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Day 1 Pre-Show

Hello internet welcome to creative live thank you so much for joining us today we have an incredible instructor in the critic live house this workshop is shooting and designing wedding albums with your bond I'm so excited to have this man in the creative live studio you have no idea we're going to do about let's see five minutes of pre show so we'll be checking our audio in our video making sure everything is running smoothly before we get started my name is susan roderick and I'm going to be your host along with the beautiful mallory how are you doing today? So good so exciting to have your body in the house your aunt is an absolute icon in the photography industry and I would love to introduce you to him so everyone please welcome nirvana. How are you today, sir? Okay, okay, I better take my mask off. Hi, guys. On day leno on my first guest is the queen. Wow. Okay, I needed to do that first time because I you know I'm nervous a little bit but I always live tv. Why not just take it aw...

ay? All right, on the big tv once great. Okay, wait a minute. We're gonna have so much fun no, I can already tell well, in addition to all of you out there on line and your volunteer teaching with us we also have an in studio audience that we're excited to have with us I would love for all of you to share your name and where we can find you online let's start with you catalina my name's catalina I'm a wedding photographer and you can find me at www dot catalina gene dot com and also on pretty much any of the social media networks like twitter and instagram just catalina gene hi I'm trina hepner with p s photography you can find me at p s photography dash video dot com and in search ps photography on facebook my name is brandy leaf tea of brandy lefty photography and you can find me at brandy leaf tea dot com and there you'll be able to find all the links to facebook and twitter so I'm glenn flat and I'm from toronto, ontario and you can find me on twitter at glenn flat or facebook glenn flesh canadia absolutely I saw you are not the only forty thousand that's good well we have a few minutes so we're goingto do some shout outs so if everyone would love to drop in where they're joining us from in the chat rooms then we will give a few shout out because I think we have a special surprise for everyone before we get started you see anyone go in there already mallory we do we have jeetan from plano, texas welcome you all t k is a regular welcome back and morning loungers she says on we have todd australia given away with the name for a long time I thought how's it going all right well let's uh I think we should give everyone a surprise your aunt I think we have a couple photos to show everyone you give it give it to you guys let's get to like really get to know our instructors right out the gate so we figured we'd give everyone a little taking you know a lot that's all right, you can do the guise of jay leno, right? Yeah. Yeah. So why don't you tell us a little bit about what we're seeing here thiss was like a long time ago we had all the stress of parties and my wife loved to dress me up as a boy george and there is mia's the wife, the old daddy wife so I had a speech but um funny things happen just a minute ago the floor manager said are you okay with makeup and everything I said what make up just to eat light and she said, what about the eyelashes? I said eyelashes aren't you going over the border? And it was not about me it was about the model so it's good all good all good take it lightly and have fun so when were these photos taken? You're on and can you tell us why you're dressed up his boy, george, it was party way group often in couples and girls decided what we're going to do next month and they dressed us up in funny outfits and they were used to love it. S so the men where he were done, the the dummies and the girls were having fun. So knowing that it wasn't this wasn't for halloween. No, no, I actually does. There's australia didn't have halloween. We've learned from your just lately, so yeah, yeah. No, no, this is long time ago. So has this given you a new appreciation for women? And the I tell you I want to be I don't want to be in a dress yeah, well, I love woman that's why I'm awaiting photograph it's my, I'm here I love photographing woman in their most beautiful moment. So that's that's my passion that's my passion that's why I do it on I've been doing it for many years. Well, it's awesome that you could make fun of yourself right out. What about at the beginning? So we really appreciate that I'm not I'm not old joke loony or anything like that, so have fun with it.

Class Description

Where does fashion photography meet wedding photography? Join us June 21—23 to learn the secrets to creating cutting-edge, fashionable wedding images and albums with Yervant. Yervant’s shooting and technology techniques have forever altered the wedding photography landscape. During his 3-day course, he will teach you the methods that have made him one of the most desired wedding photographers of all time.

Using live demonstrations and engaging how-to lessons, Yervant will take you step-by-step through the creation of a perfect wedding package — including how to choose the right business model, pose the bride and groom on their big day, and design a timeless wedding album that your clients will treasure forever.

If your wedding photography needs an upgrade, join us for this A-Z guide to high-end wedding photography with the Grand Master Yervant.


Olesya Savlenko

Thank you very much for the wonderful lessons. I learned a lot of interesting despite the fact that there is strong in English. Please tell us how to do touch-3 band. Many thanks


Yervant shares his knowledge with a passion. If you are a wedding photographer and even if you're not, you will love this course. Thank you Creative Live for sourcing the very best in creativity and making it available to us. Frank Jun 24, 2016