can really the album but never that sort of lights natural three or four photos which appears so from people's new streams so it's not always the best photos well the fighters which is the most indicative of the album or whatever which is being shown is there any way that I consider it an order to publish them within facebook within light room if you go into the published collection itself and you organize them inside the published collection because that what you're doing and because you can reorganize inside the publisher question so if it's if it's organizing him in the film strip border when you're in a collection or a published collection you can reorganize them even if that's not the actual name all right and it will export them in the order that you're sending him to or you could rename him that that would lock him in that order. So but I think facebook has a very bad interface for that reason that they are automatically choosing stuff there that they shouldn't. They should allow you to choose that.

Class Description

Wedding Day Slideshows: Creating wedding slideshows for the laptop and the iPad at the wedding. Studio Portfolio: Using publish services to maintain up-to-date studio portfolio displays.

Facebook It: Keeping the world talking about your images with the touch of a button.

Make Them Smart: Using smart folders in publish services for hands off image publication.

Software Used: Adobe Lightroom 4