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Editing Album in Photoshop

Now, let's, start opening our false let me see I'm going to go one by one and see what I'm going to do. I think it's better because off the sides off the screen um, I'm just a little bit tight it's open breach how do I get which I never use it? Not one I want yesterday's top this's opening any questions goes a question that goes back to yesterday you said that you will give the disk, you'll sell that if they ask for after they get their album. But do you have any wording on what they can or can't do with the images as faras printing or if they want edit in the stairs? Once I get sally to them, they can do what they want once they pay a thousand dollars I've done the album off made the main money out of them it's their freedom, I'm not goingto police what they're going to do because we are we get worried too much they can go and copy the whole album and make a book out of it. So let's not worry about those things if the customer has paid me what I want it's their right to do whatever th...

ey want, so let let it be so that's why that's why what the price you're going to get from them is what you need you see if you get a thousand dollars for the fouls that's after making the album after making the money out of the album thousand dollars, good money and I don't care if they order reprints or not, because that's that's covering me with everything in the old days, we would try to target thousand dollars to get re prints out of them. So now, without any work, I'm giving them the father and see you later on, then it's a good idea, but make sure dead you give them an album. Prince war prints anything like that before they get too far that way. They know that what you're quality and if they want exactly what you created, they can bring the fall back and you will do one printing for them so that's the idea or they're going to pay someone else to do it for them. What's the advantage that's, why we've dropped our reprint prices dramatically years ago, we used to charge up two hundred dollars for nate by ten he says, you can't do it, forget it, so we're doing a reasonable price. So the customer says, I might as well give you the printing can't be border taking somewhere else, and we said, this is high quality printing on archive of paper it's going to last over hundreds of years the color correction the quality is going to be hundred percent it's presented in a folder or if you wanted we can frame it for you it's all those advantages you know it's slightly higher than what you're going to pay it wal mart more day slightly higher but it's not the same product it's an archival product so it's value for your money you have a comment from amazed by you in the lounge who says just to tell you how fantastic your bond and his wife are I just emailed her question I had and she responded to me within about two minutes and wow thank you both for all of your help I'm glad I'm glad way are there honey don't forget honey it's it's getting three o'clock in the morning so so she's supporting me there and any I told you go to bed you don't have to but she said I enjoyed watching you I would enjoy to be there so associate is there supporting me and I respected the woman so it's it's good thinking I love you darling oh why did I get those? I I saved it on with franck wrong files hold on that's the one okay let's start with the first picture I'm not going to worry too much about about the little detail pictures because you can do anything you want for them okay this's a shot with the big light coming in, vito likes to take those shots but I'm not a big fun off back like pictures it's it's it's usually flat it can be dramatic but you know now now the days of trained have sunlight coming into the picture put in effect that's a trend it's like the edge the edge today my trained it will come and go you know in the old days whenever we had a picture like that is to put it in the trash now we were trying to bring didn't it's it's fine always try to create something new and if the bride is loving it, why not tomorrow they might say no, I don't like that effect everyone is doing it and it will change so it's good to try to create something that's effective your honor I feel like you should know that wifey annie and the tyrant's I'd love you more and it is for you okay wear not going to make love now soul okay, now what I'm going to do is I'm going to select his face and I'm going to do fader three hundred inverse my selection and I'm going to darken slightly outside his face just not too much just enough tax or there's enough details there because it's also I'm getting because ofthe darkening I'm getting that yucky colors I'm going to de saturate it a little bit I can convert it easily to black and white now but I don't know what the page gonna look like so it might be not suiting is a black and white horse so at the moment I'm going to tony down you see by the saturation there those colors will disappear and I'll go adjust brightness contrast at a bit of contrast to the pig to the full picture now and warm it up now again okay okay I'm because there's so many pictures I'm going to flip through some off them because I want to go to the interesting pictures and see what I can create on do something exciting out ofthe them so let's for example a picture like this what would I do ok let's go to okay there's the door