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Creating an Album

You can make decisions at the start so I'm going to do basic retouching it to start basic editing when I say editing editing is in my world it's it's taking out pictures have one thousand pictures you eddie toe one hundred pictures retouching is when you start fixing her face her details and everything and effect is just applying a fist or tweet so I'm going in before we got to the to the album I'm going to feed it show you some off the images that I did in row format they have not been touched from the first day of shoot because many people have missed it so I'm going to show you we had just a small room area and ah I tried to to shoot phew phew shirt and I've got two hundred good shot out of it I can really make an album out of it so let's let's go through those okay I'm going to flip through one by one see for example that's that's gorgeous picture the mirror there had had textures at the border menting a little bit off clean up in the in the reflected mirror their bit off contrast ...

in the bright I wass I was scared not to lose too much details in the background so it's a little bit under exposed on the face but it's it's once I take it too toe toe like two more up creature it will be perfect here's the light is different it's coming straight from the window cross so it's a it's a beautiful light I'm asking the bright to move so there's more contrast more details in this picture and you see by moving around you can get great pictures similar spots now the bride is kneeling down and one thing I'm not too happy I should have done better is his her position off the hands to see their hands are too close to the camera and they look bigger than her face some we need to be really careful about this uh there again from a different angles here I've broken the rule by cutting her fingers off sometimes I do ah it's okay you don't have to be hundred percent following the rules sometime if you break the rules it's fine it's okay they're her friends were not together then the next shot I asked to put it together so it looks better different angle again this one where we will crop it off from the left shot off the groom this is sometimes when you cut the head off make sure that you have a second picture with the heading because the mother says where's my son said so make sure you get that you have a shot with the head and some people can be traditional you see I love to cut that like that give it you see thats quite straight into his face if you have any questions and if we can't help you today on internet honey will be happy to together all your questions and when I go home we'll put with scent answers to all your questions, so don't worry if you if we can't answer your question, send an email to honey honey at your event annie's a n I at here van dot com and she will answer your questions or she will let me answer the questions quite a gorgeous sexy picture is that you know, once I fixed it being the light into it it's going to be amazing in the album look at the expression and this couple they're not real couple so it's very hard to connect them but they're doing quite well they're they're models she was gorgeous he waas extremely handsome it was easy but putting them together and making look like that they're in love is hot you see, I wass having problem with the kettering because I'm I should very fast and by the time I was trying I was getting into the mood the camera was failing because off the chattering so usually my second turcios the expressions and things will become much nicer because I I start making points to them passing comments and every acquaint there react it's a real moment you see this the small day they're giving me is not fake it all it's a real moment this is their hood there goes another one you know he's putting his head off and doing those are gorgeous pictures in an album so you're looking at the camera and whatever but thiss moments make the album look real this is very important if you see my real album later on you see a lot off this happening and that's what the fractures to see it's not it's not only me it's the bride also witches those pictures you can do those posy pictures but then the next picture should be a better when she's hiss mars for a comment or she does something he drops their children because not she's posing once you let her go she's going to drop their children in the next picture is going to be a better shot using tungsten light it's quite I love using tanks to light the background becomes so so gorgeous you know, very sexy very glamorous when I say sexy I don't mean the other sexy I mean the best off the woman that's very important for form and I assure every time to the bride dead look I want you to be sexy but I don't mean sixty six it the other way I want it to be glamorous glamourous perfect beautiful I always say to the bright you're gorgeous you're sexy, you're glamorous and that kid's the confident to the girl by the way also the girls who book me our girls who love my glamour pictures and that's why they booked me so they are happy to be called sexy they are happy to if I feel that the girl is not goingto become trouble with it I won't push it I am never pushing the wrong buttons I never touched them I never say the wrong thing I always compliment them I was always saying good things even the parents even the family so it's very important I need them to be very comfortable to me you see I fix their hair are fixed there look so it with anne's on his messages center une mail that will be better because we will have a record and we will we will be ableto answer your questions hopefully the girls will putting a cz much as possible but if if they don't because off the time limit will be happy to answer two