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Capturing Images from Video

Let grown going to the slides a slide show again wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait okay that beautiful music coming to you from chief a scope this is in my collection in my first collection there's going to be some really fun music that was beautiful with wedding slide shows in the second version also I'm going to show you one thing that I promised you yesterday it's the conversion how I can capture frames from a movie that I shot the other day okay let's let off a photo shop this's six fourteen shop is such an important software for us guys twenty dollars or forty dollars whatever they're going to charge toby it's watered this companion who spent a lot of millions of dollars to develop this product improve it for us and if you guys think it's too expensive I don't know this's part off our business we need to stow and let's support its or its place stays alive don't copy copying is not a good thing if we copy then who's going to build it for us you know, one day adobe will go bro...

ke and then we won't have any money to spend any photo shells left so supported, supported and supported okay what let's go back to the screen the desk and see this is a fine name in a movie that tells me that it's a movie file it's a movie file out of a frame from my one d x so go back to photoshopped hair's there's a single frame there but if you open if you're goingto windows and the timeline which is open it the more poor tomate the moment you can see that there's a time limit there and there's a lot of if you flee freak toe to it flick to it you can see a lot off freak I said three countless chic freak ok eso if if I scrolled through it you can see that it's a movie but what if dis basically I'm using the camera is a photographic camera but I left the shutter run so what if I can go one by one frame by frame and I can't stop wherever I want and freeze the frame what a great moment there look att tthe e expression all I do is select all copy new paste and there's a frame now how do I know it's a frame if we open our layers merge done and I can do any type of adjustment to eat and it's a it's a picture is that a j peg er is it raw it's a jet pick okay in the future it's going to be wrong believe me it's going to be raw at the moment each epic but for small pictures this is not going to replace my high quality images this's going to kept her moments for example, the church I don't need to be next to them toe film the whole service, for example she's make putting makeup on rhonda this shatter and capture the best, best, best best moment out off so many frames a tte the reception you don't have to stay in life the stupid person and waiting for that speech moment to happen put few cameras one on the parents one don't dirty and record everything go home, read it, get the best section you're done well, this will happen while I'm having my dinner, I said you're not working, I don't have to work, so so the advantage is unlimited and let's, let me large days this's this is good enough up to eleven fourteen, but all I'm gonna uses four by five or smaller in the album so it's going to be a perfect image and imagine if in the future cameras look at it, how sharp it is, we need more sharper dennis it's beautiful the first time we went to if I go to the first one, it was gorgeous frame look look at it how sharp it is and the big fun party is that if I go one by one, I'm going to get that second not the moment and when I rotate the camera I'm going to go out ofthe place it doesn't matter because I'm running the camera, I don't care what I'm filming as long as when I came to the subject of got the best shot look, I told her to move around guy come forward and he's doing that for me and and still not the best moment, but I don't care because I'm going to get their best moment in a minute but I was open and he let me show you another software, which does a better job you can actually do this also in aa lightem in light room in our preacher but there's a software which does a better job it's a mac software at the moment it's a french software aqua feeders acqua a u a v s I think let me let me check about that flaw that their name is a q u a f a d e a is and it's only ninety dollars or something and it I'm sure it's going to get better. So so if we're thinking it's not gonna happen there's already software's happening for it so I'm going to do a new one. All I'm going to do is drop that important import video so it was on my day stop so there it is if I double click on it and now I can go one by one and one by one on each fame what their sound you in there okay let's let's go into this format now it's opening each frame individually so I can click double click on that and I can't even compare which one is better side by side okay let's see if this was a great exposure that one I'm market let's continue doing you so you can go fast you don't have to you can even scroll to the point you want to go let's go there quickly how many friends look at eight thousand so many thousand and let's go to this frame here okay and I can compare and if I want this one for example I can have bigger screen also but compare it that size also for example let's let's move it further up into the to the final area let's let's say dildos wass the one I want to save you see the closer you go the bigger it becomes so I need more light on the groom let's go further up that's better you see that's better and this one is quite nice this one is quite nice if I like that, all I do is market again once I finish my edit at once I export them is a j p cort if it will export in a folder all the mar ones are marked and I have extra pictures and I didn't work hard for it so so four moments it's amazing because so sometimes you get this beautiful moment and what a beautiful picture at that second one off them closed their eyes or there was a fly right there so I can go to the next frame which is still the same merely second but I can get the next frame which is better for photo journalistic style photograph er's just leave you shatter and the good thing about these because there's no click click click no one knows you're filming you no one knows you're capturing moments so so you can sue me zuma and everything it's silent it's silent and uk you're picking up some any frame so it's going to improve in the future is going to improve we need tohave the noise now technology advances when we don't need