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Day 3 Pre-Show

Hello internet and welcome to shooting and designing wedding albums with your body on creative live my name is mallory mcdonald and I will be your host today along with the lovely season roderick how's life this morning it's very good I'm happy to be here and ready to get this party started yeah day three times a charm so it's going to be good to stick around? We're going to do a few minutes of pre show, so we're going to check our audio and video while we do that if you could scroll down and click chat live with class participants and let us know who you are, where you're joining us from maybe what you're excited about learning today or something that was beneficial from yesterday we love our global audience and we're so glad that you've joined us today we're so happy to have your mind and how are you doing this morning? Your son perfect day I hoped we could have had a couple of days more but I'm not losing last day I'm going to miss you guys it's been so good we wrapped I must say th...

at we wrapped up last last minute you guys missed it we had kind of a dance we should put it we should put it on the internet way party then we can play the music country I think it actually is sometime point today yeah, your mom's got some moves he's got some skill it's amazing well, we'd love to introduce you to our foreign studio audience members and if you guys could just let the people around the world know your name and what you do maybe your website and then also maybe what you have gotten out of the last couple days something that you could take with you and that you're excited about we'll start with you catalina hi my name's catalina I specialize in wedding photography and my website is catalina gene dot com and I've gotten so far ahead of the last few days but definitely watching your violent opposed the couple was just to really take those details watch the hands watch that light and really take the time on being able to usually such a small space and to get out so many different shots and be able to utilize just I mean a couch, a bed and a coffee table and be able to really I mean just totally different perspectives it was really it was neat and something I can totally take into my my photography so I am trina happening with p s photography you can find me at p s photography dash video dot com these past couple days have been absolutely amazing I love hearing how your runs his studio in the whole process and he just made everything relatable so I feel like I can do these things and make the changes to my studio and it was also absolutely amazing watching him at it my name is brandy leaf tea of brandy leave to photography and you confined me at brandy leaf tea dot com and all of the facebook and twitter can be found on my website. The biggest thing I took away from was your vance interaction with the bride coming out showing the different ways of holding a hand and and, you know, being this way instead of at the bride it was amazing and I was actually able to apply that too my wedding yesterday and even just something simple as being genuine and being kind and being loving and telling them how beautiful they are all the time that just was amazing so yeah, I'm glenn flat you can you get me on twitter at glen flood? I've met your aunt a number of years ago and he was inspiring when I was first starting out on dh that was I think in two thousand two in montreal and it's always great to come back and re visit people that you really enjoy and inspire you and let me tell you there isn't any one thing that I got out of it it's just combining and snowballing and it's wonderful awesome well, like we said in addition to you guys, we have our entire global audience out there welcome and in addition to all of you out there we have your vons wife in the chat room as wifey american and she says hyah! Wifey here air kisses to my y and a little smiley face so we're so glad you're with us, anne from all the way around the world and if you guys want a shot with your ron's wife, just head it teo the chat rooms all right, I'm going to give a few shout outs to our people around the globe if we love it when you put that in the in the chat rooms where you're joining us from so that we can let your von and everyone know what kind of global audience we have here today. So tom jones says hello wifey from saudi arabia and let's see escape chicago is obviously joining us from chicago and says your bonnets number one fan it looks like tom jones is in here quite a few times from I like himto his things he's a great singer judy bee photography is joining us from uk lost you keep uk people in the chat room today yes, yes, yes and we have to g photography good morning from georgetown, texas thank you, your bonnet you have encouraged me in so many different waves thanks for all you've done and thinks created live thanks for joining sug really cool. So david lavery from ireland says the former student of yours in venice and dublin a true inspiration c l s photo is joining us from boulevard, venezuela. Good morning and ask this is joining us from honolulu, hawaii, and bleep is joining us from boise, idaho. So we have a couple of minutes left and I wanted to talk to you, your von. Speaking of a global audience, I know you were you were born in ethiopia. Born in ethiopia, your armenian, you studied in italy and you live in australia. So you kind of are a good representative are loath to us in the rest of the world. So I'm on the most international person on earth. You're an international man is what you are quite a claim. Can we talk a little bit about that? Like, how long did you spend in ethiopia? How long did you spend in italy that's going to give away my age is I was a child in ethiopia fifteen years until fifteen years. Then I moved to australia with my parents in the same time was I went to italy to study for university or you went to boarding school. You said your father was a photographer's photographer in ethiopia in ethiopia what if they photograph? He photographed the royal family he photographed hey he had nearly it a t is time in nearly eight. Monopoly off the industry's, yet here in used to import equipment and everything. So it's, it was fun. That was my inspiration. That's, where I got the role you have what you want to show us? Your yes. I want to show you today I'm going to show you a slight slight shows off wedding albums. These are completed wedding albums. This's what the customer received. So the first one, I'm going to show you it's a wedding I shot in hungary. Budapest. Quite a gorgeous couple. I enjoyed shooting there waiting quite a lot. A lot ofthe images. It was very hard for them to eliminate. So this is the book on de charney song soothe. Save me. Save me. Not