questions this was in between two curtains and just look outside and you know from a different angle reflected in a mirror look what a beautiful light coming into her face I really don't need a flashier our cameras are so good so I tried to avoid flashes and much as I can look at the catch light in the right position, the light falling perfectly the shadows are beautiful this's away from my face holding up on top there's the camera men at the big party in you in real cases I don't have a camera man or anything like that so I won't have that problem and look at the light where it's falling the softness, the beauty you know it it can become magic after I finish it. This is the background I tried, but that's it okay that's that's the shit I did the other day now let's start going to the the designing their waiting album first thing I'm gonna do is I'm going toe convert the falls into into epics usually I don't teeth, but because ofthe space and everything, I'm not going to do teeth I'm going to convert them into, so I'm going to open it doesn't matter which one years our picture light from they're all good I used them bodies you have got I've got all of them here I've got capture one I've got light room I've got our picture and I have dx so so I tried them all I saw I'm aware what's happening who's who's getting better so I used him so basically this is a full wedding this is ah not all the shoot this is all the images that the bride and groom have chosen, so there is two hundred sixty eight pictures there I might not use old off them but the bride and groom know that with two hundred sixty eight pictures it's going to be a very big gullible they are aware ofthe it and this bride and groom have told me that go for it we want a year of aunt experience the girl she's gorgeous girl a little bit heavy on on her arms she she she's quite aware of it and and she told me yes do what you have to do so so so so it's good to show you a real wedding so you can understand that I don't it's not like he how I should or what I do it it's always the same results okay we have some details that I don't need to go too much into it to fix them this is straight out of the camera here's son and mother you know they wanted more casual looking pictures then looking at camera pictures so that's the request off the customers so the selection is more casual okay this one here for example when she's putting putting make up I'm going to fix the exposure slightly there just add a bit of want okay and that's all I'm going to do there's no white dress here so I'm not going to bring details in the white okay father and son this was shot by vito so there was two of us shooting wedding what happens if we don't have two weddings on the day vito and I like to help each other so way play a lot you know we have a great time together so one off us covers one party other one covered the other part and then we put it all together that way also one of us can have the feet freedom to do what what we want you know do go different angles different areas okay, that was a little bit on the warm side maybe because I didn't shoot this veto that maybe there was tungsten light in the room so that's why it was one so what basically I will do if there's more off the same picture which there isn't I would copy what I've done to sitting here and then run the action on the rest because we should men right here you see this plenty off detailing is art fits and I can bring more details later on okay this is done outside it's just a bit more adjustment here you see in the in the shirt at the group should there's a little bit off los off details because off the different light contrast so I'm going to do what I'm I'm doing his recover recovered the whites by going recover and also highlight and shadows so if I do the highlights and bring a bit of shadows into the picture so it will be quite soft and nice so maybe a bit of meat meat contrast that brings out more details okay, those are details there. There. Okay, okay. This this is where the brights places and it's ah it's right in the middle ofthe melbourne's. So this is a view from the from the bedroom window so it's our might incorporate it somewhere if I need to let's see how we go ok, this is during make up you see cables like that? I try to avoid them but this is the time that all the makeup artist anything they've got dryer's anything so I don't want to touch it, but then I will show you how easily I can read get rid of those ok, but off better color castor okay, let's, go kids sleepers they're I don't like the the makeup artists use there, but I might get rid ofthe dead but when you when you see damage through true camera also it brings out all the textures, I really like to soften it a little bit. You don't want to take harsh in the in the picture because I'm sure the girl doesn't want it also. Okay, this is the bridesmaid's outfit hanging from the windows or just do the highlights and shadows so bring a bit of bit off detail I don't want to much detail in the background, but just talent seat and let's see what we do after get back to because those shots were done at the same time vitor is shooting some of them at the groom's then I'm shooting at the brights they're going through the same time they're being shot at during the same hour so it's did it it's not in order but when I start designing the album I will organize the layout this is shot with wide angle is I love shooting with wide angle but sometimes people on the age will become wider a little bit I will show you how I fix that problem I will show you how I fix pretty area problem in its perfect way of doing it so let's go okay here here is a difficult one because it was quite sunny and I really don't like moving the dresses and things I don't want to make a disaster