the noise if no noise that means the mirror is not going quickly quickly it's not shaking the cameras a chopper if the quality improved in the future no noise ronit and captured the moments without any any problems so that's capturing the r and it's interesting it's going to get better and better I showed you an album yesterday this is how I shot the whole day I showed the video not is a video graph for I'm not I'm not going to be a video graph our dates are different talent to be a video graph for is a different talent they they are filming movements I'm filming stills there's going to be a lot of movement in my camera because I'm shaking the camera moving vertical, I'm moving horizontally so I'm not looking for a movie clip I'm not going to do that I'm not competing to be the video guys I'm just capturing moments instead of one friend many frames everything is going to become faster also so I would capture create moments and give that today you're wrong question about that question from tough tootle how do you know when to switch from filming so that you pull frames from filming versus continuing to shoot there's? Two things you can do, you can you can click while you're filming also so so the filming stops and you'll capture a frame but I'm not going to ut I don't utilize this with my main camera my campaign camera is always clicking I'm always clicking this's other cameras put put on the stand, so I'm not going to block people when there's a marriage or I'm not going to be in the middle you see in the aisle that's the best place to grab the marriage those pictures are not going to be a picker they need by tape if I stand there I'm goingto brought people and it's not it's not a good position to be but that's the best position to film if the priest says you can't be there put the tracker barbarians I said I'm not going to be there just a trifle and film it and the whole thing will be filmed you can control it with even with your iphone or ipad with with remote controls available and then you've got that section and at the same time we will be free to have your main camera moving around in capturing from different angles from the big from the front so you're paying attention twelve minutes are up I need to press start again on your remote if you're doing that yes okay yes yes when you do the video is there a way in photo shop to catch clips of that video like I guess if you're not doing video it wouldn't matter never yes yes, yes I captured a clip before you're rolling toe where you want it it's called it where we want stop it copy paste on a new on your new canvas because if you create new campus because it's in your memory that size it will create in the same size campus so so let me show you that quickly thank you eso let me open dating photo shop I'm going to scroll all the way towards they shot let's say this is the frame so what I'm going to do select all selecting the whole frame currents so its command eh then copy commander see then go too far new follower so if you see the resolution it's the resolution off the film automatically because that's in memory so photoshopped you know it knows that there's something in the memory and gives you exactly that size click okay and you've got a blank campus there all you do is paste about the picture that was in my mary paste and safe so that's a single frame now I can do anything to this okay and look how beautiful the picture is look look how sharp it is how the details are it's a picture do you remember those days when you had the eternity camera the first consumer digital camera this's better fall then that camera in those days I used to use the camera to create wedding albums this is a better fall than that camera the only thing you have to be careful with the exposure because because it's not roll you know if there's no details in the white there's no details you're not going to get out that's the only thing you're going to be killed careful but here in the in the eyes everything it's perfect the exposure is perfect so it's going to be beautiful picture when you are creating slide shows for your clients do you ever use little like ten second videos from the things that you teo are do stay we no no I I did dead for experiment just for cannes in the early days but I tried video and I'm not the video graph for I keep on clicking the button. I want that moment click so I'm not a video graph for and I'm not going to try to be one that's a different talent on, and I hope they don't try to be a photograph, so we all are happy, but some video guard graph is because they have distilled they're becoming photographers also, and vice versa, so let's not step on each other's territory let's give each other the space. If we try to do everything in one go, the industry is going to be even more compact, more competition and it's going to be harder to book waiting's because if I say I can do video and photograph it together, it's gonna be hard, but I up to this day, I never had a video in my studio as a service because ofthe thisbecause or some video guys are introducing photograph is the packet because ofthe dead, I'm not I'm having a video person in the studio, so I don't lose business to video grafters that's the only reason not because I went to the video, I'm not a videographer, so you do so if people on staff that are video graph er's way hired a great video graph for an italian guy, and he we book him for videos, so if a couple loves us and they want to see video, we have the packet, so we don't they don't leave the place because we had many video graphics that we worked with our friends for twenty years and now they're starting to offer photographic service also, I'm not going to send clients to lose to lose my clients to a cheaper package so that it's about time that I bring my own video and the service or the pride because don't forget brides come first to the photograph for and then to the video, so I want them to stay with me so that's that's another changes we've done in our in our business. Okay, so let's, go back to photo shop I don't need this timeline, so you're vaughn I know you said that you have people on your team that are editing and doing this mostly for you do you not do this very much anymore? I just have the pictures but the thesis editing elected girls to it you do your hero shots I do my men pictures I do the still pictures you do still there still pissed I no one else can edit my pictures when I say it is remove the unwanted parting it down to eight hundred