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Design Trends & Elements in Photoshop

Lesson 6 of 6

Digitizing Design Elements: From Paper to Pixels

Khara Plicanic

Design Trends & Elements in Photoshop

Khara Plicanic

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6. Digitizing Design Elements: From Paper to Pixels

Lesson Info

Digitizing Design Elements: From Paper to Pixels

Here's the Stan, right? So if you're like, how do you How do we clean this up to get rid of the background and everything? So this is just straight up My in fact, my scanner, the paper was too big, so I had to scan it in several passes because things were getting cut off. But, for example, if I wanna do like this arrow right here, if I'm ready to cut this out and turn this into it, a design elements The easiest way to separate all of these things is I you would usually just draw a box around it and then get my, um, magic wand, for example, and select to subtract the minus the white area. And then I'm left with the selection of just around the arrow. So none of the other graphics I don't have to worry about Oh, I have to un select this or that. I just have this selected. And then if I do, Commander Control J. Now it's in its own layer. So I went through and did that to the whole, uh, thing Who were you guys? So it's on you. They're friendly. Another thing you might want to do when you'r...

e doing this. If you make your own before you chop it all up, you might want It just depends on your look. If you if you want to increase the contrast, maybe so you know, maybe you're running a little dry on in care. Maybe you don't like that. You can see the variants in ink on this. You could do a contrast adjustment or a levels adjustment. So I just bring commander Control L to bring up. You have to be on the clear, bring up levels. I could just, you know, drag the mid tone slider over or the shadows over and dark in that up before I go and select everything. But if you really want the more hand drawn like floppy, not quite perfect, um, a little bit of translucency, possibly Then you might want to keep some of that is just it's up to you, but it's a pretty easy process to separate it all. I will say, if you want to attempt doing your own water color scans, make sure that your scanner is set to scan photos and not Leinart like this is Leinart. Wherever I have it, the doodles were Leinart. So I could scan that, like, as a document. But, um, my watercolors initially I couldn't tell on my scanner. It doesn't give me a good preview. And I wasn't paying attention, and I almost I almost left to come out here with this scan of the document. So it was, like, weirdly compressed and, um, overly contracting. And you lost all the texture of the paper and all the good things that make it watercolor. So I re scanned it at 3 a.m. Before our flight to make sure that it was photo scanning. Um, so that works much better. So just keep an eye on your scanner, and then the process was the same, so I just basically, you know, select the white background and remove it. Um, and then when you use these, you probably want to change the blend mode on on some things. We might want to go into this document, and maybe we want to add a little bit of a textured background just to finish this off. If we duplicate the background layer, we can add a, uh, pattern or the pattern we can add a texture, Phil. So if I click over here can scroll down and I think they even have a water look. A that a water color texture. Um, and we can scale this, you know, if you want. Like, big. I don't want big texture, but maybe find texture just a little, Um, give it a nice little look. Maybe we fade it, but there you go. And now you can relax because you've got

Class Description

Ever wonder how the pros create the design elements they use for various graphic projects or special effects? This Adobe Photoshop tutorial will walk you through the process of creating assets like patterns and custom brushes along with popular effects like double exposure and watercolor spatter painting.  

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2015

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Janaina de Assis

I loooooooove Khara, all her courses are so much fun and energetic.

Dianna Gonzalez

Khara's teaching style is one of the most superior styles, in terms of Creative Live Classes I've taken. She is clear about what she is saying, without being overly wordy, and her lessons were well organized. Two thumbs up for Khara Plicanic... very informative!

Flavianny Menezes

Amazing class. Khara makes everything easier.