because it can easily happen I don't want to drip drop the dress I don't want it to be tear it off and once I went toe distance wedding location in australia it was two three hours drive I went she's she was an english english bride and she will come need there was no bridesmaids or anything so I wass it was me in the bright and the bride asked me a year one can you help me open the box and let's freshen up the dress bring it out because they just arrived and I was going to start shooting so something told me you haven't don't touch anything later opened the box then I'll help her so I asked you, is it? I think it will be fun if you open the box, then I'll help you fixing and she opened and there was a big tearing her in the train whoever bought it made a made a disaster so it was panic the bride started to panic because it's the train had a big cut in the middle, so I said, don't worry, I'm here, I'll fix the problem I went quickly found the masking tape white masking tape stuck at the big iran don't top a little bit and you couldn't see it I said, make sure that you don't we will look after it so no one can see then see while she was so happy, so wedding photographs can be also wedding coordinators easily, I can be the best wedding coordinator better than anyone out there. Okay? When I did this shot, I tried toe achieve balance off the off the window anything I can do with a flush, but like I said, I don't carry flesh especially here because my assistant shooting the groom so I have other ways off fixing that problem, so the first shot I did wass light light on the bride and the second shot I did was for the outside and then I will plant those two and and done and it will look much more nicer than when you do it with flash hey just quickly did it. You see, I loved taking their child off the bright just next to her bridal dress big people she's dressed just a nice kid shot because the dress is still where it is in the sinus bite I need to balance the light a little bit so being details in the shadows that's quite nice you know it's quite nice palace maybe it will be a black and white the cufflinks for the groom's there's a group they were such a cute couple tow work wit and they really gave us all the licence to do what we want in it's what I like, I like the couple to trust us hundred percent then we delivered our best albums and we tell them guys trust us, if we trust us, we'll do the best and off course they have a chance to make changes so let let us let us do it first and anything you don't like well with change, okay for example, these two pictures here are quite similarly light this one and this one, so what I'll do is I'll copy the setting off this one and then I'll paste it on the other one, the and that should fix most of it and then if it's still a bit yellow just reduced the temperature and there it is quite nice. Okay here it's mainly density and there's a bit off highlights details it's that bit of shadows perfect. Okay, I can run that same way one again hear it cleans out the picture okay, the brides let me go and fix a bit off details into the white and into the shadows this's quite another our preacher had this for for many visual versions I like him I think came on at the fourth version for so it's one off the best feature they did I like to use on a picture you see it girls are spending a lot of money on issues thiss woz like in two thousand dollars or whatever very kitsch is very beautiful she's so why don't we takes future pictures off it in different versions and incorporated somewhere in the book and she did order those pictures so so she should look even the way the two wass package and everything was amazing. So do these teachers. She was excited about this sore reminder dad shared issues the girls putting the shoe zone it was quite a tight room I couldn't move for the bake I wish I could get a better world a better angle off this but when once I put it next to the shoe we know what she's doing. I love this picture I love the way the bride the bridesmaids paid the perfume to her face and her she's got a gorgeous profile so okay, it's good. That was a fantastic moment her father arrived in this's moment it I didn't create it happened. There are better shots off them looking at the camera but this is the real moments or why not? And she wanted those in the album we stayed off the other month. There was so much the relationship in her father the father and daughter saw it. It was it was gorgeous. Look at that expression so I can copy there and I can paste it. And that was the city's sister behind her behind the father and mother looking through there so that wass the main person for the bright and I think I'll set it up on the date instead ofthe numbers because we rearranged them after so you see he, his mother and the make up artist putting herve alone in australia. Most brides don't meet the groom until they arrive at the church. That's that's how it's been for many years and that's how it continues so they get married quite early they gave up, get they give us plenty oftime this has been a tradition now for the last five, six years, if not longer go on now, girls are saying, oh, I'm going to start early in the morning so you can take a lot of pictures. So they give us the chance to photograph. They give us quite a lot of importance.

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Thank you very much for the wonderful lessons. I learned a lot of interesting despite the fact that there is strong in English. Please tell us how to do touch-3 band. Many thanks


Yervant shares his knowledge with a passion. If you are a wedding photographer and even if you're not, you will love this course. Thank you Creative Live for sourcing the very best in creativity and making it available to us. Frank Jun 24, 2016