there and this the groom watching toward the window will aid a bit off income but you see once I run detection all those what I'm doing now my new plug in we fix all those before and it will be quite ready for for doing the final layouts okay and that's that's what I will do a one more made up and because there's that order I will select the door feather one hundred and I was darkened it a little bit more so it won't be a distraction if you tony done your I go straight to the subject once I do want that I'm going to go around the picture around him liked it. Do the same thing again. This one feather two hundred fifty in verse just levels in darkened the ages. So you see, the more your darkened, the more interesting the picture it starts to become okay that's where I want to go with this picture softening and every anything like that with this picture not required because it's a dist and picture your not seeing too many skin details. And if we look to the history origin before and after you see how it looks to your eye more towards ing it's beautiful. And if I convert this again into black and white, it will be quite a powerful portrait. Okay, let's, go to another one. It saved it. You find good question. Of course, any time you want to ask. Okay, is there a reason why you go up to the top top? I don't know if you cover this yesterday, but you go to the top tab instead of using the little icon under layer like that. The bottom when you choose adjustments or is it just a preference? Or should I say that again? I didn't know which one you're talking about when you are choosing adjustments like levels and stuff like that, yeah, thea the one I know what you're saying now, okay? I'll do it on the next one it doesn't matter it's a it's a it's a matter of habit it's a matter of habit I'll show you what you mean or kill its open this to falls though actually with one you're saying is better because you don't distract the father, but I'm quite confident and I just the less layers I have it's safer for me. So what you're saying is, if I go here layer and I go there and levels or adjustment there's a better way of doing that's a better or airway often because it does not distract the actual file it's a habit and I know what I'm doing and quickly run so there's many ways off to get this is the better way so it keeps the lever layer and but what I find find out, for example, if I'm going to run a few more actions on debt, I need to flatten it because if I put something in the middle there, it might change the look off the picture, so so I much rather flat in it, so I know that the whole picture is defective applied to okay, so so this is the picture I wanted to show you before I'm going to do a couple of things to this, so this is the top layer off the bride and the make up artist something like that and there's the other layer for the background so I knew what was going to happen here because I don't use flesh I knew that this window wass three four stop differences so I took the boat pictures so I can blend them together and people call this hdr I don't know what I call it because I've been doing it for many years it's ah it's it's blending two exposures together so so I fixed this this layer for the color for the window and the other layer for the picture I'm going to warm the city's landscape a little bit more selective matches the background so I'm gonna okay charities so now what I'm doing let me separate the layers let me close this window I'm moving this layer on top of this other layer because it hand held because it hand held camera it's not going to make one hundred percent it's not going to fall in the same position if it was on a tripod it would have been perfectly fitted in there but I don't carry tripod also I don't carry anything else other than my one camera so I moved that picture on top off the other one let's if we blend in we can see where it's sitting ok not too much difference so I'm going toe top player I'm going to move in as much as possible so it just matches the background so by having transparent I can position them on top of each other hopefully okay that's not too bad I think that's not a bit okay let me now bring that pay crown big select the window area see we might get effects that's not going to mitch we can work on it further pick feather ten inverse my selection and delete and there it is so I bought it that lookinto inside the picture very simply off course some areas is not going to work correctly I can easily adjusted I'm not going to go in the slow details because I was slow down class but now once I have that picture in the in the in the center it's and still it's a layer I'm going to start to matching put together so the top layer let's make sure it is no selection it just levels so I'm going to do iran so happy that you're going over this there have been so many questions that have come up about the hdr quick question how often do you shoot like this always always have been doing this for the last twenty years so every photo for the most part you know whenever I have whenever I have a different exposure's exposure I used to do this also in film so what percentage do you think that very little percentage very belittle percentage I avoid light coming from across because I wanted this because off the view the rest of the shoot will be from the window towards the subject but this was the shot off where the bride is and I can't