not finished the work on it because we will finish the work on it and I will take it to the next generation but the video anyone can capture the beautiful moment and I let the female touch called there and they select pig faced moment so way don't take too many off those, but there will be some great moments in there, maybe twenty, thirty pictures and it was not a hard work. The girls were ready to date and we got those in the folder that comes with the package, so I'm going to show you something interesting, which is still not ready. You see, this is a panel in photo shop, which which I'm working on, and by having this panel, my studio is using it already. We don't need anything else. We don't need any botanist. This will do everything that I do. Wait a click of a button it will run the the image gnomic software it will run the knicks software. All you do is click the button at the moment, it's in a bed, better testing and the biggest, biggest bestest thing is this one year hear hear van effective, we run this on all the fast that off I've done, and this will select the face, reverse the selection and it will select the background and bring details in the background it has such a magic job with it, so it still needs tweeting so this could be ready in few months. A tte the moment I'm using and the stuff in my studio is using and it's a panel did fit in in the in the action panel, so I might just that later on a little bit, but at the moment, I'm going to teach you how to do things that because if I do use that, you're not going to learn what I'm doing. So I'm I tried to teach you the way it happens then if you want toe automated, you can always come to my side and bite. Ah, people advertising doesn't hurt, does it? Evan, I know you've already answered this, but we're getting so many questions about this. Can we just do a little recap about the video stills? People are still asking ok about printing, being able to print like larger, high resolution photos from the video stills. Okay, they still want you to cover that. Okay, let me show you. How big is the foul? Let's, go back there. Let's. Let's, go back there. Open that file. Find another frame there, let's. See which one anyone will do for the moment. Let's. You see here, his eyes work, wass clothes dead. Okay, let's, pick up this it doesn't matter which one they select all copy new paste merged on to show you that this is a fall I'm going to convert it to gray scale just for the fun of it is black and white now if you want, I can do a vignette ing around the feather two hundred in verse just levels and darkened the ages it's a file it's a normal five considered this a single file out of your camera let's see how big the file size is if I go image size and I said twenty p I without changing the actual size off the frame so let's two, two hundred and let's tow five I don't want to change the size so let's tow sorry, I'm doing a drunk five, two hundred so basically to print a five by nine print at one hundred d p I I've changed the resolution so five by seven point without changing or or making it bigger size I'm not changing the size ofthe so you can train five by five by nine with no problem you came go increase the size fall to eleven by nineteen and of experimented this click okay, look at it it's still very sharp, very beautiful picture and I can print an eleven by fourteen maybe it was not the sharpest file, but look, this is the whole frame and if it's not sharp a little bit if you add noise I love noise it goes sharper look the sharpness goes very sharp and its authorities and for a moment picture you know way all forget that when we use the three thousand two hundred I so film it wass so grainy so contrast e and not very sharp and we we loved it so this is better than that far so so it's better than that it's for short of quite a low light shot with natural light and look up beautiful it is eleven fourteen the far side is it make because it's gray scale it will become bigger if I converted to r j rgb meet more rgb it's still the same size but it's it's a twelve but this is going to print eleven five sixteen eleven by fourteen and those pictures that I used the camera for are not bigger than eleven fourteen but this is shot with a full frame camera this is shot with the one d x mike five is going to give you similar quality but if you go with the cheaper cameras the quality is going to drop so so if you have good lance the quality is going to be very high if if you if you have less and less it's not going to be is good so it all depends from your equipment also all right well thank you for clarifying that for everyone hopefully that answers all of your questions about that okay experiment and you you'll be surprised how good does father you'll be surprised how good those files that some thing photo shop for cannon or anyone don't tell you but but kanan in australia hard the pro video graph for with the four k it's on internet on video he this video graph for film the whole wedding and produced a big album with the four k but four years ago I said we're going to be able to do this when different first five became out and it's going to get better and better so bon don't be scared used the technology take the advantage and be careful this is why it's also important topi sell the package because if I charged one thousand dollars and I'm hoping to reach ten thousand dollars after and the video graphed their creates an album without asking us they're not gonna ask us and he's going to chuck five hundred dollars you lost the cells so make sure that you lost your customer in a good figure so they don't have any more money left for the video guy sorry video guys I love you but we have to look after ourselves first me and second the video guy then the cake person then the reception than this that's how we have to work it's business it's competition it's let's not be nice photograph is gentle that's why I have a marketing people they sell me the biggest package and once they did the cell, I don't care if they make another album somewhere else. I made my money as long as I'm in my money and don't lose on someone else's it easily videographer, will come with me, film everything that I'm doing and create a book out of it, and we can't keep this secret because they know it. They can do it so let's not say or don't tell them this because you're giving them ideas. No it's, not it's already too late. They know it, so, so work for it.

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