Darkness in an Urban Environment: Managing Light on the Streets


Darkness in an Urban Environment: Managing Light on the Streets


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Working with Models: Etiquette and Considerations

We're gonna be working tonight with models. Models are wonderful because they know what they're doing in front of the camera. You don't have to be pulling teeth, and telling people what to do with their hands, and coaching them along. Theoretically anyway, the model is going to kind of work with you and project the mood that you want them to project. So you have to think of yourself at the camera as a little bit of a film director, and they're in your movie and you want to create a mood. So we're gonna have a male and a female. And obviously the light is gonna be different. The male is kind of angular, dark hair, he's got that Pierce Brosnan scruff going on, and all that sort of stuff. I haven't met him yet, but I'm thinking that he could handle a hard light pretty well. I'm not gonna do that to our female model. Probably light her a little softer, maybe try to do something approaching a glamour or beauty light out here on the street in an impromptu way. So definitely the quality of li...

ght that I'm gonna bring for the two characters, or individuals, in front of my lens tonight is gonna vary with those particular individuals. I'll make my specific choices later on when I actually see them, and get up front with them, and kind of sort them out. One of the things you have to do, even with a professional model, is make them comfortable. Keep them safe, make them comfortable, give them breaks, give them water. Your talent in front of your lens is your most valuable resource, so you have to take care of them. Treat them well, treat them like human beings, don't kind of fuss with your f-stops endlessly while they're out in the middle of the street, you know, dodging traffic, pay attention.

Class Description

In this exclusive class, join legend Joe McNally, on the streets of New York to see how to bring light to one of the busiest and most dynamic backgrounds. He'll walk through how to prep your gear, scout for locations, direct your models, and incorporate flash to make your subject stand out on the city streets. He'll discuss how to set your exposure and plan your shot to achieve the "bokeh" look of the city glow behind your model. Learn tips for planning your shoot so you're within the city regulations as well as techniques to help work through any troubles you may have while on location. Gain the confidence and know-how to photograph your subjects with flash in what can seem like an impossible environment.