do it with flash feeling flash but flashes going toe killed the mood off the picture on the right it's going to be like oh I want those shadows I want those details so this's exposed for the bride's face and exposed for the background and by putting them together you can call it hdr but it's not it's not nature it's a it's just planning to pictures together we used to call this in the old days sandwiching we used to put negatives on top of each other, put it in the larger head and to achieve this top off things so so it's not a new technique it's no one we created this and I've been using this in photos off for many years the other one when they say hdr effect ofthe mind it's not actually in h r h d r it's a single image I will show you that also its not a combination ofthe many images it's a single image and I'll show you why why I achieved it look it's more of an aesthetic yeah, thank you. So the picture behind you um uh what would that one be? Is that won the two exposure sandwiching or is that your editing technique now it's not sandwiching anymore because it's kind of sad meeting putting toe images together so basically if I click on that you said this is what I did that's all I did I mean the sorry there's a print behind you on the wall so that's the one I'm tired of this one here yeah no no that's that's that's the the effect of achieved there and that's what I'm going to show you later or very excited okay and they call these hdr but what hdr all the information that they it's a single frame single exposure I didn't I didn't make two exposure because if he look I exposed for the background that was in prague I expose it for the bacon I put the bar bright in a position that the light is coming on our also the light on her and the background was the same but if you see in the dark grey without the shadow is strong so I posed her in the right position so I get the same lighting right? Right pleasure right racial sorry so so that's another technique this one is to achieve that window and give the bride a picture off the window the way the room wass not which is not without flush I can achieve like I said with a flush but I like this softness thiss beauty it's more natural nor no intrusion and it's it's very simple good there they hold the camera very still click the button don't move it change I saw there are preacher now click for the window three four shots to make sure that you've got the correct one that's it's simple isn't it looking at the screen is it darker on the screen than it is for you or yesterday was lighter today's doctor okay so so that's not what my screen is is that's why sometimes later I wanted to come in seat because it's it's maybe two stops difference off what my screen is ended it's very it's very hard part even when I do workshops toe to show you what I'm doing because those monitors are not as high quality is my screen here so it's never going to be the same so I flatten everything now now what I'm going to do is I'm going to look areas that I can improve a little bit more this boaters I wish I removed him their destruction can do a little bit clean up but I'm not going to concentrate on this I'm just going to show you areas that will help me to improve the picture for example the top part off the picture feather one hundred and I was dark dark it that I don't want areas to dominate the picture so I will tone it down all the way down there you see it's not an important part of the picture and naturally there's more light going there and that's why they're quite right but I don't want to achieve that the camera I can't fixed it so I have to do it manually the left side off the picture there in the floor that need that can be turned down too so I'm going to go and those light areas even even the carpet the carpet doesn't look too interesting so I'm going to select that's why I loved doing everything one by one I don't have another adjustment off a picture with one action I go to it slowly that's what is going to make it a picture look great feather two hundred in but just levels and I'm going to turn that down also here I'm going to tony town also with the output level I'm going to introduce a bit off grain to the picture so it doesn't look is bright somewhere liked it now because I did crane to the picture it's gone a little bit crazy blue because it is also that's daylight so I'm going to go adjust color adjustment, color balance I mean and warm it up try to tony the same as the brights back front so it's it's matching you see that that looks much more pleasant, okay, now once I've done that I'm I'm selecting mainly the bright and maybe the makeup artist just a little bit okay before I do that because it shot with a wide lens you see this girl slightly wider and I don't want to upset any girl because I shot them on the age off the camp off the lace center when you should wide lanes the center usually is perfect and it start to get wider on the ages most off the laces are quite good but if people are on the age and usually the big people end up to be on the so be careful whenever someone photographs me I'm always on the age on the white camera and they become big so so careful about those things so I'm going to show you a technique here simple and it fixes it so quickly you don't even know how you did it so what I'm going to do the bride is also slightly white there she's not as this white is that some I'm selecting this