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Lesson 2 from: DaVinci Resolve: Compositing with Fusion

Casey Faris

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2. Hardware

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So before we get started, let's go over some of the hardware and software needs that you need to be able to do stuff in Fusion. First of all, you need the free version of Resolve. Other than that, you need a pretty powerful computer, especially with Fusion, especially doing compositing. It's really important that you have a pretty good graphics card. What I'm working with today is a iMac Pro, and it has eight gigabytes of graphics RAM, as well as 64 gigabytes of memory. So, pretty, pretty hefty computer. And I can really handle a lot of what we'll probably throw at it today. But Fusion is a massive resource hog. So if you don't have something like maybe a higher end gaming PC, or something with a dedicated video card, I really, really recommend looking into that before you get too deep into Fusion. That said, you can do some basic stuff even on a laptop. You'll just have to wait a little bit longer for a render. The other thing that I would mention, is you really need a three button mo...

use to work with Resolve. Pressing down on the scroll wheel is really important, because that's kind of how you move around a lot, as well as zooming in and out with the scroll wheel. It is a lot easier to work with Resolve if you have something like that, rather than a track pad or a magic mouse. Definitely spend the (chuckling) $12 on Amazon and get one shipped to you, because it's really, really worth it. But if you have a good computer, you have a three button mouse, you have eyes, then we're gonna be just fine for learning some compositing here in Fusion.

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This is a great course. I'm an absolute beginner to Fusion (although I know a bit about the editing within Resolve). The course walks its students through the basics in a very easy-to-understand process. I feel confident that I can now use Fusion effectively for my videos. Highly recommended.

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