all is he. Wait, no! Sign em in way's east, your teacher fall you're special e marginal san freedom our way. O'neill out! Wait! When let's not fool each of us on our way! Charge my posse. No sign in a man. Okay, your disease, your teacher you're special. Imagine all the way. No! No way! Wait, you're not teach, son. I have a shot or my posse wait oh, okay, um first of all, the music the music is very special for me because he's my childhood friend his name is john barto is his he lives in l a now and he sinks those beautiful songs you can buy his music on ideas he's not a tall forty seller going listen to his music it's beautiful and supporting by some of his music I think will be very happy well you're not really really quick we want you to know about the internet that internet is just loving they loved the images and the music so well done it's it's his music is so beautiful, so romantic and it cost quite nicely on on wedding videos so I talked to john in the triple scope hopefully his music will be available on triple scoop they're goingto arrangement, so hopefully the music will be available on triple scoop so it's quite a nice romantic music that wass in italian and his things in spanish and english the couple you soul they're from hungary and they're arguing is goingto be delivered in a couple of months it's going it's going to craft any day now and I asked him while we're in in venice when we're doing the workshop, why don't you come in models for us and we'll get goto we'll goto the graphic factory and pick up the album from there together, so I'm going to hand deliver their album so it's going to be fun here there will be one off the models there's going to be so many models gorgeous always handpicked models like I said before in venice, the dresses you're going to see are out of this world there's a letter bridal dress there's a ball shaped bridal dress on is making those amazing she's creating the dresses a lot off gorgeous shoes everything is original and everyone is going to be able to shoot and off course don't forget there's going to be a really a real wedding from church to reception and everything that I'm going to shoot so it's it's a one off the best workshops were going to do it in venice off course that's a great holiday being your partner and it's going to be so romantic and will dance to it because this is how we does, didn't you okay? Uh let's go for a court buying any condoms and make your photograph it makes you a nikon owner you know, I really believe camera cameras are good, but also you need to have some education toe become a photograph for don't believe that by clicking the shutter you are a photograph for because there's a lot more to ten just clicking the button so I'm a complete photograph for I start from the shoot to the finish, so I learned it through the darkroom days and learning also little bit ofthe dark room will improve your your experience we will you will understand more about photography like I said before also photos should be on paper, not on digital there's two they're two different media's on digital it's the light coming from behind the screen so it's going to your eyes where is a real picture? The light falls on the picture big difference is it can never be the same the romance ofthe a light falling on a picture in the shadows anything that's what makes a beautiful picture? Use a textured paper that makes it so romantic so I don't believe that digital screen is going to replace photos so whatever you do, make an album that's going to make you more popular I have never shot a wedding without an album I refuse it's not my work it's not me my work can be seen is good on the screen then on a paper what you see there? It's dark watch you see, there has no no feeling when I put that on paper it's out of this world. So that's what I work for and that's what the bride except expects so don't catch you don't too short cuts go for the best finished product that's why I offered to do the album presentation look, I have no interest in this I don't get paid for you to say this I don't know anything about this because I do it I have my clients so it's not going to affect my business so I'm just helping the industry to go to a better position because it wass there and many photograph has made a lot of money out of this so don't think that old fashion it's not waiting is romance wedding is all tradition it's tradition that's come to us hundreds of years ago the bright still wears a white dress or or a beautiful dress if it's not white it's all special for that tape and that they should stay traditional the way they did, they do it, they can change the style of the dress, you can change the style off the album the way you design it the way you put the book I don't like calling it album because album is cheap book is special one ofthe book always think one ofthe book signature book that's what's going to make the deal today it's I'm goingto design a full album hopefully I can finish because this is what the bride and groom have selected it's nearly two hundred thirty meters it's a lot of images usually it will take me a couple of days or three days and then review and review and review and review rental we come to the stage, everyone. So we're going to rush it a little bit. But I'm going to show you a lot ofthe techniques and a lot of visuals. Why I I selected this one. Why I dropped it, but that can only happen when you start bringing it to the page.

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Where does fashion photography meet wedding photography? Join us June 21—23 to learn the secrets to creating cutting-edge, fashionable wedding images and albums with Yervant. Yervant’s shooting and technology techniques have forever altered the wedding photography landscape. During his 3-day course, he will teach you the methods that have made him one of the most desired wedding photographers of all time.

Using live demonstrations and engaging how-to lessons, Yervant will take you step-by-step through the creation of a perfect wedding package — including how to choose the right business model, pose the bride and groom on their big day, and design a timeless wedding album that your clients will treasure forever.

If your wedding photography needs an upgrade, join us for this A-Z guide to high-end wedding photography with the Grand Master Yervant.


Olesya Savlenko

Thank you very much for the wonderful lessons. I learned a lot of interesting despite the fact that there is strong in English. Please tell us how to do touch-3 band. Many thanks


Yervant shares his knowledge with a passion. If you are a wedding photographer and even if you're not, you will love this course. Thank you Creative Live for sourcing the very best in creativity and making it available to us. Frank Jun 24, 2016