takes on lee second command j command so basically what I've done is this control t or comme nt and make them skinny did you get that and merge it done? Ofcourse not this area doesn't make sense why why's it doubled command j the whole far control t and crop edie all the way to the age now they're not fit anymore perfect cropping and this is how they look and I still have my watch white picture the subject doesn't look white but I don't care if the background is distorted because that's what I tried to achieve so before and after let's go I'll come to you darling in a minute before and after it took me a second to do it it's faster than the filters light room or anyone introduces and its better you can't do any better than this or what about what happens to the area where you joined them can you see it? I can see it let's let's see where it wass let's go pick into the history okay this's when I made a new layer merge down I made them skinny somewhere here and can you see anything happening there? You won't see it because I didn't move the pixels there I just moved the age I didn't move the background I just pushed it in and you can do the same technique for woz and I'm going to show you that in a minute what's the name of the tool used make okay let's go through it again let's go pick in history so this is the original I select the area that I want to tighten commend j which will create a new layer to create a new layer commend t or control tree on peces and push it we got moving if you do that it's a disaster without moving it just control t and push it to the side you want so when you say command j if you were to right click what would you be choosing instead of doing like a keyword akiba a shortcut shortcut I don't don't ask me that because I don't know shortcuts you see this is why with water shop you can do it in many ways so so if you can do it in a better way to do it it it's the same thing okay command j will create me a new layer and that's what I'm after okay and basically I don't even want more use command j because I have actions on my right on my left it it's a mitt off click click click it's done quickly kick it's done quickly I can do those things and and I'm finishing to the the picture to the because camera distrusts quite a lot even normal laces do this tour so if I'm going to make a small changes in if she's gonna look a little bit skinnier why not let's let imagine the girl is a big girl she's always worried here but I wish you can we make me like the models that darling it doesn't matter how big how how small you are you are gorgeous but don't worry I'll take I'll make you look perfect first important thing when you take a short over short or pickle or big men or whatever or even the normal told girl you need to be lower angle because if you shoot from a higher angle you're you're making them even shorter even wider so low angle from low up if you use a wide angle lens which I do quite a lot because I like to capture the playground also I use vertical not horizontal so vertical is the reverse because they were going white when its landscape if I should vertical they're going to go to all the other way run so I'm going to give them maybe ten percent height by shooting vertical you know if you go to fashion magazines italian vogue for example they should from law angle and they should quite close to the leg and they should vertical with the wide lens and this model has long tall legs simple in camera effect if you don't use the wide list you can stretch them I will show you did also later on I just want you to know how mind blown I am right now you just saved my district will cost you ninety nine dollars thank you fantastic it's it's and it's it's work floor I'm perfecting that picture I'm making this girl say wow you around you're an artist because she's seeing herself that she looks fantastic in there so it's it's important this is where professional and amateur should be separated guys if you're not you knew and you want to be professional started from the first day don't say it I'll do it in the future the future is too late life calls on very fast started to target yourself to become a professional for the first from the first and I don't charge extracted my clients I don't tell them what I've done I don't explain anything I just give her a beautiful picture simple, isn't it? I don't know what lets you use, but it looks magic she's going to tell me our I don't know what your technique but you make me look fantastic and that's what I want her to hear there's no bright has told me that all you made me to toll you made me too short or anything like that I visually to it I don't tell her surprise and that's it and if I saved days ah history that's the first picture you can give this to the bright there's nothing wrong with it, but if you're professional, you should give ortiz will stop a quick question from madge, who is from syria? Do you usually work this fast when putting an album together? Or is this just the sake of it? Just plaster also because I use my actions, the studio use my actions because the studio has a formula this's our style, they can't use anything other than my actions they can experiment vito can do his experiment on his ten pictures, but the rest off the work needs to be like this you actually slowing this down for the critical I'm what I would have done ten pictures by now, okay, I'm slowing it down so you can