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Class Introduction

Lesson 1 from: Design Trends & Elements in Photoshop

Khara Plicanic

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

I'm Kenna Klosterman at your host for design trends and elements in photo shop with Keira Blitzen. Itch. So, Keira, take it away. Thanks, Kenna. Well, hi, guys. We are gonna have so much fun today talking about design trends and design elements in Photoshopped. So designed trends to me if you know the stuff you see going around and print media are online and different effects that sort of make their way into our pop culture on do some of the things that are very popular right now and actually have been for a while would be, um, a matte finish on our photos. So we'll talk about doing that. We're going to talk about doing double exposures. I get a lot of requests for that. So I thought, Let's talk about it, Um and we're going to do a watercolor splatter print, which is very exciting. And then I'm actually going to show you how you came use. We'll find and obtain design elements for your own design work, as well as how you can easily make your own...

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Hand Drawn Doodle Elements
Matte Effect Actions
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Ratings and Reviews

Janaina de Assis

I loooooooove Khara, all her courses are so much fun and energetic.

Dianna Gonzalez

Khara's teaching style is one of the most superior styles, in terms of Creative Live Classes I've taken. She is clear about what she is saying, without being overly wordy, and her lessons were well organized. Two thumbs up for Khara Plicanic... very informative!

Flavianny Menezes

Amazing class. Khara makes everything easier.

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