understand you know I'm repeating you because this is running very fast and you can remember but tomorrow I know I will forget what they showed me tomorrow so I'm slowing it down because my techniques are best basic and I want it to be quick so slow so you can understand I'm showing you the menu also because I can do without the menu but I'm showing it to you also visually know what I'm doing okay the the colors everything I've done the adjustment before plus if I run my special action that's coming up I'm getting magic I would get every detail were around the place so so that's fantastic in a picture like this for example to to finalize it it it's still not final I will pick up the healing brush and things like that that are shouldn't be there you know these are shadows but it's destruction to the ice or something I will keep this other shadows but the other one didn't look good maybe just removed the bottle from there you know, with the healing brushed can do quite a nice job but to get rid off the teachers from the rest off the picture is going to be hard so I'm going to show you another easy technique this it's going to be hard with the healing practice area continues the cloning tools so I'm going to bring a bit off the table there okay and fix this one and there's a paper or something there so I want to keep just the paper so most off the bottle is gone now what I'm gonna do is on selecting this area here this area here feather very little three percent feathering is very important in my work process feather command j a new layer control t and stretched it the stretching business works magic stretch this and now that it took a shape I will go it's much quicker much easier than sitting and fixing it for hours in with with stample sometimes it it can give you better now I'm going to distort it so I'm goingto run it there and ran it here and we're done and now you don't know what it is a simple thing like that I think this started to be more very there it is it's gone took me a second you see it's gone now so when I merge it on and now when I select the final effect I'm going to do it which is vindicating in this in the ages feather three hundred in verse adjust levels darkened area you don't even know what it is then it's better them the bottle there it's a book there or whatever it is and I do district quite a lot in different areas one one area that it's still I might need an adjustment is this big panel it's a shiny wall and there's a bit of reflection in their soul it's exaggerated reflection feather fifty just level so I'm going to bring a bit off flaking to eat so if I move the blakes you see that that becomes quite warm and quite shiny and quite elegant it plans with the rest of the picture that's great and done if I've done too many changes to the picture the last thing I'll do is that noise so I will wait about five percent more than enough it will give me a flat beautiful you need fight and shark picture and I say okay let's go to another image it's beautiful portrait off the bright you're wrong question from far jo do you have like a particular style he's here she's asking do you like your photographs to be more on the warmer side of the brighter side I like warm inside always never cool but it doesn't apply to everyone write it pens from the different cultures if you have anglo saxon light screen like a light skinned person they like to pretend you see people are never happy with what they like if you have african person, you need to bring a bit off light highlights into the face don't make them too dark the same with indian families, indian people. If you have a europeans are mediterranean people or arabs who have a lighter skin, give them a little bit off highlights again, but turn down the yellow also make them warmer. If you have asians, get rid off the yellow s o try to balance colors and make everyone not the same. I don't want them to look the same, but I want them there details their features to come up better. I get a lot of african goes all your fun, I'm going to book you because you make me look african, I say, yeah, because I'm african tio so so it's also it's it's, you have to work this out and don't let the customers tell you do it automatically. If you have two cultures marrying together, you can't match them, but come close to the skin tone when they're together, you know, don't make one very dark and one just tried to balance so it looks plays a pleasant to the eye. I think the most important thing I cultures are not better is not a problem. The biggest problem is when I bright goes toe santan saloon, she puts that ugly orange santa, nor on her face, and she becomes orange and the groom is white. You know that's, my worst enemy, I hate it. I every bride comes before the waiting. I see guys, I know you're going to do it, but don't overdo it. Do it few days before the wedding because you dress is white having an orange scent and on top of that white, you're going to look like a cloud. Simple is dead. This girl I advised her she didn't she's quite a polite girl. I advised her she didn't put any no sentence and ship. It looks beautiful natural, so don't kill your beauty by effects when you have a wedding with two different cultures that are very drastic in color. Do you ever use the to exposure technique? And then no, I don't no, I don't it's a simple technique when I'm going to shoot in front of the window, I put the groom first and the bride next because the groom's suit is going to block her trace and create shadows on it so it's gonna be used the same technique. The lighter person is always behind further away from the light, so that way the light is coming more on the person. If I have a video light or artificial light on the darker person, give more light and less on the salt you need to play with the lights off. When you capture it it's very important that you do it right so you don't work too much info social part of any well so so capture is important it's fifty percent then the next parties so that's why sometime if I under exposed or over exposes simply for those reasons because this job by underexposed quite a lot because the girl is very light three guys italian so I didn't want her to look very pasty so and they're exposed to turn it down then I've got to and the same I used to do with film toe push the I sew up or pushed down and push process and things to get the result I want so let me do this now this is this is maura kilometer apple look dark background um dark art fit this's before she got trace for two for her dress you see this is called for me I don't know what your screen or your screens warm yes sorry that screen is quite warm taller so I'm goingto look at my screen hopefully everyone is has the same is my screen okay? I'm gonna warm her up quite nicely so she looks I intend but she doesn't have sometimes you see the shadow areas on her arm is getting blue because that's where it shadow and sherry's blue so I do feather two hundred adjust level I'm goingto just highlight it in a little bit more just highlighted a little bit more like that and without losing my selection just color I'm going to be along in a bit of red so it matches with this's exactly what we'll do if we have two toned people also select one and try to go close to the other so it doesn't look out of place okay a couple of adjustments her shoulder she's always worried about that she's got a bit of white shoulder a little bit off drop off her chest I'm not trying to be it's just I'm going to do a favor to her s o the tool I'm going to use is ah liquefy liquefy so I'm going to grab a big brush the top selection big price bigger than the shoulder and start to drop the children likely done maybe have to cost slightly smaller because it's too close to her face just slightly done okay dead areas I can go back with a bigger brush okay now let me go to the rest off her shoulders or too big this one needs tto ri p reduced it's also a stage off the frame so it's not only her body it's also the way I kept the shot so I don't want to exaggerate her look just lightly push it in just a bit the age being tech and this area for body just lifted up a little bit okay that's it little aldo maybe her change slightly just a bit because I was its profile just maybe her neck just tighten it up that's it ok good so it looks more pleasant to the eye now I'm going to create a new layer and I'm goingto run my favorite software which is image gnomic actually image gnomic art my friend in economic is spelled e I am a g e in all am I see if you got to wear their website it's a beautiful software you can't go wrong twenty percent discount for people who attend your band workshops so in the park and park in the cost caught you enter year front and you will get the discount okay so they pass me they send me a message t to give you that offer and they're giving with the did we give away not is today or not it portraiture we have not given away and there knowing noise where is also very good it will reduce let it will reduce the noise quite nicely and I I introduced noise later on so I'm going to go we're giving that away the very last prize of the day okay, so another plug got a facebook and two local contest okay, let me accept it as default and I'm going to select smoot high I'm goingto give a nice fashion softness to the picture you see, it just cleans up her face click okay? So I'm gonna soften her face and what image gnomic does it just select the skin tones and doesn't touch anything else? So only the skin tone is softened that's the great part of it you see before and after look how it cleans up the skin that's beautiful you know I don't need to do anything else to it the only thing slide lee I want to adjust I want this part a bit more softer so I won't flatten this and with my technique I said this is a great technique also select the section command j blur causing blur and you can visually see what this is going to do so I want to spread that softness a little bit so I can see the makeup lines there I've done the softness before and after use it just clears up that dark spot but I can also soften it just a little bit more do not lose it completely also here on her changes a bit off pimples there if I used the same technique command che blur causing blur he just cleans up there area also beautiful and change capacity you haven't changed a lot ofthe structure off her face, it just softened it and I will fat and now the whole page okay, the last thing I'm going to do to this picture doesn't need too much so I'm going to make a new layer comanche and distort diffuse globe click okay you see that gives me a nice highlight all over the highlighted areas and change the opacity drop it down to somewhere dead sea before and after it just brings me that beautiful blow into the picture it's not fight anymore and merge itan let's go close to her face so I can show you before and after that's now and in history before before you see the change enough finally at the noise it adding noise will give her a texture bake you see this is what will happen that noise so if you go close there's quite a lot ofthe textures it's not to solve the shadows are they're just beautiful and look at her hair now you want you can call this hdr but this is what I used to do in what what I still do she's got this beautiful hair and it's a lot of shadows they feather one hundred hide my selection adjust levels and bring those details into the hair see how it popped out let's I'm sorry I did the wrong thing here let me get okay this'll ace on her owner art fit there it's a beautiful lace there without selecting her hand and just a bit there also feather one hundred hide my selection just levels into the same bring the white into the lace okay all this information is there work on it to bring it out don't give them a far from light room it's not the writing to do you need to go and fix the picture to the maximum and if we you see I'm not looking at details here I would just went a little bit on the arm at the moment I'm not gonna look details because I can't I'm teaching you guys so let's go back into the history before enoughto alright so tough toodle who's been asking great questions this weekend I would like to know if there's a workflow or checklist that you put each image through for your editing process or do you just fix what you see as each image? First I like to see each image is an individual next when I take to the software to the to the layout I'm going to apply another effect could be black and white could be sepia at the moment I'm making the read the pictures ready so they look great on a page individually then I will work as a group when it's on the page and jack ex ass does your aunt retain copyright on all images and does he get permission from clients to use images for promotional purposes? And what if they say no? Yes okay that's a good question we have a contract and everybody and so groom have to sign the contract in the cross track it clearly says that I owned the images I can use them for advertising I can use them for whatever I want can't I they can't give it to someone else for promotion I can do it sometimes you get this lawyer type and says I don't want this side or wanted it depends how much they're spending and sometimes I say ok, I don't worry about your anyway so yeah, I cross it you have to know it negotiate those things, but most ofthe time girls are so happy to be in a magazine or they ask us can you try to put me in the magazine and you know, only few people will go against it, so yeah, I always make them sign a copyright in australia the bride owns the copyright on to sign back to me I think in the united states it's slightly different the photograph for owns the copyright you're like but it doesn't matter I can still make them sign the contract and they can't do anything but I compensate I give them prince I did give them extra pages I compensated, I'm going to use their picture one year I invited five on my brides to do a photo shoot for a magazine I don't like model so I invited five on my bright so I selected all the one off them was the news broadcaster she's an anchor on competing person and I tried I said she might come or he might not come and she was in another state I said do you mind coming and let's do another should she said I love to end this celebrity came so we can do a fashion should wither without asking anything so it's it's if they love you they think they will they will cooperate then you get the bride his nasty but you see this is where it changes this's where you brand yourself you're a brand they respect you once they start respect you they don't ask much from you then just good work so make yourself respectable first don't be nasty don't be aggressive don't be unpleasant say yes sometimes yes doesn't hurt but if you don't agree tell them why you dont agree yes I can do that for you but this is the reason I don't think you want to go to the beach in summer are you joking there's going to be twenty people in the background it's the sun is going to be crazy it's we're not going to get the results if I take you somewhere raise our get better results and more pictures and you were not going to sweat in winter I say let's go to the beach because it's so romantic and so beautiful so she needs to trust me about those those decisions okay feather two hundred you see there's a bit off reflection there, bring it out again, just levels, and bring that reflection out. You see magic, you can improve your picture a little by little, don't run an action on it, and it's done. It looks beautiful, bring out details, the art of photography, applying a filter and saying it's, good, everyone can do that on an iphone that's, not what we're all about. This is where a bright can make a beautiful effect picture, but I can make a beautiful picture. That's what they reference that's, why I tried you one thousand dollars instead ofthe five hundred dollar five cents. So so, so it's important to separate you from the effects ofthe iphone or anything like that, you can apply, did after, and I'm going to show you when I do the albums. But at this stage, I'm bringing the pictures, each one himself, as an individual.

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